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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 15 Recap

Tianke has resolved the internal audit crisis, and now it’s time to figure out how to fight a turnaround. Huang Lilin believes that the Qunxing project is very important, so he suggested that Xia Ming should be with He Yao. Save the entire company. But for Xia Ming, there is no pure affection between him and He Yao, even if they are together, it is a double-edged sword.

Seeing his nephew hesitated, Huang Lilin guessed that he was because of Su Xiao. Xia Ming didn’t refute it, so he tacitly agreed. At the group policy training meeting, Xia Ming met Su Xiao again, but at this time she was less sharp and looked extremely tired. After the training session was over, Su Xiao took Xia Ming’s car home. Because her mood had changed, Xia Ming was no longer so disgusting to her.

The two talked and laughed in the car, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. Su Xiao knew a lot about Xia Ming’s family background through Du Juan. While mocking him as a scheming man, he also mocked himself as a woman but like a man, wearing armor. On the battlefield, there is no discrimination between male and female. At this time, when the car drove into a narrow intersection, it happened to encounter a car owner who was parking disorderly. Seeing that the other party was vulgar and rude, Su Xiao was going to come forward to argue, but Xia Ming stopped it.

Seeing the car owner swaggering away, Xia Ming stopped to buy buns, but within a few moments, dozens of cars had been lined up. Most car owners called for property, and some people with irritable personalities simply started. In the end, the incident was successfully resolved, and Xia Ming achieved the result he wanted by intensifying the contradiction.

Through this incident, Su Xiao realized a truth, that is, knowing that if he cannot resolve the contradiction, he must find a way to make the contradiction aggravate, and someone will naturally come forward to resolve it. Because of this, Su Xiao has a new strategy for the advancement of the overall budget management plan at work. After finishing writing a “Subcontractor Evaluation System” overnight, he waited until Yu Can took the subcontractor contract to ask for his signature and directly marked it. Abandon the contract and refuse to pass the review.

In Su Xiao’s view, these subcontractors had too high a material loss rate to lead international projects, and reminded Yu Can that they must follow the new work process and report any problems to her first. Yu Can was speechless and had to explain the situation to Chen Simin. After all, the group has strict rules and regulations, and any business contract must be signed by the manager himself.

Chen Simin went to Su Xiao personally and urged her to sign the bidding documents, but Su Xiao did not approve of these companies and once again emphasized that he was responsible for Tiancheng. Seeing Su Xiao’s resolute attitude, Chen Simin couldn’t do anything, so he ran to sue Wang Yang. Wang Yang knows this well, and since Chen Simin is an old man, he can be regarded as opening one eye and closing one eye. Su Xiao explained to Wang Yang his determination to reform and promised to have the confidence to substantially increase profits after the reform. Rate.

Because of Wang Yang’s approval, Su Xiao could finally let go. On the other side, Xia Ming began to hold a mobilization meeting in Tianke in order to be able to win the Stars Project to prepare for this bid, and ordered his subordinates to arrange corresponding countermeasures based on the background information of Party A. Wang Mingyu found Liu Tiesheng, the boss of Party A of the Stars Project through favors, and hinted that he could meet any requirements of Liu Tiesheng, but he was ruthlessly rejected by Liu Tiesheng.

Huang Lilin took Xia Ming to visit He Shengli. Several people talked very happily. He Shengli saw his daughter’s love for Xia Ming, and inevitably had some worries. He reminded He Yao to be cautious and never let others use it. After leaving He’s house, Xia Ming and Huang Lilin set out to get close to Liu Tiesheng from the first step. During this time, they left a good impression on each other and became familiar with each other.

Wang Yang supported Su Xiao’s idea, but he was clearly biased towards her, so he deliberately mentioned the subcontractor evaluation system created by other companies in front of Chen Simin, intending to make Tiancheng perform regular evaluations, and unqualified companies would be completely blacklisted. When Chen Simin saw Su Xiao talking to each other, the two of them sang together, and they couldn’t oppose anymore, but they completely broke their faces with Su Xiao.

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