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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 18 Recap

After Azhu and Duan Yu dressed up in disguise, they went to the inn to rescue the people in person, followed by Li Yanzong, spreading a breeze of sadness while everyone was not paying attention. Fortunately, Duan Yu didn’t invade and didn’t feel anything. However, seeing Azhu limp on the ground, he hurriedly took out the stinky bottle to let her sniff a few more times, and turned a deaf ear to the group of Xixia followers.

The two walked to the apse side by side, pushed open the door of the east wing, and detoxified the beggar elders and rudder master one by one. Seeing that Qiao Feng ignored the predecessors and gave up his life to save everyone, everyone was ashamed, but Quan Guanqing was still insinuating that Qiao and Murong had a very good relationship, which was obviously not the first encounter. Knowing that he was almost exposed, Ah Zhu found an excuse to take Duan Yu to leave, but when he walked into the courtyard, he saw four-line characters written with pen and ink on the wall. It is “to the way of the other, but also to the body, charming, poisonous, original bi. “Return to the Lord” means.

The ink was dripping and dripping, and it was obvious that not long after the writer left, Helian Tieshu became furious about this and threatened to find out the identity of the inner ghost. The elders showed up one after another, wanting to invite Qiao Feng to return to the Beggar Gang. A Zhu didn’t dare to stay anymore. He took Duan Yu and walked away. As soon as he left the door, he suddenly saw Qiao Feng coming from the opposite side.

Just because Qiao Feng was eager to save people, he hadn’t paid attention to the two people Azhu and Duan Yu hiding in the corner. When he noticed it, when he turned his head, he found that there was a person who was dressed quite similar to himself. Considering that there are still important things, Qiao Feng didn’t think much about it. However, he came to the courtyard and learned from everyone what had just happened.

Even if Qiao Feng is shrewd and capable, how can he guess that someone pretends to be himself. After the Beggar Gang Qunhao was rescued, everyone was grateful, but when he heard him deny it, they were all surprised. Some people even speculated that Qiao Feng had been changed repeatedly in the past few days, so that he was even confused, and even worse. I thought about the conspiracy.

The expressions of everyone present were different, either with regret, respect, or sadness and contempt. Qiao Feng was silent for a moment, then he clasped his fists to bid farewell and galloped away. On the way to rest by the lake, I can’t help but think back to the past, such as parents’ loving care, eminent monk’s teaching art, and worshipping Wang Jiantong as a teacher. But if you want to find the truth, you have to start from the beginning.

Thinking of this, Qiao Feng made up his mind. The first step is to go back to Shaoshi Mountain in Henan Province and ask Qiao Sanhuai about his origin. But when he arrives at the house, he finds that his adoptive parents have been poisoned. After hearing the news, the monks of Shaolin Temple rushed to sit down and kill Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng had no choice but to escape through the back door.

At that time, Wang Yuyan and Duan Yu and the others came to Shaolin Temple. However, the monks stopped Qing and did not allow women to enter the temple to disturb Qingxiu. A Zhu was indignant, and simply changed his appearance into the temple and asked Xuzhu about the Bodhi. The location of the hospital. Seeing that Xu Zhu had stopped clearing the abnormality, he was puzzled, and Ah Zhu found a random reason, finally prevarication.

Qiao Feng rushed into the dense forest and buried his parents on the spot. Because of the extreme grief and anger, tears were flowing like a spring, and it was difficult to stop. When the mood calmed down, Qiao Feng entered Shaolin at night and hid outside the hall, leaning over his ear window. There were dozens of monks sitting around in the house. Master Xuanku seemed to have deliberately concealed it and would not disclose it again.

Xuan Ci couldn’t ask why, so he got up and went out, and the monks from behind filed out, slowly walking away. Frightened by the surrounding situation, Qiao Feng didn’t dare to show up and knock on the door for a while. Suddenly, he heard that Master Xuanku spoke up and asked him to come into the room to talk. Qiao Feng reported his identity and bowed to his mentor, Xuan Ku was overjoyed, but when he saw his appearance, his face suddenly changed and he died on the spot.

The Buddha beads were scattered, and Qiao Feng was shocked by the knock, until he confirmed that Xuanku had died, then he walked outside the door and called out loudly. Abbot Xuanci and the others had not yet returned to their respective rooms. They turned around after hearing the sound. Therefore, Qiao Feng learned that Xuanku had been attacked by someone. A palm on his chest caused his ribs to be broken and his five internal organs were broken. Until now.

The young novice who took care of Xuankui Qingsong came into the room with the medicine. Seeing Master passed away, he was extremely saddened, but when he saw Qiao Feng’s appearance, he was frightened and smashed the medicine bowl by mistake. Under Qing Song’s identification, Qiao Feng became the murderer of Xuanku. The little novice monk’s words made Qiao Feng feel terrified, knowing that someone pretended to be doing evil everywhere, but unfortunately no one believed what he said, so he could only take the opportunity to perform martial arts and leave Shaolin.

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