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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 20 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu rescued the Saddle King, and the Saddle King hugged Qi Chen and wept loudly. Cheng Xi and Yan Xiu rushed to inform Qiu Yanzhi to return to the shogunate camp as soon as possible, and Cheng Xi asked Qi Yan to return to the palace to see the Empress Dowager.

Qiu Ziliang hurriedly rushed to the chess camp and found that Qiu Yanzhi had not come out to greet him. He was very dissatisfied. Thanks to Zuoxiang, he came in time and asked him to visit Shuangpao. Qiu Ziliang wanted to take Qiu Yanzhi with him, so he broke into the room directly. Saw Yan Xiu drunk on Qiu Yanzhi’s bed. Qiu Ziliang bitterly asked about Qiu Yanzhi’s whereabouts. Qiu Yanzhi showed up in time, under the excuse of Yan Xiu’s drunkenness, so she had to go to the Book Pavilion to find the left minister. Unexpectedly, the Zuo Xiang was here, and Qiu Ziliang sent her to find the Saddle King.

Qi Yan wanted Saddle King to go to Zhenwu, he resolutely quit, Cheng Ruoyu had to knock Saddle King stunned, and Cheng Xi took Saddle King away overnight. Cheng Ruoyu suddenly saw You Shi hiding aside and peeking, and immediately went back to report to Qi Yan. Qi Yan returned to the palace to greet the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother tried her best to match him with Li Zening. Qi Yan flatly refused, and the Queen Mother took the opportunity to ask him to accept Cheng Ruoyu as her concubine.

Qi Yan saw that Cheng Huaizhi also wanted to fulfill him and Cheng Ruoyu, and made it clear that he and Cheng Ruoyu are in the relationship between monarchs and ministers. There can be no affair between men and women, let alone heirs. Cheng Ruoyu just came in to hear this. , She pretended to be silent and reported to Qi Yan. You Shi discovered the whereabouts of King An, and Qi Yan sent Cheng Ruoyu to escort King An to Zhenwu with Cheng Xi. Cheng Huaizhi saw that Qi Yan was deliberately supporting Cheng Ruoyu and didn’t want her to face the next danger. Qi Yan knew that he was about to face a catastrophe, and he didn’t want to hurt Cheng Ruoyu.

Youshi reported the whereabouts of King Saddle to Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang immediately sent someone to chase King Saddle and Liu Misha, and gave a death order, and he must be brought back all of them. Qiu Ziliang personally brought the puffer fish soup into the palace and offered it to Qi Yan. He also used the bowl that poisoned the first emperor to death. Yan Xiu heard about this and immediately reported to Qiu Yanzhi.

Han Ding went to the Caolu to find Qi Chen for help, and met Cheng Ruoyu halfway. Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qiu Ziliang was going to poison Qi Yan, so she hurried back to the palace. Qiu Ziliang brought the puffer fish soup into the palace with great fanfare. When the Queen Mother learned of this, she was frightened and frightened. Cheng Huaizhi persuaded Qi Yan to run away quickly, Qi Yan resolutely refused to do it, he didn’t want to let others go.

Qiu Ziliang led someone into the palace. He and Qi Yan looked at each other. Cheng Ruoyu came in time, and drank the bowl of fish soup on the excuse of being thirsty. Qi Yan threw a pen and knocked the soup bowl to the ground. Knowing that Qiu Ziliang is still ready, let him bring out another bowl of soup. Qi Yan ordered Cheng Huaizhi to take Cheng Ruoyu away. Qiu Ziliang did not allow anyone to leave. He remembered Gong Sunjing, the sword bearer who had sacrificed his life to save the first emperor. Cheng Ruoyu discouraged and wanted to drink the fish soup.

At this moment, there was an urgent memorial for eight hundred miles ahead. Lu was in a great chaos in the army. Chen Yintai took advantage of the mutiny to collude with the Quartet and wanted to stand on his own. Qiu Ziliang grabbed the memorial and looked through it carefully and found nothing suspicious. Qi Yan was angry and sprinkled the fish soup on the ground. Qiu Ziliang threatened and intimidated him. A large number of Zuo Qianniuwei came to escort him. Qiu Ziliang threw the memorial on the ground in a huff, and then walked away. .

The more Qiu Yanzhi thinks about it, the more things are wrong. Right is well aware of their actions. It is impossible not to watch out for the rightists. Qiu Yanzhi suspects that the right has deliberately asked Qi Yan to save the Saddle King, and then uses Qiu Ziliang to kill Qi Yan. Qiu Yanzhi learns Qiu Ziliang sent two-thirds of his troops to chase the Saddle King, and determined that this was the right-hand plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain. She sent Yan Xiu to investigate the reality and Qiu Yanzhi bet on the right-hand movement and there are other tricks.

Qi Yan complained that Cheng Ruoyu should not venture back. Cheng Ruoyu was worried that he was in danger. Qi Yan called her a fool. Cheng Ruoyu was willing to do everything for Qi Yan. Qi Yan hugged her tightly, full of compassion and love, Qi Yan Swearing to protect her forever, she couldn’t help kissing Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Huaizhi came to deliver medicine to Cheng Ruoyu. When he saw this scene, he didn’t know whether to advance or retreat. Qi Yan quickly found an excuse to dismiss Cheng Huaizhi, Cheng Ruoyu flushed with shame.

Qiu Ziliang was unwilling to let Qi Yan go in this way, but the battle ahead was tight, so he had to bear it for the time being. Qiu Ziliang worried that Liu Congjian really had the emperor’s will in his hands. He suspected that Qi Yan had negotiated with the vassal kings in advance, so they jumped out one after another. Think about the king’s side. Qi Yan had arranged everything a long time ago and wanted to use the power of the various feudal towns to suppress Qiu Ziliang, but he did not expect to kill Han Yue halfway. Now that the surprise passed, Qi Yan decided to continue his plan. Cheng Ruoyu remembered everything that happened in the past. , Squeezed a sweat for Qi Yan, and casually recited a poem by Wang Yang, Qi Yan was deeply moved.

Cheng Ruoyu wanted to know the whole truth eight years ago, and did not want the world to misunderstand Qi Yan. Qi Yan claimed to be a ruthless and unrighteous person for the power in her hands. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t believe it. She witnessed Qi Yan’s actions with her own eyes. Qi Yan was very moved and regarded Cheng Ruoyu as a confidant. Cheng Ruoyu gradually fell in love with Qi Yan and vowed to protect Qi Yan and help him get rid of Qi Yan.

Qiu Yanzhi personally led people to follow Li Zening, but he lost her. The carriage Li Zening was riding in ran all the way to the Xuankong Temple. Qiu Yanzhi followed him and found that there was no one in the carriage, and the Xuankong Temple was also empty, Cheng Ruoyu After arriving, Qiu Yanzhi suspected that she had come to pick up Li Zening, and Cheng Ruoyu lied to be the Queen Mother to pray for blessings.

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