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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 3 Recap

Wu Ying was walking on the road playing games. After being constantly harassed by passing salesmen, she reflexively slapped Liu Yucheng who came to ask for directions. Wu Ying quickly apologized. Liu Yucheng is a Malaysian Chinese. To go to East Lake University, Wu Ying kindly led the way. Liu Yucheng is a student in the medical school. He asked a lot of questions curiously on the way. Before leaving, he called to his sister and said, I remember your face.

My sister-in-law came to the school to look for Ai Jingchu, and reflexively urged Ai Jingchu to find someone. Liu Yucheng is the son of a Malaysian friend from my sister-in-law. He originally studied engineering in Singapore. She came to China to study university again because she liked Chinese medicine. My sister-in-law gave him to Ai Jingchu and asked him to look for Ai Jingchu in both life and study.

Ma Yiyi asked Deng Haoran to come out to accompany her to decompress, and then bought ice cream to eat. Ma Yiyi said that the weather was good and took Deng Haoran to take a photo together. After the photo was taken, he didn’t even eat the ice cream. Deng Haoran saw that Ma Yiyi wanted to show Zhang Teng these two photos to make him regret it. He didn’t expect that this was also a routine used by Deng Haoran’s ex-girlfriend.

Ma Yiyi was depressed again, she was really unwilling to end up with nothing. The transformation of Zeng Li into braces aroused feelings of age between Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi, and Zeng Li had no appetite for anything because of a toothache, and he often talked about Ai Jingchu. Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying asked Zeng Li to search Ai Jingchu’s WeChat account and found that the user did not exist. Zeng Li thought that people like Ai Jingchu might not have WeChat, but he was immediately rejected by Ma Yiyi. Didn’t Dou Dou know that he was a sea king only by looking at him on WeChat.

Liu Yucheng asked Ai Jingchu to recommend a few basic medical books, and said that he would add him to WeChat for verification. Ai Jingchu said that he did not have WeChat. Zeng Li was going to team building this weekend. Wu Ying had no time to go nine-six and ninety-six days and nights. Ma Yiyi decided to go with Zeng Li using his little calculation. Liu Yucheng and Ai Jingchu discussed the issue of Chinese and Western medicine over the phone.

After finally solving Liu Yucheng’s problem, Ai Jingchu continued to run faster. The next day Zeng Li had arrived in the ancient town, and Ma Yiyi was still stuck in the road. Zeng Li decided to get off the car and go to the ancient town and wait for her to come. Zeng Li walked into a store curiously, and was kidnapped by Morality and bought two cute rabbit ear hats. Ma Yiyi suddenly called and said that her father had fainted.

Zeng Li quickly asked her to go back and have a look. It was already very late for her to go up the mountain. The hotel bus was gone for a long time, and the weather was about to snow. When Zeng Li was at a loss, the security eldest brother said that a car came down from above and had to go back later. He said that he would let the other party take Zeng Li up the mountain. Zeng Li quickly thanked him and waited for the car in the cold wind wearing a rabbit ear hat.

In the snowy night, the car with the tail number seven or eight galloped past Zeng Li. Zeng Li hurried to catch up. I thought I would miss it. Unexpectedly, the car stopped in front of her and Ai Jingchu got out of the car. . Zeng Li looked at him blankly and explained that Ai Jingchu had come with his family in order to wait for his friend to miss the bus back to the hotel.

In the car, Zeng Li wondered if the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, and he wanted to say something, but found that there was a lady issuing a card on the seat of the car. Zeng Li curiously asked if it was a girlfriend. Ai Jingchu said that he had no girlfriend. Zeng Li turned on the radio. The female voice on the radio told a terrifying ghost story. Zeng Li in the co-pilot was terrified.

Ai Jingchu drove the car calmly, and suddenly received a call from a patient, so he got out of the car to communicate with the patient. Zeng Li thought quietly in his heart that he really is a good doctor. Ai Jingchu came to the co-driver’s side, pulled out a pair of gloves from the inside, and then stood in the snow to make a call. Seeing this, Zeng Li took out the headset from his pocket to help him put it on, and then urged him to put it on. Back in the car that was fairly warm. Zeng Li asked about Ma Yiyi’s situation. Ma Yiyi was too busy to work alone, so he called Deng Haoran.

Ai Jingchu returned to the car and continued on the road. Liu Yucheng called and said that he accidentally scratched his leg. The blood flowed for half an hour and it didn’t stop. He didn’t know what to do. Ai Jingchu asked him to go to the subsidiary of Dongda University. In the emergency department of the hospital, it would be very dangerous later. Liu Yucheng came to the emergency department with a leg injury and witnessed a good show of Wu Ying’s heroine treating patients.

Liu Yucheng was very happy to see Wu Ying, smiled and asked her if she remembered herself, and said that she was very prestigious just now, but Wu Ying ignored it and concentrated on helping him deal with the wound. Liu Yucheng was a little afraid of pain, so Wu Ying took out a carrot toy from the drawer and said he would hold it if it hurts. Liu Yucheng asked for an extra strawberry. Liu Yucheng stared at Wu Ying one by one, praising her for her good-looking smile.

The car couldn’t get up on the road not far from the hotel. Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li had to get out of the car and walk up. Ai Jingchu was afraid of her cold and reminded her to wear the rabbit hat. Wu Ying told Liu Yucheng not to take a bath or exercise. If the infection is serious, Liu Yucheng asks Wu Ying many questions like a curious baby before leaving. Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu were attracted by the beauty of the mountain in the snow.

Zeng Li picked up a handful of snow and suddenly wanted to taste it. Unexpectedly, the wire of the braces broke when they first entered their mouths. Ai Jingchu helped Zeng Li deal with it so that it would not scratch his mouth. Zeng Li noticed that Ai Jingchu had a fever. He just went down to buy medicine. She helped Ai Jingchu put on another rabbit hat. Ai Jingchu couldn’t hide his disgust, but still followed her up the mountain, leaving two rabbit ears on the road.

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