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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 12 Recap

Both Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian’s feelings for each other grew deeper and deeper. They were about to kiss each other when they looked at each other, but the more Zhou Si resisted, there was no stepping away. Ding Xian received a call from her mother and told her to go home quickly. Grandma was ill and had to go back to her hometown to take care of her. When she slipped away, she gave her things to Zhou Siyue’s mother. I refused her invitation as soon as I could.

Ding Xian played at Zhou Siyue’s house all day and went home to sleep at night. After returning home, Ding Xian called Sun Shadi to chat. At this moment, someone knocked at the door and Ding Xian sneaked out from the cat’s eye. During the visit, a man wearing a mask was spying inside. Ding Xian was so scared that he ran to the bathroom and picked up a mop to protect himself. Unexpectedly, the locked door was opened. Ding Xian took the mop and hit it.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Si went in. It was Sun Shadi who left him a key when his mother slipped away. Zhou Siyue called him to go there. When Zhou Si got to Ding Xian’s house, he learned that he had just killed a thief. Ding Xian’s house was targeted by the thief, but the man had been caught by the security guard. Zhou Siyue’s mother was afraid that Ding Xian would take her to live in her home when she was in danger, and her mother called and said that grandma’s improvement had improved a lot, and Ding Xian’s heart that had been hanging was also let go.

Ding Xian went to Zhou Siyue’s house to buy some daily necessities. They happened to meet Jiang Chen and You Keke when they went shopping together. You could see that Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue went shopping together for daily necessities and mistakenly thought they were living together. After talking to Sun Shadi and the others, Ding Xian had to explain to them that it was just a temporary stay.

Zhou Siyue’s mother liked Ding Xian very much, and she showed Ding Xian the photos of Zhou Si when he was younger, which made Zhou Siyue very ugly. The next day Zhou Siyue went to Ding Xian’s room to wake her up. Ding Xian was used to sleeping late and was very impatient with Zhou Si’s calling her to get up. The two went to school together and Ding Xian didn’t take his car. When Ding Xian went to school, Sun Shadi and the others asked if it was very happy to live next door with Zhou Si. Although Ding Xian was uncomfortable, her heart and face were beautiful from ear to ear.

After returning home, Zhou Siyue’s mother was not at home and only the two of them ate together. Naturally very happy. Ding Xian wanted to watch TV after finishing her homework, but Zhou Siyue didn’t give her the remote control, so Ding Xian grabbed it, and Zhou Siyue didn’t Thinking of Ding Xian’s attack, he was not an opponent.

When Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian came home from school, they heard their mom and dad quarreling. Mom cried and told that dad hadn’t come home. There must be someone outside. This made Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian very surprised. Waiting for their parents to see the children When I went back, they all changed their faces and smiled and looked very harmonious, and they had to cook for them. Ding Xian knew that Zhou Siyue must be uncomfortable, so he went to his room to comfort him and wouldn’t say anything. There would be conflicts in any family.

Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that their home was not as harmonious as it seemed. My mother was always suspicious of my father because she didn’t have a job. As long as she heard a little wind, she would make noise. However, the more clearly Zhou Si of his mother, Wei Que Zhou Si, would not make the people around him suffer the grievances of his mother.

Song Ziqi ran to class and Ding Xian said that He Xingwen’s father had an accident at the construction site. During the class, the teacher also talked about the crisis in He Xingwen’s family. I hope everyone can lend a helping hand and donate money to help their family, Sun Sha Di Ji people were very angry about the bad things He Xingwen had done before, but they still donated money to him. This made He Xingwen feel guilty to apologize to Ding Xian Zhou Si for the wrong behavior before.

Ding Xian felt that Zhou Siyue’s grades could be recommended to Huaqing, so that he and Zhou Siyue’s father could both work in Jiangling City, and Zhou Siyue could be admitted to Huaqing as Ding Xian.

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