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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 9 Recap

Sheng Ming has been ignoring Ma Yiyi. Ma Yiyi entangled Wu Ying and Zeng Li about this matter several times, always wondering why. Zeng Li was a little worried about Ai Jingchu because of what happened last night. After sending several messages, Ai Jingchu did not reply. Zeng Li also began to babble in a divine way.

Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi force her to ask her what is the relationship with Ai Jingchu, whether Ai Jingchu likes Zeng Li or not. Zeng Li faltered, but she actually didn’t know that ordinary people like her were not worthy of others. Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi told her to ignore what Ai Jingchu thinks, what matters is what Zeng Li thinks.

My friend said that Liu Yucheng needed a wingman, so Liu Yucheng went to see Ai Jingchu and asked him to be his wingman tomorrow night. He had an appointment with someone he liked to confess, Ai Jingchu was so honest, he praised Liu Yucheng that she would believe it! Ai Jingchu was worried that it would be inappropriate for him to make light bulbs. Liu Yucheng said that he could bring Zeng Li with him. After all, the whole world knows that you like her. Ai Jingchu hesitated and agreed. Ai Jingchu returned to Zeng Li’s WeChat account immediately after class, and told her about Liu Yucheng to ask her to go to New Year’s Eve tomorrow night.

Zeng Li refused to say that he was with two girlfriends before New Year’s Eve, and it is estimated to be the same this year. Deng Haoran announced in the group that he was going to fall in love, and the three of them were too lazy to talk about it, and his dating is nothing new. Speaking of New Year’s Eve arrangements, Ma Yiyi has a New Year’s Eve live broadcast, Wu Ying chose the game between the season and his sisters, Zeng Li was a little depressed, and decided to go to the New Year’s Eve together with Ai Jingchu.

The next day, Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li took a photo at the entrance of the amusement park. It was found that the person Liu Yucheng had made was Wu Ying. The plastic sisters Zeng Li and Wu Ying complained to each other, and Ai Jingchu and Liu Yucheng did not expect that they both knew each other. Zeng Li and Wu Ying both like Alaska dolls. It takes three big prizes to get them. Ai Jingchu and Liu Yucheng decide to try one. Zeng Li will naturally stand and Ai Jingchu will win.

Wu Ying also pats Liu Yucheng on the shoulder and takes one bite. We Liu Yucheng cheered up, and Liu Yucheng immediately ignited fighting spirit. Liu Yucheng and Ai Jingchu had a double double break for archery. Zeng Li and Wu Ying successfully won the Alaska doll. After all, the two were the first and second place in the East Lake University Archery Competition.

Sheng Ming watched Ma Yiyi’s New Year’s Eve live broadcast while working overtime, but after Ma Yiyi stopped the live broadcast because of stomach pain, Sheng Ming quickly called and said he wanted to find her. Before Sheng Ming arrived, Deng Haoran rushed Ma Yiyi to the hospital. Ai Jingchu, Zeng Li, Liu Yucheng, and Zeng Li went to play pirate ships, and heard a rumor that they could be together by calling out the name of the person they like at 12 o’clock in the evening.

On the thrilling pirate ship, everyone greeted the new year together. Ai Jingchu’s confession was overwhelmed by Liu Yucheng’s voice, and it seemed a little helpless. Ma Yiyi had appendicitis, but fortunately, there was nothing serious. The nurse thought Deng Haoran was her boyfriend, but Shengming would be here in the next second. Deng Haoran left with a wink. Ma Yiyi asked why he suddenly disappeared during the last meal, and asked whether he liked him or not.

Sheng Ming said that he was just a programmer in a small company, without a car or a house. He was worried that he was not worthy of Ma Yiyi. Ma Yiyi quickly began to explain that she didn’t care about the car and house. Sheng Ming kissed her on the cheek. Deng Haoran came back uncomfortably when her heartbeat rose. Seeing this scene gave Ma Yiyi a meal, but she didn’t expect Ma Yiyi to accept Sheng on the spot. Ming’s confession.

Zeng Li kept thinking about what Ai Jingchu said on the pirate ship. Did he say that I like you? The next day Ai Jingchu replaced Zeng Li with a better-looking chew, which he said was sent by the manufacturer. Asked about Ma Yiyi’s situation, Zeng Li said that fortunately Wu Ying was not there, otherwise her appendix had to be cut. Ai Jingchu sent Zeng Lei home after get off work.

Zeng Lei asked him entangledly whether this chew was really sent by the manufacturer. Zeng Lei carefully answered yes. But Zhou Wen and the others said that recently there were no manufacturers to sell them, and Zeng Li was a little silly. Zeng Li happened to meet Zeng’s mother when she got out of the car. Zeng’s mother asked her aggressively if it was because the dentist neglected Gu Donghai. Zeng Li repeatedly emphasized that Ai Jingchu was not her boyfriend, and he had no affection for Gu Donghai.

But Uncle Peng had no chance to become a regular employee. Zengmu felt that Zeng Li was not thinking about them, and even slapped her. Zeng Mu asked herself if she didn’t regard her as a drag oil bottle after so many years of suffering, Zeng Li started to dislike her instead? Mother Zeng ran out crying, Zeng Li hurriedly chased it out. Ai Jingchu hadn’t left yet, when he saw the blood at the corner of Zeng Li’s mouth, he quickly went to buy medicine.

Ai Jingchu took ice lollies and applied ice to Zeng Li and asked Zeng Li if it was because of his mother and daughter. Zeng Li denied that it was because they quarreled. Ai Jingchu took a cotton swab to sterilize Zeng Li, and his heartbeat accelerated. Ai Jingchu said that he would accompany Zeng Li to do whatever he wanted, so Zeng Li took him to eat hot pot, and then drank a large bottle of wine.

In fact, she knew that Zeng’s mother kept divorcing and remarrying to give her better living conditions. She interfered with Zeng Li’s study, work, and dating. Zeng Li actually felt that she was very happy, but she didn’t know why she was with Ai Jingchu. Speaking of these, this is the first time she has said these things to others. Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li told his story.

In fact, he was a posthumous child. When his parents were in love, his grandmother was always opposed, and the two left Donghu. But it didn’t take long for Ai Jingchu’s father to pass away. His mother was already pregnant. Grandpa begged her to give birth to the baby. Ai Jingchu’s mother left shortly after he was born, so he actually envied Zeng Li’s mother. He told Zeng Li that he would go through many things in his life, and after suffering, he would feel that those experiences were so small.

Zeng Lei was drunk, and Fei pulled Ai Jingchu to tell her secrets. In fact, she had never been in a relationship. Zeng Lei began to trouble again, what should she do when she got married, how embarrassed it would be to sit at a table with three dads, and who should she let herself hand over to the groom. Of course, the most serious question is, where is Zeng Li’s bridegroom? Why is she almost 30 years old and hasn’t had a relationship.

Ai Jingchu said that the second question was not a problem. Before Zeng Lei was able to say what he wanted to say, he was attracted by Alaska in the shop, and he ran away by dragging others. Ai Jingchu coaxed Zeng Li back home. Instead, Zeng Li took the dog-walking rope and led him to his cafe and made seven cups of coffee. Ai Jingchu said that he didn’t drink coffee, but Zeng Li cried and begged him to drink, even sitting on him, stupefied and forced to kiss Ai Jingchu’s face as an Alaskan doll.

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