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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 13 Recap

Su Xiao took the initiative to resign, which was caught by Chen Simin’s trap. He was very satisfied with this result, so he restored his false face, and even held a farewell party for Su Xiao after get off work. When Wang Yang learned of this, he drove off immediately and announced on the spot that Su Xiao would be promoted to the manager of the business contract department.

Wang Yang had a good understanding of Su Xiao, especially in front of so many people who prevented Chen Simin from coming to Taiwan. Su Xiao felt sincere and was very happy that his value was recognized, so he decided to make some achievements in Tiancheng, but instead Chen Simin and Lu Zhengming were dumbfounded.

After the farewell party, Wang Yang used his drunkenness to complain that Chen Simin was obstructing Su Xiao, and he was very upset. He even deliberately revealed that he had talked with the business manager Dong Hong and consulted the other party’s opinions. Chen Simin was speechless for this, and privately asked Dong Hong why his elbow turned away, knowing that he intended to lift Lu Zhengming. Dong Hong pretended to be embarrassed, claiming that he saw that Wang Yang was determined to promote Su Xiao on the spot. The so-called gathering of opinions is nothing more than a process. If blindly opposed, it would be counterproductive. So he persuaded Chen Simin to clear up the misunderstanding with Wang Yang as soon as possible.

In fact, Dong Hong is very clear about Chen Simin’s little calculations. He is not an ordinary veteran, and he has his own set of methods to behave in the world. Regardless of the superficial agreement with Chen Simin, in fact, she has other plans. After all, her bonus is linked to the project. She needs a capable person like Su Xiao. As long as she comes to power, she will inevitably re-adjust the power structure. If the manager’s position falls on Lu In the hands of Zhengming, it belongs to Chen Simin, and I am afraid that Tiancheng will be finished sooner or later.

Yinghai Group is about to hold a meeting to announce the results of the internal audit. Lin Xiaomin moved to find Zhao Xiankun, hoping to get his financial support to invest in the early stage operation of the project. Zhao Xiankun agreed without hesitation, as he sold him a favor, and it could be used in meetings later.

Although Wang Yang and Huang Lilin were still awkward, Zhao Xiankun knew that before the announcement, he preemptively pointed out that Tianke had a deficit of 200,000 yuan, so he decided to expel Du Yongbo, manager of the Ministry of Commerce. After all, this matter was a serious violation. Although Huang Lilin will not be punished for the violation of the bottom line, if there is a next time, he must be dealt with seriously.

Huang Lilin wanted to refute being blocked by Xia Ming, and Zhao Xiankun asked Xu Zhiping to continue to report Xu Feng’s mistakes in the audit after Zhao Xiankun ordered the Department of Tomorrow. Xu Zhiping first stated that he had faults in this regard, so he did not take Xu Feng well. Even Lin Xiaomin also gave a speech, thinking that Xu Feng had done something and had merits, and he was indispensable.

Seeing that Zhao Xiankun deliberately indulged everyone to shield Xu Feng and excuse Xu Feng one after another, Huang Lilin realized that the chairman’s true intention was nothing more than to put pressure on Tianke and let them forget the past. Because of this, Huang Lilin can’t say anything more. Although Xu Feng is exempted from the position of Dong Zhu, he has been transferred to Lin Xiaomin’s real estate company as the property manager, which is equivalent to a sudden rise.

When the meeting was over, Zhao Xiankun informed Xia Ming to come to the office. There were three main points. One was to tell him about the hardships of the brothers in the early days of the group’s business. He revealed that he still missed his old feelings for Huang Lilin and hoped that the other party would do it for himself. As for the second point, it is a warning. To dismantle Xia Ming’s obstacles to the audit work, he actually saw it throughout the process.

Zhao Xiankun appreciates Xia Ming’s abilities and is very optimistic about his ambitions, so he hopes to transfer him to the group as deputy chief economist. It is this third point that makes Xia Ming unpredictable and difficult to understand Zhao Xiankun’s ideas. At the same time, Su Xiao and Wu Hongmei went to the bar to party to celebrate being promoted to the manager of the Ministry of Commerce. She wants to stay in Tiancheng and do a big business, and she is indifferent to Zhou Jun’s marriage.

Wu Hongmei took the subway home alone. Seeing the couple on the subway, she was full of emotion. At the same time, she was very fortunate to meet her boyfriend Zhang Xiaobei in this city. Even if her work is not going well, she still has feelings, which can be her spiritual support. On the other hand, Su Xiao sat alone on the balcony and looked at the lovers hugging each other in the opposite window. The lives of two good girlfriends formed a great contrast.

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