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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 9 Recap

This incident hit Su Xiao too much, and at the same time it made her understand the importance of the cost engineer certificate, because in this industry, the cost engineer certificate is equivalent to a stepping stone. If there is no stepping stone, it can only be the shadow of others forever. Because of this, Su Xiao took the initiative to call Xu Feng and asked him to meet in private. It happened that Xu Feng also fell into a stalemate. He was very afraid that Zhao Xiankun would be disappointed by not being able to find evidence.

Su Xiao was the only straw for Xu Feng to seize the opportunity. He quickly ran to the underground parking lot, trying to rush to meet with each other as soon as possible. Seeing Xu Feng’s anxious appearance, Xia Ming couldn’t help but curiously follow him, and found Su Xiao who had been waiting for a long time. Realizing the value of Su Xiao to Xu Feng, Xia Ming, out of consideration for Tianke’s audit, and because he is more cherished about talents, personally called Wu Hongmei, hoping to transfer Su Xiao to Tianke Company.

At this time, Su Xiao and Xu Feng reached a deal, let Xu Feng get back the cost engineer certificate, and then inform about the loopholes in Tianke. After the matter was settled, Su Xiao clocked in and went to work as usual, and had nothing to do all morning until the department held a meeting. Chen Simin deliberately criticized Su Xiao at the meeting and praised Lu Zhengming at the same time. Because Yinghai Group still has a 70 million subcontracting project to bid, it was finally handed over to Lu Zhengming and Donglin.

After the meeting, Wu Hongmei asked Su Xiao to go out for dinner and mentioned Xia Ming’s application for transfer. Although Su Xiao was a little surprised to learn about this, she quickly reacted, thinking that Xia Ming already knew that Xu Feng was in contact with herself, so she made this trick to protect Tianke.

Originally, Su Xiao asked Wu Hongmei to reject Xia Ming for her, but Xia Ming told Su Xiao to meet in a cafe at night and hung up the phone directly, without giving Su Xiao a chance to react. At the same time, Xu Feng approached Li Xue and wanted to persuade her to take out the cost engineer certificate, but was rejected. Xu Feng was very annoyed after eating closed doors. He returned to Tianke Company and threw the afternoon tea that Huang Lilin bought for his colleagues into the trash on the spot. He calmed down and apologized to everyone and eased the conflicts before.

In the blink of an eye, in the evening, Su Xiao went to the appointment and expressed his attitude frankly and honestly. Xia Ming disagreed with this, because he saw in Su Xiao that he was a fledgling, just as straightforward and impetuous. In fact, Xia Ming has always maintained a friendly attitude towards Su Xiao, knowing that she and Chen Simin’s ideas are completely incompatible, so I hope that Su Xiao can choose Tianke to change from a competitive relationship to a partner.

At the scene of He Yao’s photography exhibition, Zhao Xiankun sent someone to send a flower basket. When interviewed by reporters, Xia Ming answered the “sorrow” expressed by the exhibits, which made the exhibit owner He Yao stop and look at Xia Ming. In order to appreciate, after all, he is the first person to understand the content of the work.

In the next few days, my colleagues were busy with bidding, especially Lu Zhengming and Dong Lin, who have become everyone’s backbone. On the contrary, Su Xiao had nothing to do all day, and his heart was very uncomfortable. Du Juan accidentally scratched his finger while cleaning the paper shredder. Su Xiao took the initiative to help, only to find that the pieces of notes in the paper shredder were actually a list of art museum supplies.

Even if Su Xiao had vaguely guessed the truth, facing this situation, he was still unavoidably sad. Wu Hongmei accompanied Su Xiao to the decompression hall to vent, and couldn’t help telling Su Xiao about Zhou Jun’s help to find a job, so as to understand why Chen Simin threw out the olive branch but didn’t reuse it. When Wang Yang learned that Tianke had requested someone from the group, he immediately called Huang Lilin to warn Huang Lilin, claiming that he would never hand over Su Xiao, and even decided to arrange for Su Xiao to participate in the bidding work in order to retain this talent.

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