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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 7 Recap

News of Ai Jingchu’s WeChat spread all over the hospital, and received many applications from friends. The nurses began to gossip about the person who gave Ai Jingchu a WeChat and helped him take a picture and took him to dinner. Ai Jingchu hurried them back to work. Chenchen was waiting for her mother to have a meeting, because she had lost her teeth last time, and told Zeng Li that his deskmate Lisa stopped talking to him.

Zeng Li told him that the tooth could be planted back, and the appearance of Ai Jingchu made her more credible. Zeng Li comforted Chenchen’s appearance to be unimportant, but Chenchen complained that if it was unimportant, then the library would not be the only one who could not marry her. Ai Jingchu chuckled twice and began to explain that Zeng Li is a Guanhua, she just wanted to find someone she really likes to marry again.

Chenchen said innocently, Ai Jing also had stars in his eyes when he first saw Zeng Lishi! Ai Jingchu came to borrow books. When looking for the book, he said that he had designed her plan, and he could put on the invisible braces in about half a month. Zeng Li looked at the sand sculpture conversation between Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying and couldn’t help laughing.

Ma Yiyi made a chance encounter with Sheng Ming in the name of handing out flyers, and she was serious about falling in love. Deng Haoran and Zeng Li went to dinner with Deng’s father. Although Deng’s father and Zengmu had divorced a long time ago, Zeng Li still had a very good relationship with them. Today was Father Deng’s birthday, and Zeng Li quickly took out his birthday present.

Deng’s father asked about the current situation of Zeng’s mother, which reminded Zeng Li of the scene when he came to Deng’s father’s house many years ago. Compared with the former house that was always and noisy and turned upside down, it is very warm here. Deng Haoran seems to hate her very much, but his heart is very gentle. , Always protected her silently, and Father Deng was also very kind to her.

Deng Haoran sent Zeng Li home when he talked about when Zeng Li first came home. In fact, he was very jealous at that time, so he always bullied her, but in the end he couldn’t bear it. When Zeng Li was about to accept them, Zengmu divorced him again. Deng Haoran brought the fruit to Zeng Li upstairs. He was short of a dentist for volunteer activities at the weekend. Zeng Li offered to help him. Deng Haoran knew it was Ai Jingchu, but he agreed.

Zeng Li struggled with how to speak. Zeng’s mother called and said that Gu Donghai’s father had named and praised Uncle Peng at the meeting, and Zeng Li complained that she was about to become her third husband’s helper. Ai Jingchu resolutely agreed to Zeng Li’s request to be a volunteer. Zeng Li sent him a lot of emoticons, allowing Ai Jingchu to open the door to a new world.

When Zeng Li came to change her braces, the nurses visited Zeng Li and said that Ai Jingchu’s braces were perfect. Ai Jingchu helped her change invisible braces after driving them away. Ma Yiyi carefully selected selfies and copywriting to post to Moments, and Dou Dou and Taotao made complaints together. Ma Yiyi sat in the store for three days and finally waited for Shengming to come. He brought his colleagues to drink coffee.

Ma Yiyi refused his colleagues’ request to add WeChat and kept winking with Shengming. Zeng Li put on invisible braces, and then went to the orphanage with Ai Jingchu. Deng Haoran deliberately filled the back seat with things, so Ai Jingchu had to sit in the back seat alone. After arriving at the orphanage, Deng Haoran and Ai Jingchu walked in with their children. Liu Yucheng took Wu Ying to see the Chinese medicine doctor and said that this doctor Bai was particularly good.

Doctor Bai said that she stayed up late, had a violent temper, had irregular eating, and was disordered from the inside out. He said with all his heart that Wu Ying should save herself first and come back. So we don’t waste medicinal materials. Liu Yucheng feels that Wu Ying doesn’t cherish herself too much. Are all emergency doctors messing up their lives like her? Wu Ying’s only way of decompression is to play games, but Liu Yucheng is also a veteran game fan.

Ai Jingchu met a child named Ma Xiaobing. He wears a mask and does not play with his classmates because he has a congenital cleft palate. Ai Jingchu asked Ma Xiaobing not to worry, he would be cured. Ma Xiaobing’s condition requires several surgeries, and the orphanage cannot afford it. Ai Jingchu said that he would help them win the welfare quota in the hospital.

Liu Yucheng and Wu Ying found a common topic because of the game. Wu Ying asked Liu Yucheng to build a trumpet to take her in the WeChat area. Liu Yucheng immediately asked that if she was not on duty at night, she must sleep before 12 o’clock. Wu Ying asked him to take it with her every day. She got three stars before she was willing to sleep well.

Deng Haoran, Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu played hide-and-seek with the children. Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu hid with the children. Deng Haoran looked for them outside. Ma Yiyi’s computer broke down and immediately sent a distress message to the programmer Sheng Ming. Ai Jingchu bids farewell to the children with Zeng Li and Deng Haoran and prepares to go back. Deng Haoran asks her to sit in front and chat, but Zeng Li wants to sit behind.

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