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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Hao learned of this in the bureau, drove to the scene, and directly witnessed the desperate Xu Yingzi jump down from the upper floor. Hu Xiaowei rushed to find Sun Xing and scolded the young ladies to go out immediately. When only two people were present, Hu Xiaowei told him that Xu Yingzi was dead. Sun Xing was stunned when he heard that, and then smiled. Lin Hao went to check the file, but he didn’t expect the case to be dropped.

Immediately, Lin Hao went to the Phoenix Nightclub and clamored to find their boss, Sun Xing. Hu Xiaowei scolded Sun Xing badly, and then heard that a policeman was clamoring to find Sun Xing. Hu Xiaowei knew that the policeman must be Lin Hao. He didn’t want to see Lin Hao now, so he left quickly. Lin Hao was taken to a box, and as soon as she entered, a woman undressed herself.

Someone called the police, slandering Lin Hao for raping this girl, and a large group of people surrounded Lin Hao, making Lin Hao angry, and almost stepped forward and beat someone. Huang Xi, who was undercover in the Phoenix Nightclub, accidentally discovered that Lin Hao was taken away by the police. The person next to her told her that Lin Hao was taken away because of suspected rape. Huang Xi quickly found an opportunity to call He Yun, and He Yun then called Hu Xiaowei.

The police took Lin Hao back to the Shimen District Police Station. Hu Xiaowei felt that he had brought back a troublesome incident. He had to make tea and wait until the congratulatory station was about to come. As soon as He Yun arrived, Hu Xiaowei let Lin Hao go. Soon, Hu Xiaowei went to help Lin Hao open the lock, and Lin Hao asked him to explain the case of Bai Xu Xiaoshan and Xu Yingzi.

He Yun came, let Lin Hao stay honestly with a few words, and let Hu Xiaowei help him open the lock. In the corridor, He Yun asked Liang Ming what he did to go to the Phoenix Nightclub. Lin Hao told the whole story. Hu Xiaowei also explained Xu Xiaoshan’s case. He Yun did not comment on this case, but reminded Lin Hao to go home and think about it, not to work with personal emotions. Sun Xing was sitting in the car outside the police station, and seeing Lin Hao being released unharmed, he thumped the steering wheel angrily. When He Yun came home, Huang Xi fell asleep on the sofa. He Yun woke Huang Xi up. Huang Xi learned that Lin Hao had been released. She looked very happy and said that she was going back to work.

He Yun could see that Huang Xi treated Lin Hao unusually. When asked why she knew Lin Hao, Huang Xi had to tell her about going to the nightclub. She knew that He Yun would definitely persuade herself not to do such dangerous things again, but Huang Xi took her as an example. She was not afraid of any evil forces and dangers. Lin Hao told He Yong about the case of Xu Xiaoshan and Xu Yingzi. He Yong asked him if it was the Shannan Road Police Station.

Lin Hao confirmed and said that these two cases must be tricky. Moreover, Lin Hao believed that there must be a problem with the Phoenix Nightclub. He Yong decided to let him investigate, but he must conduct a secret investigation, and he wanted to report the investigation results to him alone. Before leaving, He Yong reminded him not to be too honest when handling the case.

Da Jiang told Li Chengyang that Li Lijuan had cashed out, and the amount of cash out was still a lot, a full 100 million. Li Chengyang went over and just saw Li Lijuan talking with Finance Manager Liu. Li Chengyang simply asked Mr. Liu to tell her how much money was in the company’s account. Li Lijuan didn’t care about this, she just wanted to get the money. Li Lijuan cried and accused Li Chengyang, and even said that the new coach had no future. Li Chengyang asked her what she did with the money and if she was afraid of someone. You said something to me.

Li Chengyang suddenly asked if Dong Yao threatened her. Li Lijuan showed a different look than before. Li Chengyang confirmed that it was Dong Yao who threatened the safety of their mother and daughter. Lin Hao disguised himself to investigate the case and accidentally found Huang Xi’s figure, so he ordered the listed Huang Xi to accompany the wine for questioning. He asked her if she had heard of Xu Yingzi coming here to apologize to Sun Xing, and Huang Xi did. Don’t know.

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