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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 12 Recap

According to Donglin’s description, it is basically possible to see that Tiancheng has already learned of the competitor’s quotation in advance, and this matter has a great relationship with Su Xiao, and the real key lies in Su Xiao. Wang Yang defended Su Xiao, claiming that she was eager to win, and she lied in order to be able to participate in this bid, but it was actually the result of her own budget.

Faced with this explanation, Huang Lilin refused to believe it, so he insisted on letting Su Xiao tell the truth. Unexpectedly, Su Xiao would point back at Xu Feng, causing the other party to be blamed. Because of Xu Feng’s intervention, the intermediary who was originally responsible for reconciling the two subsidiaries became Chairman Zhao Xiankun. Su Xiao insisted that he had read the Tianke settlement statement provided by Xu Feng, and derived the gross profit rate from the data on the settlement statement, and then calculated it. Quotation interval.

Although Su Xiao only looked at the settlement, she was extremely sensitive to numbers, so in order to be able to verify her statement, she simulated the calculation process directly in front of everyone, and the price given was consistent with the group. In the end, the matter came to an end with Xu Feng’s apology. Both companies got the answers they wanted. Only Su Xiao was used as a gunman again and hit the key of the group headquarters with one shot.

In fact, Zhao Xiankun doesn’t care about the traitor’s identity, but it happened that Tianke deliberately set up a bureau and pointed out that it was the headquarters audit. On the surface, it appeared that Xu Feng violated the system and leaked data, but the audit strategy was actually criticized. Based on this, Xu Feng is no longer responsible for the internal audit, and Tianke’s internal audit pressure is completely relieved.

Even though Wang Yang and Huang Lilin were arguing in the group, they went out of the group privately, turned and walked into the private kitchen, and toasted to the victory of the “traitor”. They were able to cooperate and staged a bitter plan in front of the big boss, all to leave a way for their own family. Wang Yang successfully got an important project, and Huang Lilin lifted the internal audit crisis.

The two recalled the difficulty of starting a business. Wang Yang emphasized love and justice, but Huang Lilin complained that Zhao Xiankun ignored brotherhood for the benefit of the group. In the past, he reused his brothers to win the world for himself. Taking into account Su Xiao’s sake, Huang Lilin reminded Wang Yang to pay attention to the other side’s harm. Wang Yang was eager to protect his calf, and he shook his face and left the restaurant. Before leaving, he took two bottles of famous wine.

Su Xiao recalled Xia Ming’s thirsty attitude of seeking talents before, and only felt too ironic, so she ran to question Xia Ming decisively, revealing that the reason why he wanted to transfer himself to Tianke Company was to prevent himself from approaching Xu Feng. As a result, It was unexpected that Xu Feng would really get the cost engineer certificate.

Therefore, when Xia Ming found out that Su Xiao had revealed Tianke’s loopholes, he began to design the treacherous door, and used his own hands to get rid of Xu Feng. In Su Xiao’s eyes, Xia Ming was full of lies and treacherous thoughts. If he was scheming and telling the truth, he would not only fall into public criticism, but would also be tantamount to disclosing the collusion behavior to everyone. Moreover, no one would believe that a competitor deliberately vented the question.

Through these things, Su Xiao was extremely disappointed in Xia Ming. He no longer believed every word he said, and also felt the malice in the workplace. That kind of intrigue is not suitable for him. Because of this, Su Xiao decided to leave Tianke. She submitted her resume to a bidding company. The other party was very optimistic about Su Xiao and didn’t care why she left Zhongjian.

Seeing that the audit team had been withdrawn from Tianke, Huang Lilin was still a little jealous, guessing that Zhao Xiankun had a back-up. Su Xiao took the initiative to submit his resignation to Tiancheng Company. Chen Simin received the letter of resignation, and he was relieved immediately. Regardless of his expression of regret, he actually enjoyed himself and told all his colleagues to hold a farewell for Su Xiao after get off work that night. Can.

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