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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 12 Recap

The two women were rowing with an oar and carrying Duan Yu slowly. Due to the inconvenience of three hurries, they simply went to Mantuo Mountain Villa to rest first. As the boat turned to dock, it was vaguely visible that there were a lot of camellia planted in the village. The maid Youcao took Azhu and Abi to find her own lady. Duan Yu looked for a place to relieve her. He accidentally heard the voice of the woman talking. When she looked carefully, she saw that the figure looked like a jade statue of a fairy. He was so horrified that he bowed down on the spot and bowed to each other. , To tell the suffering of lovesickness.

Because Duan Yu appeared so recklessly, Wang Yuyan was stunned in the same place, puzzled. Before she could react, Mrs. Suwen had returned from outside the village. The maids were shocked, and hurriedly pulled Wang Yuyan and Duan Yu away, fearing that disaster would come, but it was too late. His wife, Li Qingluo, has long established rules not to allow men to trespass into the villa, especially those from Dali, or those with the surname Duan, otherwise they will definitely be killed.

It just so happens that Duan Yu takes over these two taboos, and it is hard to have a good end. When he first arrived at Mantuo Mountain Villa, he witnessed Li Qingluo’s cruel methods. First he buried a man in the garden as fertilizer, and then asked a murdered wife to marry another. It was supposed to be Duan Yu’s turn to severely punish Duan Yu, but Duan Yu, with his familiar knowledge of camellia, escaped death.

Everyone knows that Li Qingluo loves camellia so much that he does not hesitate to invest heavily in purchasing good varieties. Unfortunately, every time it is transplanted to Manduo Mountain Villa, no precious camellia can thrive. It often grows for a year or a half before withering. Seeing Duan Yu’s familiarity with the pros and cons of camellia, Li Qingluo even said many types that he had never heard of, so he simply asked him to stay in the villa and plant flowers, even to ensure the quality of camellia.

At that time, Qiao Feng had arrived in Jiangnan for some time, and the two elders accompanied him, stepping into the Qin Yun Xiaoshe with his forefoot, and the attack came immediately. Fortunately, Qiao Feng was quick-sighted, and saved the elders in time, which turned Kumazhi’s tricks. Even though Kuma’s intellectual body was in Tubo, he did not hesitate for a long time, but he had also heard about Qiao Feng. Today, when he saw a real person, he no longer has any reservations, but all his internal forces gather his palms, like a flame knife. Each other.

Qiao Feng dodged and hung upside down on the beam of the room, with a backhand move, Kang Long felt regretful, and was stunned to dissipate 50% of the true energy from Kumazhi’s hand. Taking advantage of Kumo’s mental internal strength loss, and when Kang Long was repentant, Qiao Feng resorted to “Shock Baili” and replaced it with two palms forward. This is the most powerful of the eighteen palms of Jianglong. One trick. Kumo was defeated and came to the battle, lamenting that Qiao Feng’s practice is well-deserved, so he reported to him about his family, explaining the meaning of this trip, and then he hurriedly said goodbye.

Moreover, since Duan Yu became a gardener in the villa, his mind has not been used to cultivate camellia, instead he has been entangled in “Sister Shenxian” to say good things. If you were to be someone else, you would definitely dislike this glib man. It happened that Wang Yuyan was the youngest daughter’s tenderness. She liked rhetoric the most, especially because she liked literature and hated martial arts, so Duan Yu was full of poems and books, and she was doing her best.

It’s a pity that Duan Lang is interested, and the famous flower is in charge. Wang Yuyan puts her whole heart on his cousin Murong Fu. Every time he chats with him, the topic is related to him, and he even studies martial arts assiduously for the other party. Duan Yu listened silently by his side. He couldn’t help feeling envied and hurt himself. Suddenly remembering that the murders of heroes of various sects circulating in the rivers and lakes recently seemed to be related to Gusu Murong, he simply told Wang Yuyan of the matter.

At this point, Youcao hurried over, claiming that his wife had ordered the hands of Azhu and Abi to be cut off. Wang Yuyan was shocked, and immediately ran to intercede for the two, hoping that his mother would not be blamed. Although Li Qingluo and Murongfu’s mother are aunts-in-law, they had an unhappy relationship a few years ago. Now instead of agreeing to her daughter’s request, she ordered Wang Yuyan to break her mind as soon as possible. She would never agree to marry the Murong family again.

Knowing that Murong was in danger, Li Qingluo stood on the sidelines. Wang Yuyan was aggrieved and anxious, worried that his cousin might be in danger. Upon seeing this, Duan Yu suggested that she take the opportunity to sneak out of the villa, so that even if she doesn’t know martial arts, she can give advice to Murong Fu, which would definitely help a lot. Seeing that Wang Yuyan was a little moved, Duan Yu tried his best to preach while the iron was hot, and volunteered to escort her all the way.

That night, Wang Yuyan and Duan Yu came to the stone house to rescue Azhu and Abi, and the four left the villa by boat, facing the moonlight. Duan Yu thought that Wang Yuyan’s trip was for Murong Fu, and his heart suddenly felt miserable, and his joy faded at the beginning.

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