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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 7 Recap

With a false imperial decree, Feng Qiao led a heavy army into Zhongzhou City on the grounds of detaining key criminals. Liu Zixing met outside the palace. He came to see Zhao Teng. Zhao Teng’s tone was full of disdain for Liu Zixing, saying that although Liu Zixing’s position as prince could not be kept, he would definitely facilitate the marriage between Liu Zixing and the Luo family. After that, Liu Zixing condescended to wash Zhao Teng’s feet. When Zhao Teng was comfortable, Liu Zixing personally solved Zhao Teng, and cooperated with the army to meet the needs of the outside world, and began the palace change.

Feng Qiao and his party captured General Liu Yuan overnight, and there was no leader in the court the next day. Everyone didn’t know what to do. On the order of Luo Guang, Jun Wenjun came to invite Chengxiang and his party to visit the mansion. The important officials in the court all went to the palace, and Zhang Guang dragged the seriously ill body to discuss the situation in the court. Liu Yuan raised slaves and did evil for a long time. He believed that the prime minister and his party had been waiting for today for a long time, and then he only asked the prime minister to be able to do so. Dedicated to assist Liu Hui and stabilize the court.

Zhou Shengchen came to see Liu Hui. Now the situation is settled. Zhao Teng is dead, and Liu Yuan also pleaded guilty. He did not bring weapons to see Liu Hui today, only the wooden sword bestowed by the imperial court, which is enough to prove his loyalty. , He is Liu Hui’s emperor uncle, for him, Liu Hui is more important than the throne. Zhao Teng was removed, and the Queen Mother was free again. She came to thank Zhou Shengchen for her rescue.

Liu Hui even confessed to the Queen Mother. He was only coming to court at an early date, but later he couldn’t get rid of Zhao Teng. The reason why she kept listening Zhao Teng said that because he was afraid that Zhao Teng would kill the queen mother, looking at the weak and incompetent son in front of him, the queen mother was only sad in his heart, and he had no such son.

Shi Yi came to the palace to look for Zhou Shengchen. It is rare that Zhou Shengchen was not bloody, but Shiyi’s eyes were red. She was afraid that Liu Huihui did not trust Zhou Shengchen to be accused of treason. Fortunately, the overall situation has been decided, and Zhou Shengchen is not in any danger. . This time King Qin knew that Zhou Shengchen had returned, and Shi Yi wanted to conceal his name in the palace with Zhou Shengchen, so she decided not to call Master Zhou Shengchen in the palace to avoid revealing the identities of the two.

Zhou Shengchen’s Qingjun was indispensable, but Liu Zixing was a pity that Liu Hui didn’t save Zhou Shengchen. He wanted to change clothes to see Zhou Shengchen, but the queen mother had already summoned Zhou Shengchen first. In the harem, Zhou Shengchen saw the old man Gao Huaiyang. Gao Huaiyang stayed in the palace for these years and wanted to wait for Zhou Shengchen to return. Gao Huaiyang wanted to know if Zhou Shengchen’s departure from the palace was related to her. Zhou Shengchen responded frankly. Gao Huaiyang has nothing to do.

Liu Hui came to see Zhou Shengchen, who happened to be away, only Shiyi and Xie Chong were packing things up. Liu Hui bowed to Xie Chong and asked about Gao Huaiyang. He wanted to know the relationship between Gao Huaiyang and Zhou Shengchen. He learned that Gao Huaiyang wanted Zhou Shengchen, but was obstructed by the first emperor.

Listening to the relationship between Gao Huaiyang and Zhou Shengchen, Shi Yi was quite jealous, and even wanted to leave the palace overnight, but Zhou Shengchen stopped him. Zhou Shengchen returned to the palace with Shi Yi. Liu Hui had not left yet. Liu Hui wanted to facilitate Zhou Shengchen’s and Gao Huaiyang’s affairs, so that Zhou Shengchen could have descendants. Zhou Shengchen said that there were ten orphans and one apprentice in his residence. Not without posterity.

Zhou Shengchen played chess with Liu Hui, and Xie Chong waited on the sidelines. He didn’t overturn the candlestick very much. Liu Hui was taken aback and entered the palace heavily. It was not until then that Zhou Shengchen knew that Liu Hui was not defensive against him. Liu Hui asked about Liu Yuan and wanted to know what Zhou Shengchen wanted to do. Zhou Shengchen only hoped that this matter would not be linked to future generations. Later in the night, Zhou Shengchen was drinking wine. He thought about his old friend Liu Yuan.

He was very sad. He still couldn’t save Liu Yuan. Shi Yi initially thought Zhou Shengchen was talking about Gao Huaiyang, until she heard Liu Yuan’s name. This was a relief from the bottom of my heart, no longer half jealous. Later, Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to dig for the wine together. He and Liu Yuan buried the wine together. They had agreed to wait for the day when he returned in triumph. The drink was taken out and drank together, but the two of them are still here now. This step.

Zhou Shengchen brought Shi Yi to see Liu Yuan. Liu Yuan learned that Zhou Shengchen had led his troops to the capital, and he was convinced of his defeat. Over the years, he has also practiced the emperor’s majesty, and he has no regrets in this life, but the one in his mansion still hopes that Zhou Shengchen can protect him well.

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