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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 16 Recap

Ding Xian met Zhou Siyue on campus. Before Xing Lufei asked Zhou Siyue to sign up for their animation group, but Zhou Siyue did not agree to join, so Ding Xian took the initiative to find Xing Lufei to sign up and wanted to know from them. Some things about Zhou Siyue. At this moment, the person in the dormitory went to Ding Xian and asked her to go to the Academic Affairs Office. Because when the school started to go to the boys’ dormitory and Zhou Siyue was interviewed by the leader, they saw Zhou Siyue at the door, and the two briefly chatted with Zhou Si. The more he left in a hurry.

Ding Xian thought that he would be able to see Zhou Siyue at a dinner with the seniors, but he did not expect that only Dong Zhengfei’s group would be there. After that, Dong Zhengfei wanted to play Truth or Dare, and asked Ding Xian to tell everyone about the pursuit of Zhou Siyue. Ding Xian went to sing to them after saying a few words.

At this time, Zhou Siyue also went. But he is a temporary worker there. Just as Ding Xian was singing to everyone, Zhou Si got in. Ding Xian’s mood immediately became uneasy. Dong Zhengfei on the side knew that Zhou Si was working in the shop and pretended not to call the waiter to order, and wanted to call Zhou Siyue makes a fool of himself in front of everyone, but in Zhou Siyue’s view, work-study programs are not ashamed.

When everyone was gone, Ding Xian went to the back kitchen to find Zhou Siyue, wanting to know if his family encountered problems, but Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian not to waste time on him, they all had their own lives. The more disappointed Ding Xian became with Zhou Si, he turned and left. At this moment, the manager called Zhou Siyue over and told him that Dong Zhengfei had complained about him, and that the member who had just topped up 10,000 yuan asked Zhou Si to leave there. Find another way out.

Zhou Siyue took his salary to the hospital and handed it to his mother. Because his father had a lot of financial constraints in the hospital, he had to rely on Zhou Siyue to work for everything. Mother naturally felt very uncomfortable.

Ding Xian secretly followed Zhou Si, the more he knew about his father, he went to talk to Zhou Siyue, hoping that the more Zhou Si would not give up all they had before because his father was hospitalized. However, Zhou Siyue was unwilling to admit that they had loved each other. He just regarded her as his best friend before. But Ding Xian would not believe what Zhou Siyue said, and asked Zhou Siyue to think about it. Ding Xian was in a bad mood and lost her temper on the way back to the dormitory. She kicked the trash can down by the roadside and was secretly filmed by the person following her. Ding Xian called Sun Shadi and complained that each oath was fake, and Sun Shadi was not sad because Song Ziqi didn’t say a word, so Sun Shadi gave a little attention, which can help Ding Xian and retrieve Song Ziqi.

Zhou Siyue returned to the dormitory and saw Song Ziqi standing at the door with luggage. It turned out that he had been credited for fighting and broke up with Sun Shadi.

Ding Xian approached classmate Zhou Siyue and hoped that he could help him find Zhou Siyue to have a dinner together, so they went to the restaurant that Zhou Siyue was looking for and gave them gifts to Zhou Siyue. The more Zhou Si saw it, he knew that Ding Xian did it by himself and went out. Not far behind Ding Xian, a boy was still secretly taking pictures of her. Zhou Siyue found out and took out the memory card inside. Don’t show up that person. Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian to pay attention to safety. The school posts were all photos of Ding Xian, fearing that more dangerous things would happen in the future. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue to send himself home, and Ding Xian did not give up on the way to make Zhou Si the more honest with him, but Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that he would go abroad next month, which made Ding Xian extremely disappointed.

After returning home, Song Ziqi blamed Zhou Si for treating Ding Xian like that. People wanted him to re-enter Huaqing, but Zhou Siyue was angry with Song Ziqi. He was not qualified to talk to Ding Xian. This made Song Ziqi very angry. After swearing. No matter what happened between them anymore. Ding Xian went to Zhou Siyue again and confessed that what Zhou Siyue said last night was not true.

Ding Xian knew that the more Zhou Si was going abroad, he would also have to participate in the experimental group and the more Zhou Si could go abroad together. They had missed a lot before and didn’t want to ask Zhou Siyue to face it alone. Ding Xian decisively participated in Zhou Siyue’s group preliminaries. After that, Zhou Siyue caught up with Ding Xian and told her that she would lose a lot by doing that, and that was not something she liked. However, in Ding Xian’s view, as long as he can be with the person he likes, everything can become something he likes.

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