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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 10 Recap

Zeng Li saw Ai Jingchu as an Alaskan doll and kissed him. The sudden kiss made Ai Jingchu stare. However, in Zeng Li’s eyes, he was still an Alaska, rubbing his face and said he was cute. Zeng Li finally had enough trouble and fell asleep in Ai Jingchu’s arms. Ai Jingchu complained about her playing a hooligan. Wu Ying was so angry that she was playing games. Liu Yucheng knew that she was staying up late to play games and immediately called to urge her to sleep.

Instead, Wu Ying complained that he had let him lose her rank, and she also learned that the girl in the game just asked his brother to ask him to take him. After calling it back, it was obvious that Liu Yucheng’s trick was very useful, and he went online immediately. Ai Jingchu cleaned the cup and put the coat over the sleeping Zeng Li. Early the next morning, Zeng Li slept peacefully on the sofa. Ai Jingchu looked at her sleeping face for a long time. Zeng Li woke up and Ai Jingchu had gone to work, leaving only a glass of honey water and a note.

Ai Jingchu was thinking about the kiss he had with Zeng Li all day long, and Zeng Li’s voice echoed in his ears, asking her if she wanted to kiss her, and the whole person became strange. Ai Jingchu couldn’t help but feel a little sad when he didn’t receive any news from Zeng Li after he was busy. Zhou Wen sent him dozens of pictures, but Ai Jingchu was still unwilling to set the phone to silence and said that he was waiting for the news.

Zhou Wen suddenly understood that he took Ai Jingchu’s phone and blocked him. Remind Ai Jingchu that he can go to the library. Ai Jingchu went to the library as a ghost and wandered around the door to see if he wanted to go in. Wu Wanxia immediately took Zeng Li to see when she saw it. Zeng Li asked Ai Jingchu why she was here, she was going to buy milk tea, Ai Jingchu unnaturally proposed to go together.

Ai Jingchu wondered how to ask Zeng Li about what happened last night. It happened that Zeng Li asked when he noticed that the braces had turned yellow. Ai Jingchu immediately said that it was because she drank coffee yesterday. However, Zeng Li had no memory of this incident at all. Ai Jingchu reminded her to think about it, but Zeng Li only remembered that she brought back an Alaska from the restaurant and kissed someone else. Ai Jingchu was speechless for a while. Ma Yiyi hurriedly cleaned up the messy house before Sheng Ming arrived.

Sheng Ming gave her a very romantic surprise. Ma Yiyi was very moved to see the lamp installed in the house. He just pushed Sheng Ming onto the bed. gone. Before leaving, Sheng Ming answered a strange call. Ma Yiyi began to doubt her charm, and together with Zeng Li, summoned Wu Ying who was playing games in the group. Today, Liu Yucheng didn’t urge Wu Ying to go to bed. Wu Ying found out that he and Ming Lian his girl had been in a row all night and suddenly became jealous.

Zeng Li and Ma Yiyi felt that Wu Ying must be crazy. Wu Ying looked at the girl’s picture for a long time, but still refused to admit that she liked Liu Yucheng. The cups and spoons in the coffee shop seemed to have been stolen. Several people adjusted the monitoring together, so they watched the scene of Zeng Li forcefully kissing Ai Jingchu three hundred and sixty degrees. No love. Today, Zeng Li will come to clean the braces. Although the effervescent tablets can be used to clean the braces, Ai Jingchu still took a lot of trouble to remove the ultrasonic cleaner.

Zeng Li didn’t dare to see Ai Jingchu lying on the sofa and going crazy. He received a call from the editor saying that the book was about to be published, and the first stop was Yancheng. Zeng Li repeatedly refused, she never said she wanted to show up. However, the editor said that in order to sell the book, an autograph meeting must be held, otherwise the printing volume would decrease, so Zeng Li had to agree to consider it.

Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying gave Zeng Li a reason why he could not successfully wash his braces. Ai Jingchu waited for Zeng Li all afternoon, and it was hard to hide his disappointment when she heard that she would not come. Zeng Li’s classmate Li Qian donated a lot of money to the library, but turned around to show off her love career in front of Zeng Li.

The double harvest persuaded her to find a man to marry. Her words were thorny, and Wu Wanxia couldn’t stand it and immediately connoted Li Qian. After plastic surgery, when Ai Jingchu came to Zeng Li, he immediately said that he was Zeng Li’s boyfriend. Ai Jingchu admitted that he did not shake hands with Li Qian, and as a professional dentist, he exposed the lie that Li Qian had just pulled out his teeth and changed his face.

Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying were both in love troubles, while Zeng Li looked at Ai Jingchu’s profile when finishing the books and suddenly believed in fairy tales. Even if she was not riding a white horse, she would stand up when she was deeply troubled. out.

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