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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 14 Recap

With the help of Zhou Siyue, Ding Xian’s grades have improved significantly. Teacher Liu also praised Ding Xian at the class meeting, which made Ding Xian even more vigorous. The school held a school-wide conference, Zhou Siyue gave a speech, shared his efforts and goals with the students in the school, and secretly told her the feelings between Ding Xian, and hoped that Ding Xian would not give up, and insist that you can get what you want. The desired result.

Ding Xian also finished the exam soon, but she couldn’t be happy, because during the exam, many questions forgot what to do, which made Ding Xian’s mood very bad. Ding Xian felt that he was going to separate from Zhou Si.

Not only that, even Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi could not be together. The two good friends went out to drink and relax, vowing to be good friends forever. Ding Xian was drunk and regarded the trash can as Zhou Si. The more Song Ziqi and Zhou Si knew that Sun Shadi Ding Xian went out to relax, they went out to look for them. Song Ziqi took Sun Shadi back, Zhou Siyue also carried Ding Xian on his back and walked home.

Ding Xian talked groggyly on the way, just not wanting to be separated from Zhou Siyue. Sun Shadi also cried and didn’t want to be separated from Song Ziqi. They will live separately in the future. They grew up together since they were young, and they don’t know how to live after they are separated. Sun Shadi knew that he was going to be separated after the summer vacation. If he didn’t confess, he would have no chance. Taking advantage of Jiu Jin to confess that Song Ziqi always liked him, Song Ziqi also promised Sun Shadi that she would kiss for the first time as long as she was on call. Sun Shadi’s mouth.

Ding Xian’s grades came out. Although 576 points are good, it is impossible to go to Jiangling City. Her mother persuaded Ding Xian to get a Hangzhou one, but Ding Xian has to repeat her studies. According to her previous grades, she can achieve better results. .

Zhou Siyue’s mother discussed with him to go to Jiangling City in advance, and Zhou Siyue went to bid farewell to Ding Xian. Ding Xian asked Zhou Siyue to wait for her in Huaqing, and he also had to pass Huaqing. Zhou Siyue gave Ding Xian a gift, which was the robot that Ding Xian liked very much before. Ding Xian named the robot April, a homophonic Siyue.

On the first day of Ding Xian’s re-study, her father placed her in Teacher Wang’s class. Ding Xian did not dare to neglect her studies. He missed Huaqing before, and now he has to work harder to get into the ideal university.

The more Zhou Si went to school in his father’s city, he secretly went to his father’s unit and inquired about him before he found out that his father was suspected of plagiarism. The more Zhou Si went home, he confessed the matter. Ask your father to tell her mother, so that the suspicion between them can be completely resolved, and I hope that father can let go of the burden and let go of himself.

Zhou Siyue called Ding Xian every day and sent blessings to each other. Ding Xian asked Zhou Siyue to take some photos in Huaqing and send them to her. After hanging up the phone, Zhou Siyue discussed with her mother before school started. Go back to Deep Sea City to see Ding Xian.

Ding Xian became suspicious of the repetition. There was a female student in the class who had been repetitive for three years but failed to get into the ideal university, so she went to Su Bocong to tell that she was really tired now, and they were sitting on the road. While talking, Zhou Si more saw them from behind.

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