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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 5 Recap

When Zeng Li sent Ai Jingchu away, Ai Jingchu heard that she hadn’t been in a relationship yet, and worried that this matter would delay her. My sister-in-law came to pick up Ai Jingchu, and when she heard that they had slept together last night, she immediately went gossiping. She kept complimenting her for her good-looking appearance and asked her to come back to eat at home. After making a wish, Ma Yiyi met the boy who had just bought her ticket.

Ma Yiyi quickly pretended that his phone was dead and asked him to borrow his phone to send messages to friends. Zeng Li received a message from Dou Dou, saying that she and her ex-boyfriend hung a concentric lock in Dongshan and asked her to help unlock it. Zeng Li thought of Ai Jingchu’s inconsistent words and deeds, what kind of person he is.

Woolen cloth. Zeng Li looked for Dou Dou among countless concentric locks. Ai Jingchu received a call from Liu Yucheng while watching the sunset, saying that he fell in love with a girl, but she didn’t care much about herself, Ai Jingchu I don’t know much about feelings, so I can only encourage him. After hanging up the phone, Ai Jingchu saw Zeng Li leaning on his waist looking for the concentric lock, thinking that it would be fine if Ai Jingchu was there at this time, but he didn’t expect Ai Jingchu to really show up in the next second.

Zeng Li quickly asked Ai Jingchu where the lock was hung with Dou Dou. Ai Jingchu thought about it and finally understood why Zeng Li had said inexplicable things to him before, so he squatted down to help her find it together. Zeng Li finally found the lock of Dou Dou, only to find that the names of Dou Dou and Xu Hengheng were written on the Tongxin lock.

Only then did he realize that he had misunderstood Ai Jingchu and kept apologizing to him. Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li released the lock, and they decided to forget about it together. I heard that Ai Jingchu was here to watch the sunset, and Zeng Li quickly took him down a path. Liu Yucheng specially registered to bring her lozenges and the food she cooked to Wu Ying. Wu Ying couldn’t say a word during the whole process.

Zeng Li couldn’t walk anymore, Ai Jingchu reached out to her and pulled her on. Coming to the sunset viewing spot, both Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu were shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of them. Looking at Ai Jingchu’s profile, Zeng Li thought of a post on Tieba, saying that his profile killed everyone in a flash. So it seems It’s true. Ai Jingchu talked about the aesthetics of the side face, and did not forget to tell Zeng Li that she didn’t need to have her teeth trimmed, because she was pretty good at first. Zeng Li blushed, Ai Jingchu pointed to the city below and said about the direction of East Lake University and the place of their home.

Zeng Li finally returned to the room and was startled by Ma Yiyi, who was wearing a mask. Ma Yiyi took Zeng Li’s cell phone and added the boy’s WeChat account, and even wentssiping about Zeng Li’s things in the mouth of colleagues. Zeng Li took out the concentric lock and said that they had misunderstood Ai Jingchu, and Ma Yiyi hurriedly urged her to get on. After all, Ai Jingchu had admitted to his colleagues! Zeng Li felt that Ai Jingchu must be too lazy to explain, and hurried to take a bath.

Ai Jingchu’s sister-in-law also talked about Zeng Li with Grandpa Ai and her family, and even began to think about the appearance of their children in the future. Ai Jingchu was a little shy, and Grandpa Ai knew that there was a play! Zeng Li touched the braces and blushed again at the thought of Ai Jingchu’s words. She asked Ma Yiyi if all boys value appearance, and the answer was yes.

Ai Jing went to the library after class at the beginning. He said that he was here to do the postponement, but in fact he came to Zeng Li. Zeng Li’s morning shift dropped off early. Wu Wanxia told him that Zeng Li’s parents had arranged a blind date for her again, and they also enthusiastically told him the address. When Liu Yucheng was pursued by a girl, he met Ai Jingchu and quickly stopped him and said that he had an appointment for dinner at night.

Ai Jingchu also helped him round it up. He also asked Liu Yucheng to go to the restaurant where Zengli had a blind date. Zeng Li and his blind date dealt with a few words casually, and silently gave each other the title of “Human Oil Powder” in their hearts, and were forced to agree to go to the movies together after dinner.

As soon as Ai Jingchu entered the restaurant, he looked around for Zeng Li’s figure. Liu Yucheng wanted to ask him to watch a movie with him. Ai Jingchu said that his schedule is very regular and he must fall asleep after eleven. Zeng Li received a call from Zeng Mu after going to the bathroom. He raised his eyes and found Ai Jingchu behind him. Zeng Li couldn’t help but wonder, could this be an illusion again? Ai Jingchu immediately let go of Zeng Li’s erratic heart, slowed down and walked towards her.

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