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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 4 Recap

The next day, Zhou Shengchen woke up and saw the sleeping time beside him. He gently covered the quilt for the time. At this time in the Zhongzhou Palace, Princess Xinghua came to deliver cakes to Liu Zixing. Her eyes did not conceal her love for Liu Zixing, but it was a pity that the flowers were sentimental and the water flowed unintentionally. Liu Zixing only thought about the right time.

The third senior brother Xie Yun and the fourth senior sister Feng Qiao came to Zhou Shengchen to return to life. The monks and refugees from the White Horse Temple also returned with them. Currently they are all placed in the Jialan Temple. Hearing this, Zhou Shengchen decided to take Shiyi to go to Jialan Temple together. Seeing Shiyi in the barracks, Feng Qiao couldn’t help but frowned. She was worried about the safety of Shiyi and she couldn’t help reprimanding Shiyi for the mischief. Zhou Shengchen only spoiled her. The earth protects the time.

In Jialan Temple, Zhou Shengchen and his party unloaded their weapons and entered the temple, only to see the monk cede the room to the refugees and meditate in the temple. Zhou Shengchen asked Xie Yun and Feng Qiao to properly settle the refugees and escort them to Xizhou City, and he also intended to build a new monastery for the monks. The abbot was grateful to Zhou Shengchen. He mentioned that he wanted to shave for the first-class people.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to watch the shaved. However, when he saw the shaved refugees, Zhou Shengchen colded his face and pulled Shiyi to leave on the spot. It turned out that this refugee was no one else, but Xiao Wen, the second prince of Nan Xiao and Liang, who has now been renamed Xiao Yan. In the early years, Xiao Wen was favored by Emperor Liang, and he was the crown prince for a while, but afterwards, I didn’t know what happened, Xiao Wen and Emperor Liang had a conflict, and this made him hide in the world and no longer see people.

Feng Qiao arranged the refugees. She came to see Xiao Yan and wanted to know Xiao Yan’s identity, but Xiao Yan asked Feng Qiao to hold him under her head, and used him to suppress the soldiers who came to chase her. Feng Qiao fought against Liang’s people. She had no weapons and had to control Xiao Yan. Zhou Shengchen rushed to help Feng Qiao. Seeing Zhou Shengchen’s empty-handed enemy soldiers, it was time to be anxious. She defeated the aphasia that had plagued her for a long time. The sword was thrown to Zhou Shengchen to remind Zhou Shengchen to collect the sword.

Zhou Shengchen accepted Shiyi’s sword and took down all the main beams to pursue his soldiers. Shi Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and was also very surprised that he could speak. Now that Shiyi was able to speak, Zhou Shengchen was naturally very happy. He secretly reported the matter to Zhongzhou and asked Feng Qiao to take Xiao Yan to the Buddhist mansion. On the other side, Xiaoyu completed the task and returned to the Nanchen Prince’s Mansion. Feng Feng picked up the dust for Xiaoyu, and personally peeled the crab meat for Xiaoyu to eat.

In the Zhongzhou Palace, the eunuch Zhao Teng controlled Liu Hui, and he controlled the government with only one hand. He had already seen the situation in the DPRK and the Central Government in the past few years. Liu Hui was unwilling to let Tong Guang leave the court, but he had to respond to Zhao Teng’s coercion. The departure of Tongguang from the DPRK undoubtedly made the DPRK and the Central Government even more in a state of turmoil. Liu Zixing wanted to persuade Tongguang. He only said that he was powerless.

At the same time, he also asked Liu Zixing to ask himself to leave Zhongzhou as soon as possible, and Shiyi’s marriage contract with Liu Zixing was justified. Once a phantom, don’t miss it anymore. When Luo Guang resigned and returned to Qinghe County, he urgently summoned the children of the Tong family to compile dynasty history. He should leave Xizhou next month. The day of returning home is approaching, but Shiyi is not happy, and only thinks of Zhou Shengchen in my heart.

Zhao Teng’s power is now in full swing. He controlled Liu Hui and forced Liu Hui to trap the Queen Mother in the harem. The queen mother spends all her time drinking to dissipate her sorrows. Liu Zixing is ambitious. He reached an agreement with the queen mother. He can help the queen mother to leave the acquired prison, but the queen mother must also give him the crown and crown prince he wants.

Liu Hui summoned Liu Zixing. He mentioned Zhou Shengchen’s secret letter and wanted Liu Zixing to visit Xizhou in person. Liu Zixing understood what Liu Hui meant and asked to go to Xizhou. Liu Hui secretly asked Liu Zixing to give Zhou Shengchen a message, and he hoped that Zhou Shengchen could join Zhongzhou. When Liu Zixing went to Xizhou this time, Zhao Teng’s eyeliner was indispensable. Liu Zi’s behavior made Zhao Teng feel at ease and he invited his mother to enter the palace and took his mother as a hostage.

When Zhou Shengchen learned that Liu Zixing was coming to Xizhou, apart from dealing with the Nanxiao prince, it was a secret to see the time. Zhou Shengchen was unwilling to deal with Liu Zixing and only prepared to follow Xie Chong back to the barracks. Hearing that Zhou Shengchen was unwilling to stay in the Fuzhong for the New Year, Shi Yi stepped forward and asked why. Xie Chong only said that Zhou Shengchen was unwilling to disturb Liu Zixing and Shiyi. Listening to this, Shi Yi should only be disappointed in his heart and stop worrying about this matter.

Zhou Shengchen left the house, but it was time to prepare the birthday gift. Seeing this birthday gift, Shiyi couldn’t help but think of the previous incident. Before she poured a pot of tea and was punished by Zhou Shengchen to copy the name of the tea. Zhou Shengchen was also to be able to understand the hard work of the people when educating, and to cultivate virtue through frugality.

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