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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 13 Recap

Huang Xi told Lin Hao that the girls who are prostituting here all use pseudonyms, and they have one thing in common. They have both borrowed naked loans and beautiful loans. After that, Lin Hao truthfully told He Yong all the clues Huang Xi had told him. Unexpectedly, He Yong guessed that Huang Xi was using the identity of a missed young woman. He Yong asked him to keep staring. If the evidence was sufficient, he could kill them all. He Yong reminded Lin Hao to invite Huang Xi to dinner after the mission, and if appropriate, the relationship can be further developed. Lin Hao thought it was funny, but he didn’t expect He Yong to be so gossip.

Dong Yao went to Gao Mingyuan. He told him the fact that the task force had come to him, and the task force said that the death of Ma Shuai was not an accident. Gao Mingyuan asked him not to be nervous. If the task force had evidence in his hands, he would not have been sitting here long ago. They might be just testing. Hearing what Gao Mingyuan said, Dong Yao felt more relieved. Gao Mingyuan asked about the progress of the project in Yihe New Village.

Dong Yao said that Li Chengyang is more troublesome. The Chaos Store was surrounded by many people. Li Chengyang and Da Jiang went to eat Chaos. They did not expect to see a large group of people sitting silently outside the Chaos Store. Da Jiang guessed that novices came to this street to collect protection fees, and Li Chengyang let Da Jiang take the time to rectify the situation.

Li Chengyang asked Da Jiang about his views on these recent events. Da Jiang thought Li Lijuan had a problem. Her relationship with Dong Yao resembled Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing, while Ma Shuai resembled Wu Dalang. Li Chengyang felt that Da Jiang’s analysis was increasingly deviating from reality, so he did not adopt it. The police found that a car drove near the sanitation vehicle was Jinbei, but the license plate number of that car was fake, and they are now using Skynet to find the car. Lin Hao regrets the matter of Xu Yingzi’s sister and brother. If he could take the case a little more at the time, perhaps Xu Yingzi would not die.

In order to comfort Lin Hao, Huang Xi told him an incident he had encountered, in order to explain the truth that “justice may be late, but it will not be absent in the end.” The task force found the Jinbei car. He Yong rode in a car in a scrapped car processing plant. Pei Dawei gave a statement about the case. The person in charge here told them that this car was left here and there were five in the car. Thousands of dollars, the person in charge knew that this was not compliant, but he did it anyway. He Yong mobilized his hands and looked for the tires of the Jinbei car among the piles of tires. The hard work paid off. They finally found the tires and found mud on it. After taking them back for testing, they found that it was the kaolin material on Longwei Mountain. .

Xing Fei and Xing Fan investigated and found that the company that signed the contract with Li Lijuan was a leather bag company, and had nothing to do with Dong Yao, but it had something to do with Wen Liang, one of the new coach’s shareholders. Li Chengyang further analyzed that Wen Liang was the leather bag company. The actual controlling person, but he could not have such a big right, so there must be a big person behind him, Li Chengyang initially thinks that this big person is Dong Yao.

Li Chengyang and Da Jiang returned to the company. Haige was worrying about the company’s debt situation. Li Chengyang persuaded him a few words. Then Da Jiang called him at the right time. Li Chengyang pretended to be Mayor Wu calling him, claiming that Haiguang was calling him. All of them were the largest shareholders after Marshal, and Hai Guangquan was taken aback by surprise.

He Yong reported the progress of the investigation to Luo Shanhe. The task force suspected that Jinbei Che had arrived at Longwei Mountain to deal with Xue Mei’s body. The specific situation needs further investigation. Luo Shanhe said that the top priority now is to find out the case of Xue Mei’s disappearance as soon as possible.

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