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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 16 Recap

It was precisely because the Central Plains Wulin received false information to ambush the Khitan warriors, but killed the Khitan couple by mistake at Yanmen Pass. When everyone knew the truth, they felt guilty, so they sent the leftover son of the Khitan couple to Shaoshi mountain farmers to raise them. Master, enter the gang of beggars. Master Zhiguang lamented that all these were wrongs. It would be a good thing to defuse the hatred with life, but in order to conceal the identity of the leader, he tore the signature at the end of the letter.

Seeing Master Zhiguang lowered his eyebrows, his expression was compassionate and solemn, even though he was sad and angry, he couldn’t help but awe, and simply let him go. The contents of the two letterheads are written into the table. First, the eldest brother’s concerns about the sons of the Liao people, and then Wang Jiantong’s handwritten handwriting, instructing the beggar to help the elders and the people, if Qiao Feng’s relationship with the Liao betrays the Han and acts evil. , We must work together to kill it, and the attacker has merit and innocence.

For the sake of the overall situation, Elder Xu had to make this letter public. Moreover, the cause of Ma Dayuan’s death was in doubt, and Qiao Feng was alone and unable to prove his innocence. For a time, Xinglin was silent, only to hear that everyone sighed, and it was difficult to make a decision. Kang Min took out the fan that Wang Jiantong gave to Qiao Feng, which meant that Qiao Feng fell on the scene when he killed Ma Dayuan.

A Zhu wanted to defend Qiao Feng, but Kang Min responded, and Murong Fu was almost implicated. Seeing Kang Min pressing harder and screaming for accountability, Qiao Feng couldn’t defend himself, and simply resigned himself as the leader of the helper, and asked Elder Xu to take care of the dog stick. Who would like to take up this position, and then teach it.

Elder Song was the first to object when he heard this. He insisted that Qiao Feng’s character is noble and upright, and the people present are incomparable. However, there are many people in the Beggar Gang and Elder Song, and Qiao Feng Ende is always in the hearts of the people. Just relying on a few narratives and written evidence, he must be dissatisfied. Several other elders successively called on everyone to follow Qiao Feng. Except for Quan Guanqing and others, the other gangs are already standing behind the four elders.

The Beggars were divided into two factions at once. The supporters of Qiao Feng were more than 50%. The rest of the people who did not stand in the line were still hesitating. Even the law enforcement elder Bai Shijing had always acted firmly, saying one thing. Qiao Feng stopped the dispute between the beggars, and once again stated that he would resign from his position as the leader of the beggar.

As soon as the voice fell, Qiao Feng leaped forward, hit the dog and threw it, sticking straight into the ground. The Tan couple and Taishan Wuxiong said their farewells one after another. Except for Duan Yu and others who were still there, the others were all beggars. But for a moment, I could hear the horn blowing in the distance, and the sound of a large group of horseshoes came from miles away. The leader was Nuerhai, followed by the general of Xixia Kingdom Helian Tieshu.

The three villains became Xixia’s minions, Yue Laosan gave up participating in this fight because of Duan Yu’s presence. Because Qiao Feng left, the Beggars lost a big help. Yun Zhonghe provokes the elders of the Beggars. Wang Yuyan didn’t like the beggars to insult Qiao Feng and Murongfu. But when Elder Song confronted Yunzhonghe, Wang Yuyan thought of his just now, and turned the head around, deliberately digging a hole for Yunzhonghe, causing him to fall into the battle and almost broke his arm.

Seeing Wang Yuyan’s insights into martial arts, Helian Tieshu immediately decided to take her back to Xixia. Nuerhai spread the poisonous “sorrowful breeze” in Xingzilin. It was too late for everyone to notice. Groups of beggars fell to the ground one after another, Duan Yu had eaten reckless red clams, which were not poisonous, so he quickly picked up Wang Yuyan and fled with light feats.

The two rode together and ran for a while, looking at the mulberry trees, and in a short time they had left all the Xixia warriors out of sight. Due to a sudden heavy rain on the way, only a private house was found, and it happened to hit the owner of the house and befriend his wife. Wang Yuyan was too embarrassed to look at it, but Duan Yu didn’t take it seriously and begged the couple to take it in.

The peasant woman took the hairpin as a gift from Wang Yuyan and took her upstairs to change her clothes. However, when Xixia soldiers arrived after hearing the news, the host and his wife were killed by the knife. Fortunately, with Wang Yuyan’s guidance, Duan Yu responded dexterously, while stopping the soldiers from hurting others, while regretting seriously injuring the other side.

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