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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 2 Recap

Before the imperial tomb, Liu Hui saw Zhou Shengchen on the side. He invited Zhou Shengchen to enter the tomb. Zhou Shengchen knew that his surname was not allowed to enter the imperial tomb. However, Liu Hui bestowed Zhou Shengchen’s class sword with Huang Yue. , You don’t have to go to the dynasty, you can go straight to the hall. Zhou Shengchen thanked Liu Hui for his love, but he didn’t need these extraneous things, so he only left Liu Hui with a back view, and left the horse freely.

In the four years of Shunchang, the emperor collapsed. The six-year-old prince Liu Hui became the throne. But Qi and his group wanted to cross the river to tear down the bridge. Previously, it was time to get married as the prince. Now Liu Hui became the emperor. Later, Liu Zi, the third son of King Yanwu, acted as the prince, forcing him to accept the imperial decree.

A few years later, Shi Yi has grown into a slim girl. Although she could not speak, her eyebrows and eyes were tender. Her brother Tong Feng knew that Shi Yi was about to go to Nanchen Palace to learn art, so he asked Shi Yi to come to the West. State. Zhou Shengchen had not yet returned from the Southern Expedition, and Jiao Feng took Shi Yi to check into the post.

He learned that Zhou Shengchen was about to arrive in Xizhou, and he would be in the city wind, so he quietly took Shi Yi to see Zhou Shengchen’s military parade. . Looking at it, Shi Yi saw Zhou Shengchen on the high platform at a glance. The long night broke the dawn, the three armies came out, the wolves were the scene, the yellow sand hit the sky, this was Zhou Shengchen, the thousands of retainers, and Xiao Nan who held an army of 700,000. Chen Wang.

At the apprenticeship banquet, Jun Wen and Luo Feng sent Shiyi to Nanchen Palace, Shiyi went forward to the apprenticeship ceremony, Zhou Shengchen received the apprenticeship ceremony of the times, he already has ten apprentices in the mansion, so he decided to call the time for eleven .

At this time, the mansion sent a gift. The gift was Ban Jian Huangyue. This time Zhou Shengchen could not refuse, so he had to accept the gift and send the gift to Shiyifang. In addition to the congratulatory gift, the palace also brought a portrait of the artist Wei Shiyi.

This portrait will be sent to the East Palace in the future. Zhou Shengchen ordered the artist to bring the artist and Shiyi to the study. In the demobilization hall, Luo Wenjun mentioned that she wanted to stay in Luoshou. Luo Shou and two thousand soldiers will stay in Xizhou to protect the time, and Luo Feng will stay in Xizhou City to join the army with Zhou Shengchen.

Luo Wenjun told Zhou Shengchen what Shi Yi could not speak, and after entrusting Shi Yi to Zhou Shengchen, she said goodbye to Shi Yi. Seeing Shi Yi with red eyes to say goodbye to his mother, Zhou Shengchen felt a touch of softness in his heart, and he personally took Shi Yi to the yard. In the middle of the night, the maid who took care of the time came to look for Zhou’s birthday in a panic, saying that the time was gone, and the disappearance of the daughter of the famous family was extraordinary.

Zhou Shengchen only asked the maid not to panic, and he went to find the time. In the library building, Zhou Shengchen found the time. He gave Zhou Shengchen the key to the library building as today’s apprenticeship ceremony. Shi Yi gladly accepted the gift.

After that, Shi Yi gave Zhou Shengchen the morning twilight salute to his disciples every day. Zhou Shengchen has always been unrestrained. Now there is the cumbersome rules of a distinguished woman, and he can’t bear to let Shi Yi forget these rules. Although Zhou Shengchen had ten apprentices, Shi Yi was his first apprentice. He had a headache and couldn’t think of what to teach when. After understanding what outdated Yi usually learned, he asked Xie Chong to prepare the piano and prepare to teach. Shiyiqin method. Shi Yi followed Xie Chong to the piano room to pick a piano. She picked a piano that Zhou Shengchen had used, called Changfeng.

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