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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 11 Recap

Due to Donglin’s disobedience to Su Xiao’s management, she deliberately delayed the progress and submitted the data late, resulting in her unable to proceed with the cost book, and eventually the two quarreled in the office. Chen Simin deliberately shielded Lu Zhengming and Donglin, criticizing Su Xiao for having management problems, not being considerate of his subordinates, and asking everyone to follow them to work overtime.

Because of this, Su Xiao decided to take care of most of the workload, working hard from morning to night, and at the same time hearing Donglin’s complaints in the tea room, and realized that Chen Simin was not only stumbling on her, but also the previous few. Manager Ren was also run away. Isolated and helpless Su Xiao sent a message to Xia Ming, wanting to ask him to help him solve the problem. Xia Ming took this opportunity to deliberately leak Tianke data to Su Xiao, using her self-motivatedness to pave the way.

After returning to the office, Su Xiao remembered that Xia Ming said that mature wheat ears know how to bow their heads, so she followed the example of wheat ears to express enthusiasm to colleagues, and took the initiative to share the data work for Donglin until a qualified bid was made. Chen Simin was in trouble looking for trouble, and deliberately complained that Su Xiao submitted the paper too late. On the contrary, Wang Yang was more interested in the quotations in the bidding book. Compared with previous issues, the quotations this time were a bit high.

Faced with Wang Yang’s doubts, Su Xiao once again stated that she had consulted Tianke’s data in recent years and was completely certain that the other party’s offer was between 64 million and 66 million, so she was quite sure that Tiancheng would win the bid. Wang Yang had learned about Su Xiao’s talent in terms of cost, and was curious to ask why she got Tianke’s data. At first, Su Xiao didn’t want to disclose it, but later he simply wrote it on a note and gave it to Wang Yang.

At the bidding meeting for leading international projects, Xu Zhiping announced that Tiancheng won the bid at the best price. However, as soon as the voice fell, Huang Lilin went mad on the spot, and scolded Wang Yang for insulting in Tianke and stealing core data. Wang Yang retorted Huang Lilin’s bloody spitting, and the two quarreled at the scene. Xu Zhiping came forward to mediate upon seeing this, and kept the results of the bidding for the time being.

When this happened suddenly, everyone in Tiancheng was in danger, but Donglin and Lu Zhengming couldn’t get rid of the blame. Even if they both denied leaking data, they still couldn’t dispel suspicion. To protect himself, Dong Lin simply betrayed his colleagues, claiming that Lu Zhengming had long been dissatisfied with Su Xiao, perhaps because of jealousy that would betray the company.

Chen Simin tried his best to protect Lu Zhengming. Wang Yang remembered that Dujuan happened to come in to deliver tea during the meeting yesterday, but after inquiring, it was confirmed that Dujuan had no knowledge of the content of the note. Now Wang Yang is a little worried about the evidence in Huang Lilin’s mobile phone, and decides to expel Donglin to avoid recurrence.

Donglin was not convinced by this and went to Yinghai Group to file a complaint. Maria learned of this situation and immediately reported the matter to Zhao Xiankun, requesting a thorough personnel investigation of Tiancheng. A long time ago, Maria and Wang Yang had an upset, and since then they have a very bad impression of him. Now that they have finally seized the opportunity, it is impossible to let each other go.

At the same time, Tianke Company was purged from all over the country, vowing to find out the insider, including the audit team also had to talk. When Xu Feng learned of the incident, he quickly returned to the group to inform Zhao Xiankun. Xu Zhiping realized the seriousness of the incident and simply chose a good day to arrange for Tianke and Tiancheng to meet, and the two parties sat down to discuss.

Huang Lilin played the call recording on the spot and confirmed that a strange man had called him and revealed that Tianke had an insider. Huang Lilin was hesitant about the content of the call, but when he saw Tiancheng expelled Donglin, he believed that there was a ghost in his heart. The employees of Tiancheng Company were curious about how Su Xiao learned the data. Su Xiao did not answer, but went out with a backpack, intending to explain the situation to the group.

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