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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 13 Recap

Because Zhou Siyue asked her to pass the exam for Jiangling City Beauty, Ding Xian laughed a lot in her dreams. Sun Shadi knew that Ding Xian must have a good dream, but Ding Xian still refused to admit it. After returning home, Zhou Si asked Ding Xian to study hard, he will go to the competition in a few days, and he must cherish the days that are not possible for her now. At this moment, there was a sudden power outage, and it was raining outside.

Ding Xian was trembling with thunder. Zhou Siyue carefully took out the headphones and put on Ding Xian to listen to music. Ding Xian couldn’t help but say what he felt. Then, tell Zhou Siyue that her wish is to pass the Jiangling City examination.

The minister quarreled with his parents because he had to go out as a soldier because he didn’t enter the university. The more Zhou Si persuaded his parents not to worry, he wanted to talk to the minister. After returning home, Ding Xian envied Zhou Siyue’s young but mature and calm work, and was able to persuade the generals’ parents. However, Zhou Si became more afraid that Ding Xian would take the opportunity to drop and focus on giving her not to go, so he dragged Ding Xian to make up lessons, making Ding Xian look helpless.

The minister went to pick Yucoco for school as usual, and Yucoco had to apply for the ideal university, but the minister said he was going to serve as a soldier. Yu Keke was a little reluctant, so he invited him to watch a movie with him, and Yu Keke gave him his locomotive as a parting gift. Zhou Siyue and the others felt that the generals were leaving as soldiers, so they accompanied him to play billiards. If Jiang Chen was not Zhou Siyue’s opponent, he had to fight Ding Xian. Unexpectedly, Ding Xian’s level was higher.

Jiang Chen didn’t have a chance to touch the ball and it was over. However, the matters that Jiang Chen cares more about are especially Coco, and hope to hear some news in their mouths. Just after a few people walked out of the billiards hall and saw Yu Keke riding a motorcycle waiting for the generals, so the two went to romantically spend the two-person world together.

Ding Xian knew that the more Zhou Si was going to the game, he wanted to give him an allegorical gift, similar to something supernatural, hoping to have the good results of Zhou Siyue. The next day Zhou Siyue was about to go to the exam. Ding Xian got up late, so he hurried to give him the embroidered sachet, hoping to get good results. Zhou Siyue also put his hand on Ding Xian’s head very intimately to express his gratitude, but he said that he wanted to absorb a little bit of Ding Xian’s aura. Teacher Liu is also very optimistic about Zhou Siyue going to the school gate to cheer him up. When Zhou Siyue went in, he hoped that Teacher Liu would do him a favor. Teacher Liu readily agreed to him.

When Zhou Siyue was giving Ding Xian a supplementary lesson, he received a call from his mother saying that something went wrong at home, so he told Ding Xian to go back quickly. It was only after Ding Xian got home that she knew that it was her grandmother who had passed away. Ding Xian was naturally very sad, and Senior Senior Subo went back to give Ding Xian some comfort.

Zhou Siyue studied at home and heard his mother and father quarrel, and his father had to go out during the Chinese New Year, which caused his mother’s emotional breakdown. Zhou Siyue couldn’t stand it anymore and went out to look at his father. Although he didn’t leave him in his mouth, he was very pleased that his father was able to. Staying for the New Year, I didn’t expect my father hesitated for a while or walked out of the house cruelly. Ding Xian didn’t have a grandmother at home, and looked much more deserted than before, so he called Zhou Si more. They were very lonely but they lied and were very happy, hoping that each other would be happy.

School started soon, and Teacher Liu announced that Zhou Siyue had successfully taken him to Huaqing University. Many students envied Zhou Siyue and hoped that Zhou Siyue would help them make up classes, but Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian to move back to him. At the same table, thinking of improving her grades. Ding Xian was very happy, but hated and sad, and wondered if he could get Jiangling City and Zhou Siyue to be at the same table.

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