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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 14 Recap

Luo Shanhe said that the top priority now is to clarify the case of Xue Mei’s disappearance. He asked Suo Dong to show He Yong the picture, and Suo Dong told He Yong about the distribution of the evil forces in Luteng City. At present, it was discovered that Yang Dong was only a small group of evil forces, and he had not come into contact with the real evil forces. ,

His final result may be an abandoned son. Zhao Ligen believes that behind the cases of Xue Mei’s disappearance and Mar Shuai’s death, and behind this pool of water in Luteng City, there must be a huge dragon head that can be talked about. And more difficult to investigate than the evil forces is the protective umbrella behind them.

Luo Shanhe felt that there was an inherent connection between the Xue Mei case and the Ma Shuai case, so he suggested that the case should be investigated together. The opponents are fortifying step by step, and they need to break through layers, but the important thing is that they can’t mess up their positions. Afterwards, He Yong took people to Longwei Mountain. At first, he was stopped by a few people wearing worker uniforms. He said that the blasting site was in front of him. Even so, He Yong entered with the police team.

Zheng Yihong brought Gao Mingyuan information from the central supervision team, but she said that the supervision team was very strong and could not penetrate. Gao Mingyuan had expected it a long time ago. After all, this was the central supervision team. Gao Mingyuan asked Chen Jianbo, Zheng Yihong said that he was two hours late because he couldn’t get anyone. Gao Mingyuan knew that Chen Jianbo had been drinking and eating hot pot all day because of this delay. If Chen Jianbo’s problem remains unchanged, he will die on it sooner or later.

On the other side, He Yong asked Chen Jianbo to call back the truck that had just transported the soil. Pei Wei suggested that he go to the back mountain to check. He Yong remained silent. He looked around here, and then found that there seemed to be a corner of clothing on the forklift. He asked Chen Yongxu to go. Controlling the forklift, Xue Mei’s body appeared in full view.

Chen Jianbo was taken back for investigation. He repeatedly stated that he didn’t know it, and he got up and said that he wanted to leave. After receiving the call, He Yong told him that his blasting permit had expired for four months, and Chen Jianbo would stay here. After the incident, He Yong told Pei Wei alone whether Xue Mei’s body would have been moved again if it hadn’t been discovered in this way. The task force contacted the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and He Yun said at the meeting that she would try her best to help the task force investigate.

The supervision team is still sorting out important information. Some cases 14 years ago did not have legal effect. Zhao Ligen asked them to re-examine, make a list, and look for the parties one by one. He said that the law is not taken for granted. This case must be handled as an iron case, and the case must not be reversed to ensure that the lawsuit can be concluded in the future.

Gao Mingyuan soon learned that Chen Jianbo had been detained in the Municipal Bureau. He asked Zheng Yihong to spread the word, so that Chen Jianbo had to carry it for twenty-four hours anyway. He Yong is still asking Chen Jianbo. Although Chen Jianbo has been unwilling to cooperate, He Yong found that the forklift driver who turned out Xue Mei’s body did not have a clear employment contract, and the name provided by Chen Jianbo was not found. Wu Shuangling asked the shareholders of the new coach to come to the meeting.

At the beginning, Li Chengyang deliberately did not mention Yihe New Village. It was not until Wu Shuangling asked him to bring the topic to the Yihe New Village project, and Li Chengyang brought the topic to it. However, when he spoke, he said that Dong Yao and Li Lijuan signed the contract. Wen Liang and Dong Yao who were present were shocked, Dong Yao hurriedly explained, but the more they explained, the more unclear they became. Li Chengyang added another fire. He said that he had an electronic version of the contract, which he could send to the group for everyone to see.

Dong Yao and Wen Liang hurriedly stopped, but Zheng Yihong asked to send it out and have a look. In the end, the electronic version of the contract was issued. Gao Mingyuan asked about the Zhongmeng Investment Company that had stamped it. Li Chengyang said that it was a company under Wenliang, and the actual controlling shareholder was Zhang Tianyun, the cousin of Wenliang’s mother-in-law. Later Mayor Wu said that their new coach did not do the right thing, and after a few words of accusation on them, the meeting ended. Dong Yao didn’t dare to leave, Wen Liang hurriedly wanted to escape.

As soon as he left the house, he was taken into the car by several men in black arranged by Li Chengyang, and then Li Chengyang brought Haige into the car. On the other side, Gao Mingyuan carried Dong Yao away. Dong Yao tried his best to explain that he didn’t want to betray him. Gao Mingyuan smiled contemptuously, obviously not believing it.

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