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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Shengchen asked Xiao Yan to compete with Feng Qiao, and Xiao Yan also decided to be a monk. He stepped forward to compete with Feng Qiao. As expected, Feng Qiao lost to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan mentioned a battle with Zhou Shengchen in Huaishui, and asked Zhou Shengchen to compete with him. Zhou Shengchen agreed, and the two competed on stage with bare hands. Zhou Shengchen defeated Xiao Yan.

Zhou Shengchen brought several apprentices and Shi Yi to the site of the new temple, and Shi Yi named the new temple Qinglong Temple. When he returned, Xie Chong told Zhou Shengchen of the situation in the account. Liu Zixing had been waiting for Zhou Shengchen for a long time. He also took four guards with him. Zhou Shengchen entered the account and asked Feng Qiao to bring Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan entered Zhou Shengchen and Liu Zixing.

He mentioned the reason why he came to Beichen. His mother and concubine were former concubines and entered the Nanxiao harem after the country broke. The Nanxiao Emperor always suspected that he was the posthumous son of the former emperor. All this is true, he arranged this escape and fled to Beichen.

After solving Xiao Yan’s matter, Zhou Shengchen asked Liu Zixing’s intentions. Just now Liu Zixing used his hand to drive all the four guards out of the camp. Liu Zixing told the situation in the center and he begged Zhou Shengchen to take him. Soldiers entered the palace to rescue the emperor. After Zhou Shengchen knew about this, he asked Liu Zixing to return to the palace first.

He discussed the matter with Xie Chong. Although he had the intention to rescue Liu Hui, he could not go out in person, so he had to find a respected person to come forward to check and balance Zhao Teng. This person is very difficult to choose. Shi Yi mentioned Luoguang and wanted to go back with him to persuade him and let him come forward to help Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen complied with Shiyi’s permission, but after seeing Shiyi out of Xizhou for the first time for many years, Zhou Shengchen was still a little worried.

Feng Qiao talked with Xiao Yan, and learned of Xiao Yan’s sadness, Feng Qiao couldn’t help but feel a little distressed for Xiao Yan. After that, Zhou Shengchen came to order Feng Qiao to order 30,000 soldiers to take Xiao Yan to the capital tomorrow. Feng Qiao took the order to leave, but Zhou Tianxing held Feng Qiao in secret, and the two listened to the conversation between Xiao Yan and Zhou Shengchen. Xiao Yan knew that Zhou Shengchen wanted to use him as an excuse to send heavy troops to Zhongzhou.

He thought Zhou Shengchen was going to rebel. Zhou Shengchen confessed that he was not trying to rebel. He mentioned that Xiao Yan had hidden one son and one daughter in the temple. The people have been found and given to death by Emperor Liang, but Emperor Liang still regretted and buried them with great enthusiasm. This hatred was not shared by Xiao Yan. Zhou Shengchen said that he had a way to save Xiao Yan’s life, but Xiao Yan had to do what he said. He really had important things to transfer Xiao Yan to Zhongzhou during his trip.

Shiyi and Jiafeng returned to Qinghe County. The two originally came back with Zhou Shengchen’s secret letter, but when they saw Luo Guang, they knew that Luo Guang was seriously ill. He spent the years in the court in order to contain Liu Yuan. Zhao Teng spent a lot of energy, and this time he called the children of the Chao family back to protect the children of the Chao family. Shi Yi talked to his mother about Zhou Shengchen’s plan. He was preparing Qingjun to face Zheng Chao Gang, but Chao Tang needed Luo Guang to stand up and stabilize the situation. Luo Guang knew his heavy responsibility and only decided to leave for Zhongzhou tomorrow.

Luo Feng took care of Luo Guang personally. Luo Guang mentioned his ups and downs in his life. He was a young man, and then he learned to become a master, letting the family shine, but he is old now, and then the family will rely on the Feng Feng. A generation of young people. When Xiaoyu came to Luofu, she couldn’t help worrying when she saw the expression of Luo Feng.

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