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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 16 Recap

The news that Xue Mei’s body was found has been searched hot, and it is very popular on the Internet. Zheng Yihong said that the current time node is very sensitive. Mai Jia rushed in. She cried and said that her mother had something wrong, and she wanted to go back to confirm whether her mother was still alive. Gao Mingyuan yelled, calmed her down, and said that he would call to help her confirm, and then let Zheng Yihong stabilize Mai Jia’s mood first.

The second drug test report was sent back to Luo Shanhe. This report was completely different from the previous one. This report showed that Ma Shuai was poisoned to death. He instructed He Yong to ventilate He Yun first, because Song Tao and He Yun are college classmates.

Gao Mingyuan told Mai Jia that the deceased person disclosed by the police was indeed her mother. Mai Jia was emotional. She was clamoring to see her mother for the last time. Gao Mingyuan did not stop him. Zheng Yihong reminded him that if Mai Jia left, I can’t go to the variety show that I set before. Hearing that, Gao Mingyuan comforted Mai Jia to sit down and gave her two choices. One was to meet her mother, but all previous efforts were lost.

Another option is to avoid this time point first, and then he will find time to take her to worship Xue Mei. Mai Jia cried bitterly, but in the end she chose the former. At this time, she didn’t know that the culprit responsible for the death of her mother was Gao Mingyuan, who she called her husband and delivered her wholeheartedly.

He Yong remembered the series of events before Ma Shuai’s death, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He was going to trial Ma Shuai again at that time, He Yun suddenly appeared and said that he would go with him, and even applied for an extension of detention. At that time, He Yong promised to let her cooperate with herself, and then He Yun went back to get things and said that she would meet in ten minutes.

He Yong and He Yun stood on the rooftop, testing He Yun’s attitude. He Yun heard what he meant and immediately stated that they would resolutely eliminate the cancer and would never show mercy. After that, Song Tao was taken by the police for inquiries. The Municipal Bureau held a meeting. At the meeting, He Yun announced that Song Tao, the director of the Forensic Appraisal Center, had made a serious mistake in his work and the investigation has been suspended.

Externally, He Yun still stated that he must fully cooperate with the work of the supervision team. Song Tao, who was questioned, admitted that he had made a mistake in his work, but he refused to admit that it was a subjective and deliberate act. Zhao Ligen told Luo Shanhe about this. Luo Shanhe checked Song Tao’s resume and found that he was pulled up by He Yun with one hand. Ma Shuai’s autopsy report confirmed Luo Shanhe’s conjecture.

The invisible big hands of the evil forces have already penetrated into every corner of the green vine, and every movement of the supervision team has long been under the surveillance of the other party. How to break the game, Luo Shanhe had a bold idea. Soon after, Luo Shanhe asked about the whole incident of Li Chengyang and Lin Han, and found that the report of dismissing Li Chengyang at that time did not meet the organization’s regulations.

After He Yun signed Li Chengyang’s dismissal report, he directly submitted the report to the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee at the time, and the matter was gone. Li Chengyang gave Ma Shuai a grand memorial service. Wenliang sat in the corner. Li Chengyang went to talk to him and asked him if the other major shareholder behind Zhongmeng Investment Co., Ltd. was Dong Yao. Wen Liang was silent, and Li Chengyang understood this. The matter is inseparable from Dong Yao. He Yong came to the funeral and showed Marshal’s third drug test report to Li Chengyang. He said that Marshal’s death was not an accident, but someone deliberately did it. Now Li Chengyang is the number one suspect, and he cannot escape this incident.

Li Chengyang was shocked and walked all the way to the bathroom in a trance. Dong Yao introduced He Yong to Li Lijuan. Gao Mingyuan and Zheng Yihong also came. Li Chengyang came out and met Gao Mingyuan. He and Li Chengyang said that Wu Shuangling would not be able to come temporarily. Li Lijuan called Li Chengyang aside and asked him why He Yong was here, and whether there was a problem with Ma Shuai’s death.

Li Chengyang did not tell her the truth. After the memorial meeting began, Li Chengyang chanted the eulogy on the stage with strong spirits, his footsteps were light and he almost couldn’t stand steady. He has been with Marshal for ten years, Marshal was about to tell him the truth, but suddenly died at this time. After 14 years of searching for clues, he was completely abandoned overnight.

The clue was interrupted and Li Chengyang fell into despair. When he was standing on the stage, all kinds of fragments of information rushed to his face, which made him feel dizzy and suffocated, and finally fell directly on the stage, unconscious.

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