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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 9 Recap

Although Duan Zhengming has become the emperor of Dali, Duan Yanqing only regards him as a rebellious courtier, and even settles his grievances today, so that the Dali Duan family will be incestuous, cut off children and grandchildren, and ruin the ancestral heritage. In addition, Duan Yanqing pointed out another clear path to Duan Zhengming, which was to let him surrender to the throne and then become a monk.

Coincidentally at this time, the four guards and the three villains fell into a melee, and the others heard the sound. Suddenly, when the Shimen exploded, Duan Yu came out from inside holding Zhong Ling, naked and draped in a few clothes. You can see at a glance what happened to the two of them in the house. Now that the deal is done, the Duan family should recognize Zhong Ling’s daughter-in-law, and only wait to propose marriage to Wanjie Valley in the future. Instead, Zhong Wanchou is anxious, and Mrs. Zhong has misery.

Duan Yanqing had never expected such a result, and flew away immediately, and the crane in the cloud saw Zhong Ling abducted, and Duan Yu urged Yue Lao San to quickly grab the “Little Shi Niang” back. When the group returned to Dali, the prince and the guards stood up and talked about the Ten Thousand Tribulations Valley. It was because Gao Shengtai dug the wrong tunnel into the stone room, and he accidentally heard Zhong Wanchou intending to destroy Duan’s reputation. , Simply made the move to change the flowers and trees, and successfully replaced Mu Wanqing with Zhong Ling.

When the matter was over, Duan Zhengming summoned Duan Zhengchun and Ba Tianshi privately to truthfully inform the identity of the Qingpao guest. In fact, as the prince of Dali, Duan Yanqing was supposed to inherit the throne, so Duan Zhengming was known to be unfair, so he planned to avoid giving way. Duan Zhengchun spoke out to persuade, and Ba Tianshi echoed. They believed that Duan Yanqing had become the first of the four villains in the world, and his virtue was not worthy. Finally, after some negotiation, Duan Zhengming completely dispelled the idea of ​​avoiding position, and added Duan Zhengchun as Huang Taidi, in order to win people’s hearts.

The palace held a banquet for Duan Yu to pick up the dust, and at the same time, it was agreed that a good day would be a good day to welcome Zhong Ling back. But when he saw Zhong Ling’s birthday character, Duan Zhengchun’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately found an excuse to refuse the marriage. Dao Baifeng noticed the abnormality, took the note and looked at it, suddenly filled with grief and indignation.

Others were puzzled when they saw it. It wasn’t until Duan Zhengchun was born in Zhong Ling that he came to realize that even Duan Yu was shocked. Dao Baifeng glared at him. Duan Zhengchun was ashamed. In the final analysis, it was because of his own love that caused misfortune. The baby Gan was only seventeen years old when he was pregnant, but he still failed this woman.

After a few days, the disciples of Shaolin Temple entered the palace with a letter from the abbot, personally handed it over to Duan Zhengming, and told the death of Master Xuan Bei. Monk Huang Mei asked Xuzhu and the others, and confirmed that Xuan Bei was killed by the big Wei Tuo pestle in his chest. He couldn’t help but think of the Gusu Murong clan. Among them, Murong Bo was proficient in various schools of martial arts, and his kung fu had reached the extreme. When death, he will be treated in his own way.

As early as thirteen years ago, the monk Huang Mei escorted the official Jing back to his hometown, but he encountered four gangsters halfway through the road. It happened that a pair of mother and son approached here, and the teenager sitting on horseback uttered wild words, and because the monk Huang Mei was young and energetic, he wanted to ask the teenager for an explanation. Unexpectedly, the other party volleyed and almost killed him.

Although the young man is small, his internal strength is much higher than that of the monk Huang Mei. According to the calculation of the monk Huang Mei, this person should be Murong Bo’s son Murong Fu. Now that Master Xuan Bei died in vain, Murong Fu was the most suspicious. Although the Dali Duan family would not stand idly by, but the ancestors’ legacy cannot be forgotten, so the Shaolin faction needs to take care of the vendetta by itself.

Duan Yu heard a signal whistle coming from outside the house and immediately went out to investigate, only to find that Mu Wanqing was going to leave Dali with Qin Hongmian. Even if Duan Yu tried to stay, he hesitated in emotional matters, which was very much like Duan Zhengchun, passionate and irresponsible. Duan Zhengchun took advantage of the night out of the house to have a tryst with Mrs. Zhong, and when the two were inextricably hugged, Zhong Wanchou hurried into the house with Zhong Ling. Mrs. Zhong asked Duan Zhengchun to hide, but unexpectedly saw the crane in the cloud breaking in, vowing to destroy Zhong Wanchou and seize his wife and daughter.

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