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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 14 Recap

Because the scorpion venom is extremely negative, women are not allowed to treat it, otherwise it will accelerate the venom. Duan Yu saw that Qiao Feng wanted to come forward to save people, and immediately took the lead and sucked up the venom from the wound on the back of the storm’s hand. However, after a short time, the black blood faded, the turmoil recovered sober, and the speech and actions were as before, so he got up and prayed to Xie Qiaofeng and Duan Yu for their life-saving grace.

In a blink of an eye, dozens of people rushed out from behind the apricot tree, looking at them, they were all gangs of beggars in ragged clothes and holding bamboo poles. Following the orders of the four elders, the people formed a dog-fighting formation. Not only did they fail to salute Qiao Feng, but instead surrounded him and Bao and other people, which was vaguely hostile.

Qiao Feng knew that the dog-fighting formation was difficult to fight, and if it was activated, it would kill all the enemies and never stop. In order to avoid death and injury, Qiao Feng shook his body to the side of Fengbo’s evil side, and grabbed him with the dragon’s grasping hand, and at the same time prevented Bao from entering the formation, making him immobile. Because of Qiao Feng’s intervention, the dog-fighting method broke itself, the bag is different and the storm is evil, and he sighs that his skills are not as good as people.

Just as Wang Yuyan, Azhu, and Abi were about to leave, suddenly heard the blame from a distance, and immediately saw Quan Guanqing leading the gang approaching, refuting Qiao Feng’s intentions on the spot, exposing him to deliberately let go of the enemy, and Justify Murong Fu. Qiao Feng saw that Quan Guan Qing’s words were not good, and realized that the expressions of the gangs were very unusual. He knew that there had been a major change in the gang, especially today that he did not see Elder Bai and other rudder masters, so he publicly questioned Zhang Quanxiang, a disciple of the long bag.

Unexpectedly, this person was panicked when he heard the words, and some of the disciples of the Beggar Gang looked ashamed, and even the four elders were silent. Now that the elders such as Kungfu and Law Enforcement have disappeared inexplicably, they must be in danger. Qiao Feng knows that Quan Qing can speak well. If he has the opportunity to speak, he will definitely instigate help and disasters. He subdued and ordered Zhang Quanxiang to lead Jiang Ruozhu to rescue Elder Bai and others.

Considering the rebellion in the gang, it is definitely not a momentary victory, Qiao Feng sent someone to the Xixia Yipintang to notify the other party, and the agreement of Huishan was postponed for seven days. After Jiang Ruozhu left, everyone sat down and did not dare to move without the order of the leader. When Qiao Feng saw that it was too late, even though his martial arts were advanced, he still had two fists and four palms.

Qiao Feng took Duan Yu to the four elders and introduced them to him one by one. Wang Yuyan was deeply puzzled, wondering why this gang leader could still be so at ease in jail. However, Ah Zhu saw through Qiao Feng’s mind at a glance. After all, the strong aid has gone. Only by transferring people’s hearts can he wait for the strong soldiers to return safely. It happened that these words fell into Qiao Feng’s ears. He looked back, had a face-to-face meeting with Azhu, and smiled slightly.

That night, the elder Chuan Gong, the law enforcement elders, and the rudder masters summoned all the disciples of the beggar gang with signals and rushed to Xingzilin. Under the threat of Elder Bai, Li Chunlai, a disciple of the Beggar Gang, truthfully explained the process of giving orders to the gang leader, but refused to tell the reason, but chose to commit suicide.

Elder Wu was outspoken and admitted that he wanted to abolish the leader before. When the other elders saw this, they also threw their weapons in their hands and folded their arms in front of their chests, with an air of fearlessness and fearlessness. Quan Guanqing tried to instigate people’s hearts and blamed Qiao Feng for colluding with Murong Fu to kill Ma Dayuan, but Qiao Feng was not ashamed of his heart, calmly and calmly proved his innocence, which was justified and well-founded.

It is precisely because the four elders Song, Xi, Chen, and Wu listened to other people’s rumors, and deliberately rebelled and committed the following crimes. According to the rules of the gang, law enforcement disciples had to act and put them to death. As for Quan Guanqing, the rumors are confused, and the mastermind of this incident should be executed with nine swords. The disciples of the rudder who participated in the rebellion received guilt, and they will be investigated in detail and punished separately.

Seeing the beggars help disciples lift up the magic knife, Qiao Feng feels complicated, without any sense of joy of victory. Recalling that during the reign of the previous gang leader Wang Jiantong, several elders also experienced a lot of winds and waves, internal dispute resolution, external resistance against powerful enemies, all of them were iron-clad men, how could they suddenly participate in the overthrowing plan.

Thinking of this, Qiao Feng made up his mind to take responsibility for the four elders, and told everyone about their merits. Every time someone pardoned, he would cut himself and wash his sins with blood. The four elders were ashamed and embarrassed to see the group beggars. Because of Qiao Feng’s kindness and righteousness, he was completely impressed by him from now on, and Duan Yu and others also admired and admired them.

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