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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 15 Recap

Li Chengyang succeeded in creating a rift between Gao Mingyuan and Dong Yao. Dong Yao asked Gao Mingyuan to give himself another chance, but Gao Mingyuan had been disappointed in him and let him and his Shimen District bid a final farewell. Afterwards, Gao Mingyuan took Dong Yao to an open space and almost buried him alive. Xing Fei kept staring at the periphery following Li Chengyang’s deployment. He Yong soon learned of the incident.

He reported the incident to Luo Shanhe. Luo Shanhe felt that this was far from ordinary. He actually had the courage to threaten a district mayor. He ordered He Yong to investigate the relationship between Dong Yao and Gao Mingyuan in private. Relationship, and how Dong Yao went from being a section chief to district chief.

In order to force Wen Liang to surrender the shares of the new coach, Li Chengyang learned the same way that Haige threatened him last time. Later Wenliang woke up and honestly signed the contract. Li Chengyang also has a conscience, and the money will be given to Wenliang if the shares are recovered. After this incident, Li Chengyang and Hai Guangquan said that the new coach really can’t do without them.

The key is that there is a problem with Marshal’s death, and he can’t just sit back and watch. Hai Guangquan promised to hand over the company to Li Chengyang, and Li Chengyang asked him to transfer the share money transferred to him to Wenliang. Hai Guangquan suddenly realized that he had a mind and said with a smile that he really deserves to be Li Chengyang.

He Yong went to He Yun and asked her if her superiors put pressure on her, He Yun admitted frankly. The two went to the supervision team to report the situation. He Yong suggested that the Xue Mei case and Mai Zi case should be filed together for investigation. Luo Shanhe asked about Chen Jianbo, and both He Yun and He Yong agreed to let Chen Jianbo go first. After this, He Yong expressed his opinion to Luo Shanhe. He believed that the Longweishan blasting was a premeditated act of sabotaging evidence. Chen Jianbo was very suspicious. In order to lure the snake out of the cave, he temporarily released Chen Jianbo, but he was basically The identity of Admiral Chen Jianbo has been found out.

Chen Jianbo started his family after Mai Zili disappeared 14 years ago. It happened that Ma Shuai also made his fortune at that time. The time trajectory is almost the same, so he believes that there must be some connection between Dong Yao, Chen Jianbo and Ma Shuai. Although they haven’t been in contact for a long time since they got home, they are now exposed at the same time.

Li Chengyang received a drug test report from He Yong. Both he and Da Jiang thought that Marshal’s death was an accident and planned to give Marshal Zhang Luo a vigorous funeral. The two continued to eat at the wonton shop, this time the shop owner took the initiative to come up and chat with him.

The shop owner told Li Chengyang not to hit his daughter’s idea, and made Li Chengyang at a loss. The lady boss took the shop owner out and then stopped. Afterwards, the store owner’s daughter apologized to Li Chengyang. Da Jiang watched the excitement and did not forget to record a video to make fun of Li Chengyang. He Yong looked through Lin Han’s death report and found out that Lin Han’s death report was issued by a forensic doctor named Song Tao. Coincidentally, Ma Shuai’s death report was also made by Song Tao, which made He Yong puzzled. He quickly went to Song Tao and deliberately mentioned Ma Shuai and Lin Han.

In just a few minutes of conversation, He Yong and Pei Wei both discovered Song Tao’s loopholes. Song Tao remembered Lin Han’s autopsy report very clearly, which had to make them suspicious. He Yong has reason to suspect that if Ma Shuai’s death is related to Song Tao, then Lin Han’s death is probably also a problem. After coming out, He Yong instructed Pei Wei to go to the morgue to take samples again, and send Mar Shuai’s samples to Beijing for inspection, but this must be done in secret.

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