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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 17 Recap

Since the group is still in the investigation stage, Xia Ming worried that Su Xiao could not solve it properly, and told her to protect herself. Just as Su Xiao left, He Yao came to Xia Ming immediately, wondering why he suddenly left the wedding banquet. Xia Ming explained that he sent his friend to the station, but did not state the identity of the friend. He Yao didn’t think much about it.

Xu Zhiping decided to suspend all of Su Xiao’s duties and at the same time inform Chen Simin of the matter. Originally, Su Xiao wanted to wait for Wang Yang to return from a business trip to clarify the facts, but Chen Simin did not allow Su Xiao to explain and forced her to hand in the work card and keys. Just as Su Xiao was about to leave, it happened that Wang Yang came back from a business trip. He found the auditors and took out 100,000 yuan from the safe on the spot, claiming that he had known the situation a long time ago and had not had time to report to the group.

In fact, as early as this time, Su Xiao had already taken the money to Wang Yang to discuss how to deal with it. Wang Yang determined that the company had an insider, so he planned to stand still and wait for the development of the situation. Chen Simin was placed again, and Wang Yang asked him to make it clear to the subcontractor that he would not make any messy tricks in the future.

Su Xiao cleared his suspicion, successfully got his work certificate back, and returned to his post. Chen Simin has clearly noticed that Wang Yang’s target, including this subcontractor evaluation system, has also caused his related households to lose nearly half. Even Lu Zhengming was a little anxious about Chen Simin’s predicament, so he wanted to resign, but Dong Lin persuaded him to bear with him, maybe there is still a way out.

Zhao Xiankun found that the audit report of the subsidiary company had a lot of loopholes, but it was not discovered in time in the past, which led to the internal decay of the group, which would rot in the roots sooner or later. Because of this, Zhao Xiankun believes that there should be a bloody change, otherwise the current problem cannot be solved.

For example, today Ke is very busy competing for the star project, even if it calculates a low price or spends money on it, there is no way. Considering that the company’s manpower and cost are very vacant now, Huang Lilin proposed to pull Tiancheng into a partnership. At the same time, Wang Mingyu personally went to the golf course to meet him by chance in order to get the general contracting company to win the project.

Huang Lilin and Xia Ming took the initiative to throw an olive branch to Wang Yang and expressed their desire for cooperation. Although Wang Yang was greedy for this good project, he was worried about Tiancheng’s size and strength, and hesitated. In the end, Wang Yang approached Chen Simin and Su Xiao to discuss. Chen Simin flatly refused and was unwilling to take the risk. However, Su Xiao tried his best to persuade Wang Yang to accept the invitation, because if he could participate in the Qunxing project, it would greatly improve the company and Tiancheng wanted To go further, you need to take a risk.

Seeing that Chen Simin and Su Xiao had a dispute about this, the two people had serious disagreements. Wang Yang went to Chen Simin for a drink in private. He seemed to be on the same front with him, but he actually favored Su Xiao and decided to win the All Stars project. After this mediation, Wang Yang has made up his mind. He announced to everyone at the meeting that he would cooperate with Tianke and handed over the matter to Su Xiao.

The colleagues in the company have their own thoughts, especially Donglin is very dissatisfied with Su Xiao, but discusses with Lu Zhengming behind the scenes, thinking that she can get the project thanks to luck. Su Xiao carefully studied the Qunxing project and considered how to bid, and then went to Tianke Company to connect with Xia Ming personally. Even though they knew that the project was more complicated, both of them were unconvincing people, and they were also very good to each other. confidence.

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