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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 11 Recap

Kumozhi took Duan Yu abducted. He wanted to exert his hand to make him suffer a bit. He voluntarily wrote the Six Meridian Sword Classics silently. However, he had just made the effort and realized that an internal force had disappeared without a trace. He was shocked and hurried. Take hold. Knowing that Duan Yu was concealed in Huagong Dafa, Ku Mazhi did not dare to get close to him, but instead used a “flaming knife” in the air to threaten Duan Yu to submit. However, he would not follow him unless he saw Gusu Murong’s tomb. .

Now outside of Suzhou City, the March is clear and the birds speak and smell of flowers. It happens that there are many flowers and birds in the market. Murong looked at a bird named “Acacia” and planned to buy it and give it to Wang Yuyan to relieve his boredom. The accompanying subordinates believed that although Murong Fu was away all year round, he was running for the restoration of the country, and he must never remember the love of his children because of a letter from his family. On the other hand, his father Murong Bo singled out the big gangs when he was young. Not to be underestimated.

Gong Yeqian’s words made Murong Fu unhappy. He should have been in a very good mood, but when he remembered that he was defeated in Qiao Feng’s hands, he was deeply ashamed of this, and he forcibly suppressed the trace of nostalgia. Kumozhi dragged Duan Yu to the city of Suzhou. Whenever he came to the city, he inquired about the way of Yanziwu’s participation in Hezhuang.

Hearing that Kumozhi was a close friend of Mr. Murong, Abi was very respectful and would like to boat to see him off in person. At the same time, he noticed that Duan Yu kept winking at her. On the Zhouxing Lake, after a few turns, he turned into a large lake. Looking far away, four or five houses were faintly visible.

Abi first let Kumozhi and Duan Yu stay in the house temporarily, and then go to Yanziwu tomorrow. Kumo was puzzled as to why she had to delay more, but before she had finished speaking, an old servant with a staff walked out of the back hall. Duan Yu felt that the old servant had a strong smell, and doubts arose in his heart. Kumazhi asked to go to the tomb to worship, to fulfill his love, but unfortunately the old servant couldn’t be the master, so he simply went to ask the housekeeper.

Originally, Duan Yu was vaguely surprised when he saw the old servant coming in. It was not until the appearance of the butler that he suddenly realized. Even though the butler is a shrewd man with a small body and a goatee, the smell on his body is similar to that of an old servant. Duan Yu carefully looked at the butler and found that his chest was strange, and he knew that he was a woman posing as a woman.

Just because Kumazhi has never been close to female sex, and has not yet noticed it, Duan Yu didn’t open it up, and simply sat beside and watched the show. After the housekeeper talked with Kumachi, he claimed that he could not be the master and had to report the situation to the master. Sure enough, an old woman walked out of the back hall, and the faint fragrance had already spread before anyone arrived, and Duan Yuren was more than handsome.

The old woman dressed gracefully, walking tremblingly on crutches to the hall, even making things difficult for Kumazhi. In the end, Kumo perceives through the old woman’s strategy and uses Duan Yu as a threat. A Zhu, the maid disguised as an old woman, was a little surprised, knowing that no one among the “Qinyun Xiaozhu” today is the monk’s rival, and simply complied with the other party’s request and promised to send him to Yanziwu to sweep the grave tomorrow.

Kumazhi didn’t think about it any more, but he waited for the coming of tomorrow with peace of mind. Unexpectedly, Azhu and Abi had already discussed the countermeasures and deliberately made a few exquisite treats, and by the way, Duan Yu was taken away. The three of them hurriedly jumped into the boat and rowed while Kumachi was not paying attention. When Kumachi reacted, they saw that the boat was several feet away from the house.

In the middle of the night, Ma Dayuan was drunk and went home with Quan Guanqing’s support. He did not know that he and Kang Min had eyebrows, and the meaning was self-evident. Until the next morning, a woman screamed, and when everyone rushed away, Ma Dayuan was found dead at the door of the room. Qiao Feng checked his injuries and found that he had been killed by his own unique knowledge.

The gang of beggars all know that Ma Dayuan’s original martial art is the martial arts of Ma Dayuan. Several elders talked about this, and suddenly they thought that there was a rumor in Wulin that “return the body by the other way”. This sentence represented the Gusu Murong clan, so everyone pointed their suspicions to Murong Fu.

Qiao Feng believes that this matter is of great importance and must be investigated first and never hurt others by mistake. The beggar helped everyone to take care of the funeral for Kang Min. Seeing that she was crying in the mourning hall with pear blossoms and rain, everyone was filled with indignation, and they all wanted to find an explanation from Murong. Qiao Feng calmed the anger of the crowd and made an oath on the spot to seek justice for Ma Dayuan, so he decided to go to Jiangnan to see Murongfu first, neither letting off an enemy nor wronging a good person.

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