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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 21 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi realized that she had fallen into Qi Yan’s plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain, but it was too late. She concluded that Li Deyun had successfully entered the palace to see Qi Yan. Qiu Yanzhi had to take Yan Xiu back to return to Qiu Ziliang, admitting that she was unfavorable. Unexpectedly, you had already reported Li Deyun’s whereabouts to Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang was jealous of Li Deyun’s deep roots in the court, so he didn’t dare to touch him for the time being.

Qi Yan was in the morning when he discussed with the civil and military officials about sending troops to the army. Everyone looked at each other. The two military attaches found excuses for not being able to enter the war. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t listen to it, and asked to lead troops to rebel against the Lu Cong’s rebellion, Qiu Ziliang. Strongly opposed. Li Deyun arrived in time, and Mao then volunteered to go to Lucong to quell the rebellion. Qiu Ziliang only gave him one month. Qi Yan promised to give Li Deyun two months. Qiu Ziliang forced Li Deyun to issue a military order. Li Deyun publicly announced that it would not be completed within two months. After the mission, he took the initiative to resign and go home. Qiu Ziliang concluded that he could not complete it and led the party feathers to leave with satisfaction.

A hundred civil and military officials greeted Li Deyun, and Qi Yan also showed a rare smile. The first emperor was forced to let him move south in order to protect Li Deyun, and now it finally comes in handy. Qi Yan revealed to Cheng Ruoyu that the first emperor had left more than just Li Deyun’s dark moves, and Cheng Ruoyu was relieved to leave. After Qi Chen’s meticulous care, Princess Ning He’s injury gradually improved. Qi Yan came to visit her. Princess Ning He encouraged him to face the next danger bravely, believing that he would defeat Qiu Ziliang sooner or later.

Qi Yan knew that there would be a fierce battle between him and Qiu Ziliang. He didn’t want Cheng Ruoyu to be in deep danger, so he asked Qi Chen to find a way to lead Cheng Ruoyu away. Strictly investigated the true identity of the Right Phase, and finally found out that Qiu Ziliang had been killed in the Baikong Temple and was rescued by the Right Phase. Qiu Yanzhi suspected that the right phase had arranged what happened yesterday.

Cheng Ruoyu came to the stables to feed like the wind early in the morning, Qi Yan was going to hunt, and Li Zening came and asked to lead Qi Yan, not allowing Cheng Ruoyu to go with him, so Cheng Ruoyu had no choice but to leave. Cheng Xi hurried to find Cheng Ruoyu, and was ordered to take her to see the Queen Mother Guo, who inquired about Cheng Ruoyu in detail, gave her a Taoyao bracelet on the spot, and asked her to serve Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu well. He wanted to give the jade bracelet to Cheng Xi, and Cheng Xi knew that it was the betrothal gift given to her by the empress dowager, and asked her to keep it properly.

Li Zening followed Qi Yan to hunt, she deliberately fell off the horse, Qi Yan ignored her, and the guards picked up Li Zening. Qi Yan took the opportunity to see Li Deyun and explained to him the next task. Li Zening sent someone to use the bow to force Qi Yan to accept it, and even moved out of Li Deyun to talk about it, and Qi Yan reluctantly agreed to think about it.

Cheng Ruoyu held the Taoyao bracelet given by the Queen Mother and fell into deep thought. Qi Yan rushed back happily and gave her the white fox skin he had hunted by himself. Cheng Ruoyu took out the Taoyao bracelet, and Qi Yan suddenly understood Taihuang. The intention of the Queen Mother. Qiu Ziliang rushed over afterwards, and Qi Yan ridiculed him a bit, and wanted to see a clear picture of him in two months. Qiu Ziliang revealed the death of Princess Ning He, and Qi Yan hurriedly took Cheng Ruoyu to visit.

Qi Yan is the guardian of the Ninghe princess. Cheng Ruoyu regrets that she was tortured to death by Qiu Ziliang for not protecting her. Qi Yan was very distressed and did not want to hear this. Ruoyu had forgotten the marriage, so Cheng Ruoyu had no choice but to leave. It is a pity that Cheng Huaizhi did for Cheng Ruoyu. It is regrettable that she missed this good marriage. Cheng Ruoyu only wanted to protect Qi Yan and didn’t want to ask for anything else. Cheng Huaizhi was helpless. Qi Yan had to stand alone for the Ninghe princess, and walk away Cheng Huaizhi and the eunuchs. When Qiu Yanzhi learned that Qiu Ziliang had tortured Ning He to death, she was so embarrassed that she immediately took Yan Xiu to Qingyu Pavilion to see the right.

The right person came to the appointment with a mask. He did not speak, and wrote to answer Qiu Yanzhi’s question. The right person admitted that he was thirteen. Yan Xiu removed his mask. Qiu Yanzhi saw an unrecognizable face, and she suddenly I was stunned. The right-hand admitted that Shifu was a name given by the master, not his real name. The reason why the right-hand helped Qiu Yanzhi was to repay her grandfather Wang Yang’s kindness. Qiu Yanzhi did not admit that Wang Yang was her grandfather. , Angrily left the meeting.

Qi Yan remembered the tragic death of Princess Ninghe, and vowed to kill Qiu Ziliang to avenge her. Xia Ziyuan suddenly stabbed Qi Yan, Cheng Ruoyu came to rescue him in time, she fought Xia Ziyuan, Qi Yan rushed forward to protect Cheng Ruoyu, accidentally stabbed by Xia Ziyuan, Cheng Ruoyu finally subdued Xia Ziyuan. The guards came to grab Xia Ziyuan after hearing the news.

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