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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 13 Recap

The fishing boat drove slowly to the waterside pavilion and reached Taohuawu in a blink of an eye. Murong Fu was not seen in the village. Instead, two retainers came forward to greet each other. . Seeing Wang Yuyan had a little white face with the surname Duan beside him, Baodi was extremely upset, and glared at him and mocked him all the way.

Wang Yuyan asked Baodi about the current situation of Murong Fu, and learned that there were people killed in the rivers and lakes. It was obvious that the murderer deliberately planted and framed him, but it happened that this group of martial arts people believed that it was true, and actually put the bad bills on Gusu Murong. Baodi discussed with the storm and prepared to bring Azhu, Abi, and Murongfu together, and Wang Yuyan naturally followed.

As soon as the voice fell, Bao Differ suddenly turned his head and stared at Duan Yu, his eyes revealed his disgust, and openly ordered the chase away. Duan Yu knew it was disgusting to listen, especially the other party’s words were very rude, even if he was reluctant to part with Wang Yuyan, he couldn’t stay with his old face and simply stood up and said goodbye.

At this time, Murong Fu was in the Shaolin Temple, facing the questioning of the monks, saying that he had never been to Dali, let alone killed the elder Xuan Bei, after all, the two had no hatred. Master Xuan Ci was thoughtful and saw Murong’s answer to his words, so he took advantage of his unpreparedness and violently attacked the opponent. Everyone present could see Wei Tuochu’s moves.

After a few rounds, Murong Fuwu was inferior to others, and gradually fell behind. Xuan Ci stopped in time to confirm that Murong Fu’s words were true and that he did not have the strength to kill Xuan Ci. Although his reputation was restored, the events of today had a great impact on Murong Fu. He thought it was a shame to lose in the hands of Qiao Feng, but he couldn’t even beat the monks of Shaolin Temple. When Murong Fu recalled his childhood experiences and his mother’s rigorous teaching to him, he felt more painful and almost collapsed.

In order to improve his skills as soon as possible, Murong Fu came to the back of the temple alone to try out his moves. He did not know that when he was practicing martial arts, a man in a black robe and cloak came quietly and knocked him down with just a leaf. The black-robed man was very disappointed in Murongfu, so he personally taught him martial arts, but for a moment, Murongfu made rapid progress, and the man came and went without a trace, quite mysterious.

When passing through the wilderness, Qiao Feng suddenly received a war post. The other party was Xixia Yipintang warrior Nuerhai. This time he escorted the Eastern Expedition General Helian Tieshu to Bianliang. Because Helian Tieshu has a special liking for martial arts, he came to the Central Plains to visit masters of various factions, and at the same time heard that Qiao Feng is famous, so he wanted to ask him for advice.

Originally, Qiao Feng was inconvenient to go to the appointment due to important matters, but Nuerhaikou uttered wild words, and the two elders were filled with righteous indignation and asked for a challenge, but in the end he readily agreed. At the same time, Duan Yu came to Wuxi alone, and happened to meet Qiao Feng.

When Murong Fu heard that Wang Yuyan and others were coming to Wuxi, he decided to go to meet him. Before leaving, he wanted to bid farewell to the black-robed man, but the other party did not show up. On the other hand, Qiao Feng drank so much and proposed to compete with Duan Yu. As a result, they were on the same level, and the number of wins and losses was difficult to say.

After leaving the city gate, standing on the top of the mountain in the outskirts, Duan Yu and Qiao Feng reported their homes, admiring each other very much, and decided to become brothers Jinlan. Because Duan Yu was still young, Xiao Feng was more than ten years older than him. He simply called himself his elder brother and recognized the second brother from Dali. He and Duan Yu shook hands with each other and laughed. From now on, they have been friends of life and death.

The beggar gang suddenly changed, all the elders and the rudder masters heard all the lies, without exception, were caught in the trap. When they woke up, they were trapped in the room, surrounded by flint fuel, and no one could escape. Elder Bai believes that Quan Guanqing is just a small rudder master, and there is absolutely no possibility that such a major event will happen, which is enough to prove that there are still people who have defected to the gang.

On the way back to the city, Qiao Feng told Duan Yu about the Xixia Zhanshu. Suddenly he heard a quarrel coming from Xingzilin. He followed the sound and found two people coming opposite each other. One of them was a beggar. On the other side, there are different and violent storms, and three young girls are standing behind them. After speaking, the four old beggars appeared. The storm knew that the four men had a high level of martial arts, but he had no fear, but took the opportunity to attack each other. Unexpectedly, the white-bearded old man hides a scorpion under his robe, making him negligent in defense. , So the body is highly toxic.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Feng ordered the old man to come up with an antidote. He believed that the grievances between the two parties were easy to resolve and difficult to resolve. Moreover, the matter had not been cleared up. He rashly framed the person first and severely wounded the person later. Not only was it hurting, it even made the gang lost. Face. Even though Elder Chen was very reluctant, he did not dare to violate the life of the Lord after all. Qiao Feng’s high morale was admired by those present.

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