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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 8 Recap

Sheng Ming helped Ma Yiyi fix the computer. When Ma Yiyi was about to leave, she pretended to have a stomachache, so Sheng Ming invited her to dinner by the way. Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li fell asleep in the back seat, their heads leaned together, and Deng Haoran shook them up with a sudden brake. The two apologized embarrassingly. Deng Haoran said that he was tired and let Ai Jing drive. Zeng Li was worried that he would not use the navigation to get to the co-pilot.

Deng Haoran dismissed it as troublesome. Sheng Ming showed Ma Yiyi the retouching skills, Ma Yiyi casually flirted with his blush, and immediately sent to the group chat and friends said that programmers are really the cutest species in the world! However, after Sheng Ming came back, he left without eating a bite. Ma Yiyi was depressed, and ran to Deng Haoran to ask him to analyze why. Deng Haoran said she should not take the initiative anymore.

Zeng Li met a couple who brought their children to see Ai Jingchu for registration. They were poor and the children were very pitiful. Zeng Li wanted to give them the account, but the attitude of the other party was not very good. Gu Donghai heard that Zeng Li came to see her specially, and told Zeng Li that Ai Jingchu was not innocent to her. Zeng Li said that he didn’t know Ai Jingchu at all, so how could he say that. After Ai Jingchu treated the family, he came out and saw that Gu Donghai and Zeng Li stood in the middle of the two and gave her the keys of his office to let her take a rest.

Zeng Li trot to the office and called Gu Donghai don’t waste time on her. Zeng Li visited Ai Jingchu’s office. Gu Donghai asked Zhou Wen what is the relationship between Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li. Zhou Wen replied that Zeng Li is their teacher and mother, and they are a couple! Gu Donghai immediately cried and called his father, saying that he already had a boyfriend!

Zeng Li heard the nurses gossip about her and Ai Jingchu’s relationship in the pantry. Just then Ai Jingchu came in and asked her whether to go out for lunch or order takeaway. Zeng Li kept winking at him, but Ai Jingchu didn’t notice it at all. Sister Chen asked Zeng Li to invite Ai Jingchu to eat together, but Zeng Li worried that he was not available. Zeng Li felt that he was very sorry for Gu Donghai, but now it’s a lot easier.

Zeng Li said Chenchen’s parents Li and Sister Chen expressed his gratitude for asking him for dinner, Ai Jingchu immediately agreed, and said in his heart, as long as you ask, I will be free. Zeng Li borrowed the washbasin to rinse her mouth after eating. Ai Jingchu corrected her teeth brushing habits and posture, and the little nurses outside the door lined up.

Today, Wu Ying saw Liu Yucheng’s mood completely different. Seeing him waiting outside, taking off his glasses and blinking, he said that he needed to wait a little longer. Liu Yucheng did not forget to emphasize that he is particularly good. Wu Ying just needs to be happy. Sister Chen and Zeng Li helped the drunk Director Li and Ai Jingchu out of the hotel. Before leaving, Sister Chen and Director Li did not forget to assist.

Ai Jingchu was so drunk that he couldn’t walk smoothly, Zeng Li had to help him walk. Wu Ying jumped up happily every time he won. Liu Yucheng didn’t have the energy to fight, but seeing Wu Ying like this, he would still agree to play a few more games. Zeng Li sat in the driver’s seat and confidently said that she had taken the driver’s license six times. Ai Jingchu foolishly hoped that he could go home safely. Ai Jingchu couldn’t even fasten his seat belt, Zeng Li leaned forward to help, suddenly approaching and his heartbeat accelerated.

Liu Yucheng helped Wu Ying take revenge. Ai Jingchu passed the WeChat account of Chen’s niece, and the other party wanted to find Ai Jingchu for braces. Ai Jingchu didn’t reply, and reminded Zeng Li that he had crossed the intersection. Zeng Li planned to go back on a small road, but he met a car crossing the middle of the road.

After Ai Jingchu found the clue, he told Zeng Li to go back, but Zeng Li wanted to get out of the car without believing in evil, and then ran back with a panic face, and the two were embarrassed to prepare and so on, but the love show on the radio let them Even more embarrassing, Ai Jingchu woke up more than half of the time, and directed Zeng Li to reverse.

Zeng Li’s unskilled technique accidentally honked the horn. The elder brother of the car in front got out of the car disappointedly and knocked on the window full of foul language. Ai Jingchu asked Zeng Li to roll up the window and rushed through the small gap. The other party’s car. At that moment, Zeng Li felt a little happy, but Ai Jingchu’s car must have been hit, and points may be deducted and fines or something, Ai Jingchu said, it doesn’t matter!

Wu Ying was a little unhappy after losing the game, but when she found that Liu Yucheng’s hand was scratched by the broken screen of her mobile phone, she immediately bandaged him, saying that he would fight again when he recovered. Liu Yucheng proposed to spend New Year’s Eve together the day after tomorrow, instead of playing games, to go to a special place. Ai Jingchu felt that Zeng Li was a little upset, so he not only didn’t reply to WeChat, but also deleted the WeChat account of Chen’s niece. After the car called by Zeng Li arrived, Ai Jingchu suddenly said that he had made a mistake.

He always felt that every tooth should be in its proper position, but later discovered that defects can also make people unique. Ai Jingchu reminded her not to forget to return to the clinic. At this moment, he regretted why he agreed to change Zeng Li’s invisible braces. Zeng Li also regretted it. They used to meet for 28 days, but now they have to wait six to eight weeks, and they seem to have returned to their small world.

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