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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 16 Recap

Chen Simin completely hated Su Xiao. In order to ruin her, he deliberately told Lao Tian and others about the company’s evaluation system, claiming that Su Xiao would kick them out of the list of subcontractors. As a result, Su Xiao offended many people, and when she went to the construction site for inspection the next day, she accidentally found that there was more than 100,000 yuan in her bag. She was frightened all the way back to the office, hurriedly drew the curtains and turned the bag for inspection. .

Seeing Su Xiao hit the trap, Chen Simin took the time to find her, and Su Xiao hurriedly hid the money in the safe. As Zhou Jun and Li Xue were about to hold their wedding, Chen Simin lied that he did not have time after receiving the invitation, and told Su Xiao to participate in the company instead of the company. In fact, he deliberately embarrassed her.

Through this time of getting along, Liu Tiesheng admires Huang Lilin more, especially seeing him and He Shengli, he treats each other more differently. After all, He Shengli is relatively conservative and being able to take photos with him is enough to prove that the two have a good relationship. Worthy of trust. Liu Tiesheng invited the bosses in the circle to have a dinner. Xia Ming saw these people slap Liu Tiesheng, especially his subordinates knelt on the ground to learn how to piggyback to make him happy. He felt uncomfortable and realized the importance of Liu Tiesheng.

The group audit department received a business report letter about Su Xiao’s acceptance of bribes. Su Xiao was summoned to the internal audit team for investigation, hoping that Su Xiao could explain the source of this huge sum of money, but Su Xiao strongly denied that he had accepted bribes. It didn’t take long for Tiancheng Company to spread various rumors, and colleagues talked about it, but Du Juan still believed in Su Xiao’s personality.

Because Du Juan defended Su Xiao in front of everyone, Su Xiao was very grateful to her and asked her what kind of clothes to wear for her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Du Juan suggested that Su Xiao should be gorgeously dressed, at least able to attract everyone’s attention and completely slap her ex-boyfriend. Wu Hongmei found that Su Xiao had bought a lot of clothes, and teased her that she was going to hit the place.

The audit group once again talked to Su Xiao alone, but she was determined and the investigation was fruitless. Chen Simin pretended to comfort Su Xiao not to be emotional, and must cooperate with the audit to explain the situation, and at the same time ordered her to accept the investigation as a leader, temporarily handing over the work at hand to Yu Can.

Because He Yao and Li Xue have a small relationship, now a good girlfriend is going to marry, she is also invited to the wedding, and Xia Ming is invited to go with him before that. Xia Ming readily agreed, He Yao was very happy, chatting about her yearning for the wedding while it was hot, hinting at Xia Ming in disguise. However, there is a big gap between the two people’s ideological concepts, and they can’t talk about this matter.

On the day of the wedding, Su Xiao struggled for a long time, not knowing what kind of posture to go to participate in, and finally chose a black and white simple suit, which was elegant and dignified, and did not overwhelm the host. Xia Ming did not go directly to say hello to Su Xiao due to He Yao’s presence. At this time, when Su Xiao saw his former boss, Manager Yu, he was about to clarify the truth about Ming’s resignation, but he was stopped by Xia Ming. Advise him not to be too impulsive.

Su Xiao generously blessed Zhou Jun and Li Xue, thanked her for taking away her boyfriend and letting her stop the loss in time, and also thanked her for taking back the cost engineer certificate. Li Xue admitted frankly that both Xu Feng and Xia Ming worked hard for the cost engineer certification, and only Xia Ming succeeded in persuading her. Su Xiao suddenly realized that after the wedding, he personally expressed his gratitude to Xia Ming. Just as the two had a pleasant conversation in the car, the atmosphere was very good, but Su Xiao got out of the car and left when He Yao called.

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