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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 3 Recap

King Ping Qin came to the study to look for Zhou’s birthday, but accidentally saw Shiyi and mistakenly regarded Shiyi as a woman in Zhou Shengchen’s possession. It was not until Zhou Shengchen appeared that the misunderstanding was resolved. But it was not only King Ping Qin, but also Xizhou. The people of the city and Wang Jun, Zhou Shengchen realized that he was not doing the right thing, and planned to go out to see Wang Jun with the time tomorrow.

The next day, Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to climb the city wall and parade with Shiyi. It was considered that Shiyi was officially announced as his apprentice. Looking at the thousands of soldiers under the city, Shi Yi felt surging in his heart and admired Zhou Shengchen beside him even more.

Shiyi followed Zhou Shengchen to study. Shiyi couldn’t help but doze off today. After she fell asleep, she leaned on Zhou Shengchen obediently. Zhou Shengchen supported Shiyi. This scene was seen by Xie Chong, and Xie Chong consciously avoided Zhou Shengchen could not explain clearly, but facing the sleeping time, he had to wrap Shiyi in fox fur and hug her back to the room to sleep.

This scene was seen by Zhou Tianxing and Hong Xiaoyu on the road. They were Shiyi’s second senior and senior sister. Feng Qiao was puzzled by Shiyi’s method of wrapping Shiyi with fox fur. Xie Yun instantly understood that this was Zhou Shengchen’s avoiding suspicion. , Men and women are not kissed.

The next day, Shiyi woke up and was reminded by her maid Chengxi that she knew that she accidentally fell asleep in the study last night. In order to reflect on himself, Shiyi shut himself in the room without eating or drinking. Xiaoyu worried that Shiyi would be starved. When Zhou Shengchen came back, he immediately asked Zhou Shengchen to see Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen came to enlighten Shiyi and let Shiyi. Leave the yard to eat first. Later, Zhou Shengchen asked Xie Chong about aphasia, and Xie Chong believed that the root cause of the aphasia at the right time was in his heart, and his heart disease was worthy of medicine.

In the palace, Liu Hui privately concealed a secret letter from someone else who framed the Queen Mother. The letter was known to the Queen Mother. She was very angry. Liu Zixing wanted to block Liu Hui’s fault, but the Queen Mother imposes a punishment of twenty rods on Liu Zi. The punishment of rod responsibility almost cost Liu Zixing’s life.

Liu Zixing was given the title of King Guangling, but he was walking on thin ice in the palace. He knew that in the palace, he could only survive without fighting or grabbing. Liu Huiqian came to visit Liu Zixing. He brought a timely portrait to Liu Zixing, saying that this was his future princess. Seeing the extremely beautiful woman in front of him, Liu Zixing’s heart moved.

Shi Yi was about to pass his birthday, and Gong Zhong and Tong sent congratulatory gifts, and Zhou Shengchen also gave his own gifts. He gave Shi Yi the seals of the generals of the descending army. As a soldier, Zhou Shengchen is about to go to the battlefield, but now that there is more time in the mansion, he is only a little concerned. He can’t know martial arts at this time, and his body is weak. Naturally, he can’t accompany them on the battlefield. So Zhou Shengchen came to find the right time. Tell Shiyi what he is going to leave, he will be out with troops for eight to nine months within a year, and Shiyi must get used to it.

Shiyi knew Zhou Shengchen’s important task, and only exhorted Zhou Shengchen to have a good news, and Zhou Shengchen should make a good news. From then on, Wang Jun had only good news to return. On the day the army dispatched troops, Shi Yi watched Zhou Shengchen leave with his senior brothers and sisters alone, praying for them in his heart, hoping that they would return safely as soon as possible.

Shi Yi learned that Zhou Shengchen had returned from a big victory. She came to the study happily, but only saw her senior brother Zhou Tianxing. From Zhou Tianxing’s mouth, Shi Yi learned that Zhou Shengchen was injured in the barracks. She was panicking to go to the barracks to see Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Tianxing was out of fashion, so she had to bring Shi Yi to the barracks.

Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen have not seen each other for a year. When they saw Zhou Shengchen, Shi Yi couldn’t help but red eyes, while the army was still fighting. Both Hongyu and Jiafeng had their own missions, and Shiyi was also preparing to stay in the barracks to take care of Zhou. Birthday, this time Zhou Shengchen was poisoned with a poisoned arrow.

Shi Yi wanted to take care of Zhou Shengchen personally, but Zhou Shengchen asked Shi Yi to go back to the camp and rest. Shi Yi couldn’t rest. She ignored Zhou Shengchen’s orders and only asked the military doctor to give her the medicine. She came to give Zhou Shengchen the medicine. Zhou Shengchen was already asleep and Shi Yi couldn’t speak. He just kept pulling Zhou Shengchen and wanted to wake Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen was very vigilant, and he could only see the person in front of him fiercely by pressing Shi Yi under his body.

The medicine spilled all over the floor, and Shi Yi hurried to find a military doctor, and asked the military doctor to cook another bowl of medicine for Zhou Shengchen. After Zhou Shengchen drank the medicine, Shi Yi said that she would not leave. She stayed in Zhou Shengchen’s tent and looked at Zhou Shengchen with great joy.

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