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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 14 Recap

Zhao Xiankun is so optimistic about Xia Ming. In addition to discovering that he is capable, there is another key point, that is, he wants to take advantage of Tianke Company. Without Xia Ming’s backbone, Huang Lilin can’t do much. Therefore, Huang Lilin was worried that Zhao Xiankun would retaliate, and suggested that Xia Ming should be the deputy chief economist of the group according to the other party’s wishes. Otherwise, Zhao Xiankun would have to investigate the shortage of funds, which might affect his nephew.

Xia Ming disagrees with this. He knows that Zhao Xiankun is the kind of person who can see the stakes at a glance. Instead of worrying about things that are impossible, he should think about how to build the company. Huang Lilin urged Xia Ming to quickly focus on He Yao. After all, the girl is rich and powerful, and her looks and work are not bad, and the marriage between the two families can help each other.

The new official Su Xiao was released from the team on the first day he took office. No one in the company went to work, so he called Donglin, only to find out that Chen Simin deliberately found a reason to let everyone rest on working days, which made Su Xiao’s work impossible. Chen Simin pretended to blame Donglin for not informing Su Xiao, and then he acted hysterically, saying that he would hold a small promotion ceremony for Su Xiao, skip Su Xiao at the meeting, and promote Yu Can to be the cost supervisor in public.

However, this person has ordinary abilities and is an unknown person. Su Xiao didn’t think Yu Can was suitable for this position. Unexpectedly, Chen Simin was resolute and deliberately emphasized that she was also criticized before serving as a commercial manager. It is precisely because Chen Simin has made propositions on several project reports and personnel arrangements and tried her best to avoid Su Xiao, so after trying to inquire, she realized that there was no effect, so she could only compromise.

At the same time, Wu Hongmei did not go well in his work, so that he was treated differently by Maria, and was always unable to speak peacefully to the other party, and was often reprimanded. The colleague at the next table saw that Wu Hongmei was emotionally depressed, and simply gave her a demonstration, suggesting that she should know how to be humble and flattering, so that it is possible to make Maria’s attitude better.

Hearing the opinions of colleagues, Wu Hongmei took advantage of the lunch break and hid alone in the conference room to learn a low profile. He overheard the female colleague at the opposite table making a private report to Maria. When Wu Hongmei saw the female colleague’s appearance, she felt very frustrated. He clearly felt that he was gradually marginalized and unable to integrate into the workplace.

After finishing the audit of Tianke Company, it was Tiancheng’s turn. Xu Zhiping led the audit team. Although Xu Feng is no longer the leader of the audit team, the audit plan he left before is still favored by Zhao Xiankun. Therefore, all audit teams are ordered to follow this plan. Wang Yang is a little nervous about this, and he is afraid that Xu Zhiping will be affected. Detect faults.

Xia Ming was commissioned by He Yao to help her design the studio and supervise the decoration. Seeing Xia Ming’s seriousness, He Yao couldn’t help but pick up the camera to shoot, and invited him to find a chance to be a guest at home. Even though He Yao was known to be interested in him, Xia Ming still had an unclear attitude and readily responded to the party.

In the following days, due to Chen Simin’s intervention, Su Xiao struggled in the company. Colleagues did not dare to offend Chen Simin, so they could only deliberately alienate and reject the new manager under his instigation. Even Su Xiao’s carefully customized workflow was not taken seriously. They either threw them in the trash can or scribbled on them. Throw it aside.

In the huge and prosperous city, intrigue is staged every day, with spears and arrows. Fortunately, Wu Hongmei is accompanied by her boyfriend. The two can warm each other without making life cold. On the contrary, Su Xiao is repeatedly suppressed by Chen Simin’s calculations.

Huang Lilin approached Zhao Xiankun, took the initiative to talk about the bitter history of struggle that year, and confessed to Zhao Xiankun, hoping that he would take good care of Xia Ming. At this time, Xia Ming suddenly came to Zhao Xiankun, and Huang Lilin hid in the next room eavesdropping. Xia Ming didn’t know about this, but directly rejected Zhao Xiankun, saying that he did not want Huang Lilin’s company to be destroyed, and even willing to use a very difficult various star project to “bet” with Zhao Xiankun. In the end, Zhao Xiankun promised that as long as Xia Ming can defeat the general contracting and win the various stars project, he will not be blamed. If Xia Ming fails, he will listen to his proposal.

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