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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 17 Recap

Due to his own reasons, Duan Yu’s martial arts is always good and sometimes bad. Although he is not fond of martial arts by nature, he is forced by the situation and has to do something to hurt others. Duan Yu was very regretful about this, but when he walked into a samurai outside the door, his martial arts was better than that of the group of soldiers.

Seeing that Wang Yuyan was well versed in martial arts, the samurai asked Duan Yu to ask her about moves, hoping to have a fair fight. However, this person is good at various schools of martial arts, and even Wang Yuyan can’t figure out how to do it. Knowing that there is no hope of winning, Duan Yu simply went downstairs and begged the warrior to let Wang Yuyan go. He was willing to pay off with his fate.

When Wang Yuyan heard his remarks, she was moved in her heart. At the same time, she realized that the way the samurai spoke was familiar to her, so she deliberately moved out of his cousin Murongfu’s name. Just as Wang Yuyan expected, the warrior looked at Murongfu’s face and dispelled his intention to kill. He reported his identity. It turned out that this outstanding martial artist was Li Yanzong, the royal family of Xixia.

Li Yanzong took the porcelain bottle out of his arms and threw it to Duan Yu, turned around and left the door. Duan Yu opened the porcelain bottle, only to feel a foul smell, but Wang Yuyan was delighted when he saw it, and knew that it was the antidote to this sad and refreshing breeze. After a few inhalations, the sense of weakness gradually disappeared, and she quickly moved freely. After she changed her clothes, she decided to go with Duan Yu to look for Azhu and Abi.

During the period, Duan Yu showed his love to Wang Yuyan, but the other party tactfully refused, just because all the affection was on his cousin, at most he was grateful for his kindness and admired his chivalrous heart. At the same time, Qiao Feng repelled several Xixia soldiers and successfully rescued Azhu and Abi.

Since everyone in the Beggar Gang was poisoned and captured, Qiao Feng planned to go to the rescue, so he said goodbye first. Little did he know that Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan rushed over as soon as he walked on his front foot, and they happened to ran into Azhu and Abi. The four were reunited, and they were all overjoyed. Originally, they were going to the Shaolin Temple to see Murong Fu. However, before leaving, they came across two men injured.

According to the man, Xixia soldiers occupied Tianyu Station, killed the postmaster, and even locked many of the beggars inside. A Zhu remembered that Qiao Feng was going to Wuxi to save people, which was equivalent to being empty. The situation was in crisis, so he suggested that he should change into Qiao Feng to enter the post, Duan Yu Yi Rong to Murong Fu, and they find a chance to enter the post. It can not only save people, but also establish the reputation of Qiao Feng and Murong Fu.

Duan Yu clapped his hands and exclaimed, saying that even if he couldn’t beat the Xixia soldiers, he could still escape with Lingbo’s microsteps. However, Wang Yuyan directly retorted, claiming that Murong was easy to kill the enemy and never backed down. These words made Duan Yu gloomy. Others saw Duan Yu depressed and quickly stepped forward to comfort him, which finally calmed his emotions.

At the moment, the four people shifted the horse’s head, turned to the west, traveled dozens of miles, came to a small town, and chose an inn. Under A Zhu’s modification, Duan Yu transformed into a young master in Qingpao. In terms of his figure and appearance, he was no different from Murongfu. Wang Yuyan looked obsessively, with affection in his eyes, sighing that he is not a cousin after all.

As soon as the voice fell, Qiao Feng came in from the door, Duan Yu couldn’t help being overjoyed, but when he moved his hands to Wang Yuyan, his joy turned to surprise, so anxious that he didn’t know how to stop him. In an instant, Qiao Feng smiled suddenly, as did Wang Yuyan and Abi. Duan Yu suddenly realized that it was Azhu posing. Although it was not as heroic as Qiao Feng, it would be difficult to distinguish in the eyes of others.

The elders of the Beggar Gang were trapped in the room. Some people resented Quan Guanqing, some prayed that Qiao Feng rescued them from the danger, and others knew that they were ashamed of Qiao Feng and no longer had extravagant hopes. . After a short while, the voices of Qiao Feng and Murong Fu came from outside the door, and the elders marveled at Qiao Feng’s righteousness, but Quan Guanqing sneered at it.

Helian Tieshu knew that the rivers and lakes of the Central Plains spread throughout North Qiaofeng and South Murong. He was very excited to see it today, so he personally came forward to entertain him. The three villains were sitting next to him, looking at Murong Fu from start to finish, especially Yue Lao San. He had already heard Gusu Murong’s “follow the other way and give back to the other body” and wanted to ask him for advice.

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