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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 6 Recap

Zeng Li was in the private room just now. Ai Jingchu asked her what movie she was going to watch later. He also said that after dinner with friends, he didn’t know what to do, so everyone would not be embarrassed to watch it together. When Ai Jingchu went to the bathroom and came back, he said that he wanted to watch a movie with Liu Yucheng, and said that the movie was about to be released. It was a pity not to watch it. Liu Yucheng was touched that Ai Jingchu used the few flexible hours every week for himself, and he was also very interested in talking about the plots of the first two movies.

He did not expect Ai Jingchu to say that he had never watched the first two. At the cinema, Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu introduced each other pretending to be a chance encounter. When Ai Jingchu saw that they bought a couple cup and ordered four drinks, Gu Donghai took the cash to check out. After all, it is more convenient to scan the code.

Liu Yucheng sat between Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li, kept talking to Ai Jingchu, and curiously asked if Zeng Li and Gu Donghai were lovers, and finally cheered Gu Donghai sweetly, but Ai Jingchu gave a sad look. Only later did I realize that I might have said the wrong thing. Gu Donghai accidentally spilled the popcorn. Seeing that Zeng Li was a little bit cold, he took off his coat and covered her.

Liu Yucheng secretly stepped on Gu Donghai’s clothes with a wink, and handily gave Ai Jingchu’s coat to Zeng. Li, then changed seats with him, Ai Jingchu was very pleased. Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li discussed dinosaurs, and Gu Donghai and Liu Yucheng sat beside them with puzzled faces. After watching the movie, Liu Yucheng walked away with a wink. Ai Jingchu and Gu Donghai competed to send Zeng Li home. Zeng Li quickly said that he was looking for a friend.

Ai Jingchu drove and found Zeng Li on the road. She said that because she was afraid of embarrassment. Ai Jingchu drove her home quickly. Liu Yucheng rode a bicycle and saw Wu Ying hurriedly looking for her. Wu Ying held back her laugh and let him go home. Liu Yucheng heard that she had not eaten dinner yet, and quickly said that she would go with her. Wu Ying came to eat Mala Tang, obviously Liu Yucheng didn’t like it.

The girl who pursued Liu Yucheng happened to be here. After Liu Yucheng refused, Wu Ying asked him why he refused, and Liu Yucheng replied, because I like you. Wu Ying was overwhelmed by Liu Yucheng’s directness, but she still refused to say that she was six years older than Liu Yucheng and that they were not appropriate, for example, they couldn’t eat together. Liu Yucheng moved out the example of his parents and said that he was still young and could wait.

On the way, Zeng Li screamed in despair, complaining that Ai Jingchu would not let her eat this and that, which made her dream of what she wanted to eat as soon as she fell asleep. Ai Jingchu said that she could eat roasted cold noodles and roasted sweet potatoes. Zeng Li took her to the snack street where she often went to college. This is her happy world. Zeng Li bought a roasted cold noodles, and Ai Jingchu’s cash payment was once again rejected.

Ai Jingchu was not used to eating at night, so she sat aside and watched her eat, and helped her to lift the fallen hair. Zeng Li proposed to add Ai Jingchu’s WeChat. Love is like saying that he does not have it. Patients before him did not believe that he did not have WeChat, because his life is relatively simple. But today, Ai Jingchu decided to register one and let Zeng Li help. Zeng Li helped Ai Jingchu sign up on WeChat, and took a photo of him turning around as a profile picture. Zeng Li also became Ai Jingchu’s first WeChat friend.

The person Ma Yiyi had a crush on did not apply through a friend, so she called Deng Haoran and cried, saying that Zeng Li will soon have a boyfriend and Wu Ying will soon be married to work, and she will not be with her in the future! Deng Haoran jumped up when he heard that Zeng Li was about to have a boyfriend. Ma Yiyi ate the takeaway and sent a friend request again. Ai Jingchu sent Zeng Li downstairs, only to find Deng Haoran was standing on the road at night. Deng Haoran knew Ai Jingchu, but Ai Jingchu didn’t remember who he was.

Deng Haoran swallowed his words and threw Zeng Li back home directly in line with the principle of protecting sisters. Deng Haoran brought skin care products bought to Zeng Li, as well as Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying. Deng Haoran and Ai Jingchu are classmates of six years in junior high school and high school. Zeng Li awkwardly explained that he seemed to be blind so that he didn’t mind. Deng Haoran complained about Ai Jingchu and was still so defiant. Zeng Li remembered that Ai Jingchu was the one who robbed him of the limelight in his mouth.

Deng Haoran in turn questioned the relationship between Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu. Zeng Li explained that he just met her on the road and took her home by the way. When Deng Haoran heard that he wanted to buy a car for Zeng Li. Zeng Li was very satisfied when he saw Ai Jingchu’s head, but Ai Jingchu had been entangled for a long time and sent a message to Zeng Li. Zeng Li said that he would change his invisible braces, Ai Jingchu began to tangles, so Ai Jingchu saw her. From twenty-eight days to two months! After exchanging good nights, Zeng Li wrote the finale of “The Story of Xiaoyuer and Yuer”. Yuer and Xiaoyuer walked into the wedding hall holding hands, but Ai Jingchu came in at this time.

Ma Yiyi’s crush, Sheng Ming, still didn’t apply for it. He got nervous at the cafe early in the morning. After finally waiting for the news, Ma Yiyi became excited again and quickly transferred the ticket money to the other party. Still silent, Ma Yiyi’s desire to challenge was successfully aroused.

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