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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 15 Recap

After pardoning the guilt of the four elders, everyone was relieved, and then turned their eyes to Quan Guanqing, knowing that he was the culprit who instigated this rebellion, and even if Qiao Feng was so magnanimous, he would never forgive him easily. Quan Guanqing didn’t know how to repent, saying that he had done so to protect Song Jiangshan, and the beggars helped EMI to avoid perishing in Yidi.

Everyone was full of suspicion and wanted to ask, but he still refused to tell the truth. Just as Qiao Feng ordered the expulsion from the gang, there was a sound of horseshoes. In a moment, a person rushed into the forest with Xixia letter in his hand. Just about to hand it to Qiao Feng, he saw Elder Xu descend from the sky and grabbed the letter. He frankly said that this matter can be put on hold. The most important thing is to wait for Kang Minqian. Here, this person has something to tell you all.

Although Qiao Feng is the leader of the gang, Elder Xu has a very high level of seniority in the gang, and no one can compare him. He is responsible for giving orders for everything, and even the gang leaders of the previous generations are under him. Everyone was murmured in their hearts and did not dare to lie, but Tan Gong Tan Po suddenly appeared, reached out and pulled out the four magic knives from Qiao Feng’s body, and handed over the ointment of his own medicine.

Before Qiao Feng and him recounted the past, Xingzilin heard a burst of donkey hoofs, and Tan Po smiled immediately, and immediately greeted him. It was Tan Po senior brother Zhao Qiansun who came. This Zhao Qiansun is good at shrinking bones and doesn’t take the usual path. Only when he saw Po Tan, he looked tender and concerned. Qiao Feng looked around and couldn’t figure out what kind of person he was. Then he saw several people coming on horseback, turning over and saddling, only to see that the opponent was Taishan Wuxiong.

Within a day, many heroes and heroes visited one after another. Shan Zheng had a good cultivation and did not care about Zhao Qiansun, and while he was chatting, he hoped to come to the host of this gathering. Kang Min faced the crowd and explained the situation. She accidentally found a secret letter sealed with fire paint while inspecting her husband’s relics. She immediately went to Zhengzhou to see Elder Xu, and his elders personally came forward to call the shots.

Elder Xu complied with the secret letter, thinking that Ma Tianyuan had died in an unfavorable manner, so accompanied by Shan Zheng, he opened the letter and read it. There were two letters in it. One was written by Wang Jiantong, and the person who signed the other was inconvenient for the time being. Taking into account the importance of the matter, for fear of any mistakes, Elder Xu and Shan Zheng, after verifying the identity of the writer, asked the Tan couple for advice and learned about the twists and turns from their two populations.

As the matter involved the Battle of Yanmenguan, Zhao Qiansun was invited again. He never thought that Zhao Qiansun was dumbfounded, standing in a daze, looking back in the past with horror, seemingly unspeakable. Just as everyone explored the bloody battle before the chaotic stone valley outside Yanmen Pass, the appearance of Master Zhiguang completely solved the doubt.

As early as 30 years ago, the hero of the Central Plains received a message that a large number of warriors from the Khitan state were coming to attack Shaolin Temple and wanted to take away the martial arts map that had been hidden for hundreds of years in the temple. Because the Khitan Kingdom and the Song Dynasty have fought for many years, if they seize the map and spread the army, the Song Dynasty will be ruined.

The eldest brother called on everyone in the martial arts to discuss countermeasures. Among them were Master Zhiguang and Zhao Qiansun. They heard that these Khitan warriors wanted to pass through Yanmen. It is precisely because these thousands of selected warriors are so vulnerable, everyone is very suspicious, guessing whether the information is accurate, or whether it is the Khitan people’s tactics.

At this time, a horse-drawn carriage drove up in the mountains, and there was a family of three in the carriage. Before everyone thought about it, they attacked the chariot driver, and a few others surrounded the young woman. Unexpectedly, the young woman did not know martial arts at all, so that she was killed by mistake. When the man saw his wife and children were killed, he killed many people in grief. He also engraved Khitan characters on the stone wall with a sword, and finally took his deceased wife and committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.

Originally, the swaddled baby had died of breath, but it was actually a symptom of suspended animation. When he jumped off the cliff, the man found that the baby still had a breath, and immediately threw it up, unbiased and fell into Wang Jiantong’s arms. The first brother and Wang Jiantong reported about the Khitan warrior’s attack on Shaolin Temple. They wanted to go out of Yanmen Pass to check the situation, but when they saw the flesh and blood corpses everywhere, they personally buried the martyred brothers. Originally, there were 18 people who were martyred. One missing corpse was Zhao. Qian Sun cowardly pretends to be dead, and then survives in the world.

After the incident was over, the three of them felt guilty. Apart from explaining the story to the abbot of Shaolin Temple and reporting the bad news to the family of the deceased brothers, they did not mention it to others. As for the Khitan baby, he was also fostered at the farmhouse under Shaoshi Mountain. Recognizing Qiao Sanhuai as his father, named Qiao Feng.

As soon as he said this, everyone present was shocked, and Qiao Feng couldn’t believe it, and rushed to Master Zhiguang very quickly, pinching his neck with one hand. Qiao Feng’s martial arts are so powerful that everyone can’t come close and stop him. Master Zhiguang has become an ant in his palm. His life is at stake, and the difference between life and death lies in a single thought.

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