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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 17 Recap

Pei Wei had been staring at Chen Jianbo according to He Yong’s instructions. He saw Dong Yao approaching Chen Jianbo and immediately told He Yong the news. Dong Yao and Chen Jianbo met in the sauna. He pointed out that Chen Jianbo was in a dangerous situation. He was either killed by Gao Mingyuan or caught by the supervision team.

Now the people who are able to keep them are Gao Mingyuan. They must do something useful to make Gao Mingyuan feel that they are still useful, so that he can keep himself and Chen Jianbo. What Gao Mingyuan wants is Yihe New Village, but now the new coach is complicated internally and Nagata Capital can’t get in, so they only need to help Gao Mingyuan get Yihe New Village. Gao Mingyuan will not only give them a way to survive, but also continue. Trust them.

Dong Yao bluntly said that Li Lijuan only trusts herself, he can build a bridge from it, and Chen Jianbo is responsible for paying the money. In the end, Chen Jianbo promised to put out 200 million in cash, and then Dong Yao made an appointment with Li Lijuan to let her sign a contract with Chen Jianbo. The incident of Qi Dali in the detention center has been investigated, and Qi Dali has now been handed over to relevant departments for strict investigation.

Zhao Ligen issued instructions that the Qi Dali incident is not an isolated case. It reflects the problems of the entire system. It is necessary to eliminate the residual poison of Qi Dali and not allow such things to happen again. Later, Dong Yao contacted Li Lijuan and asked her to come over and discuss cooperation with Chen Jianbo. He repeatedly promised that he would be there, but when Li Lijuan came, he deliberately did not show up because of a temporary meeting.

Chen Jianbo gave Li Lijuan a sum of money, only 100 million. Li Lijuan was not satisfied. What she wanted was 200 million, but Chen Jianbo’s money was obviously not enough. Li Lijuan wanted to leave, but Chen Jianbo didn’t let her go, so she was directly surrounded by Tuantuan. Li Chengyang learned that Li Lijuan was missing, so he and Da Jiang mobilized all manpower and ways to find Li Lijuan. Li Chengyang even made a huge sum of money and asked the various ghosts and monsters in Luteng City to find people. At the same time, Chen Jianbo had been lobbying Li Lijuan to sign. Li Lijuan shredded one contract, and another new contract was handed over immediately. Although Chen Jianbo did not use her strong, but both sides were tossed and exhausted.

Later, with the help of various ghosts and monsters in Luteng City, Li Chengyang found the hotel where Li Lijuan was locked up and successfully controlled the door of the hotel. Li Chengyang walked in quietly and found that Li Lijuan and everyone were asleep on all sides. He quietly awakened Li Lijuan. He did not expect a woman to see him and utter a deafening scream. Chen Jianbo was awakened, and Da Jiang outside the door immediately rushed in. Li Chengyang finally rescued Li Lijuan. On the way back, facing Li Chengyang’s repeated inquiries, Li Lijuan typed on the phone and handed it to Li Chengyang.

She said that Dong Yao and Ma Shuai had killed people, which is why she was like this. The reason for trusting Dong Yao. After returning home, Li Lijuan told Li Chengyang again that Ma Shuai and Dong Yao were buried fourteen years ago after the murder, and buried in a village. This was what Ma Shuai accidentally said after being drunk, but to be more specific, she just said I don’t know anymore.

Da Jiang beat the driver who took Li Lijuan out. Li Chengyang didn’t let him kill him, but just wanted to remind him. Gao Mingyuan learned of Chen Jianbo’s stupid thing, he ordered people to tie Chen Jianbo, and then put a small explosive on Chen Jianbo’s chest, holding a lighter to ignite the fuze. Chen Jianbo screamed in fright and explained everything.

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