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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 5 Recap

Zhou Tianxing and Feng Qiao stayed in the mansion and met Liu Zixing who had come from afar. As soon as Liu Zixing entered the mansion, he missed Shiyi. When he met Shiyi for the first time, he only chose a quiet and elegant place. Looking at the Miaoling woman in front of him, Liu Zixing was stunned for a while. Today, he finally didn’t need to look at the portrait anymore, but could see Shiyi himself. The two sat on the ground, and Liu Zixing talked about the extravagance of the Nanchen Prince’s Mansion.

Shi Yi could not allow others to say that Zhou Shengchen was not good, so he only opened his mouth to speak for Zhou Shengchen. The luxury of the Nanchen Prince’s Mansion is to deter the surrounding chaos. Liu Zixing also followed Shiyi’s words to boast about Zhou’s birth. He wanted to pour tea for the time. Shiyi knew that it was not in compliance with the rules. He only stepped forward to stop Liu Zixing and was burnt to the hand. Liu Zixing cared about the time, but Shiyi dodges everywhere. Liu Zixing did not give birth to a good impression.

Liu Zixing thought about the time for ten minutes, and it happened to be the birthday. Liu Zixing took Shiyi to the military camp to celebrate his birthday. First, he wanted to give Shiyi a birthday gift, and second, he wanted to see Zhou’s birthday. In the barracks, Zhou Shengchen saw Shiyi burn his hand and immediately asked the military doctor to go to see the injury. Shiyi brought Tusu wine. Zhou Shengchen toasted with all the soldiers and drank with them. One respected the dead soldiers, and two wish the country would return. There is no war, and I wish Shiyi a happy birthday.

Today, everyone at the banquet drank happily, but Liu Zixing was unwell and took a break first. He listened to the sound of drinking outside, and then remembered the tacit understanding between Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel mixed.

Xiao Yu didn’t know that Liu Zixing and the people around him were in the barracks. She exaggerated Zhou Shengchen. The people said that Zhou Shengchen’s bones were rarer than the emperor. Zhou Tianxing pulled La Xiaoyu and asked Xiao Yu not to talk too much, the barracks. There were also outsiders, and these words happened to be heard by the attendants next to Liu Zixing. After the banquet was over, Shiyi came to look for Zhou Shengchen.

She and Zhou Shengchen drank a few more glasses. I only hope that this bowl of pepper wine can bless Zhou Shengchen and her senior brothers and sisters every year and smoothly. After that, Zhou Shengchen hugged Shiyi when he was drunk and went back to rest. Shiyi cried and called Zhou Shengchen in his dream, for fear that Zhou Shengchen would have an accident outside, but Zhou Shengchen replied frankly, if he had an accident, where would he die? Where will it be buried, no need for others to find it, no need to leave sadness. Listening to this, Shi Yi opened his eyes and wept even more.

Zhou Shengchen handed over the camp to Shiyi. Xiaoyu came to accompany Shiyi. She gave Shiyi a piece of armor and talked about Zhou Shengchen with Shiyi. Although she and Xie Yun had been with Zhou Shengchen, they were still late. The most difficult time for Zhou Shengchen was that he survived it himself. King Nanchen formed this army by himself. He has never fought all the way. With defeats, the name of King Xiao Nanchen came from this way, and the hardships are self-evident. Seeing senior sister Xiaoyu hungry in her belly, Shi Yi accompanied her senior sister to go out looking for food. Zhou Shengchen saw the two of them from a distance, and guessed their purpose, and quietly arranged a cooper to cook some hot meals for the apprentices.

The next day, Shi Yi apologized for his gaffe last night. Zhou Shengchen didn’t care. Then Zhou Shengchen accompanied Shi Yi to visit the barracks. In addition to seeing the soldiers in training, Shi Yi also saw Feng Qiao and Xiao Yan. Feng Qiao has been forcing Xiao Yan to compete with her, but Xiao Yan is willing to give in and refuse to do it.

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