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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 19 Recap

Qi Yan sent Cheng Xi to pick up Li Deyun’s family back to Beijing, and then let Liu Misha go back to Zhenwu, just to use Liu Misha’s mouth to pass on the chaotic situation in Heng’an City, let his father create chaos in Fanzhen, and then take Li Deyun logically. When he came back to quell the rebellion, Qiu Ziliang had nothing to say, and Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t help but admire Qi Yan’s brilliant plan. Qi Yan’s wound suddenly suffered severe pain, and Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly put him on the bed, Qi Yan held her hand tightly for a long time and refused to let it go, Cheng Ruoyu promised to stay with him.

Qiu Yanzhi hid secretly to pay homage to Han Yue’s undead, Yan Xiu came to comfort her, Qiu Yanzhi clearly remembered that Han Yue risked his life to escort his grandfather and their sisters out of the secret road. She can only watch now. As Han Yue died but was helpless, Qiu Yanzhi felt painful, wiped away her tears and regrouped. She wanted to fight with Qiu Ziliang to the end. She sent Yan Xiu to inquire about the content of the conversation between Qiu Ziliang and Youxiang.

Qi Yan called Li Zening’s name in a daze, Cheng Ruoyu asked Cheng Huaizhi about the cause. Cheng Huaizhi didn’t expect Qi Yan to remember Li Zening, and couldn’t help worrying about Cheng Ruoyu, because Li Zening had sworn not to Qi Yan not to marry, Cheng Ruo. Yu thought that Li Zening was about to return to Beijing to meet Qi Yan again, and his heart was sour.

Li Deyun loves BMWs and bows and arrows. At that time, Li Deyun gave him the BMW named Rufeng. Two years ago, Li Deyun asked a skilled craftsman to build a good bow and wanted to give Qi Yan a gift. Qiu Ziliang had doubts about Qiu Yanzhi, and he asked the craftsman who built the underground organs of Shogi Camp. He explained that the organs were set up a month ago and they were all installed in Yaoguang. The person in charge of the handover was a person named Zuwu, Zuwu and Qiu Ziliang. A trapped organ has not been found so far. Yan Xiu felt that the craftsman had deliberately planted something, so he asked someone who had no evidence to tell him the matter. Qiu Ziliang hurriedly stopped Yan Xiu.

The control key of the craftsman’s account of the mechanism is set in Qiu Yanzhi’s room. Qiu Ziliang forced him to confront Qiu Yanzhi, and he also found pawn five to confront him. Pawn five confessed to him that the drawing of the mechanism was handed to him by Han Yue, and then he drew his sword and killed himself. Die, Qiu Yanzhi repeatedly explained that the drawings she gave to the craftsmen were the drawings of ordinary training pawns, and there was no gunpowder at all. Yan Xiu was also helping Qiu Yanzhi on the side. Qiu Ziliang had not found any doubts for the time being, so he had to let them go.

Qiu Yanzhi remembered the scene just now, but he still had lingering fears. He didn’t understand why Jun Wu didn’t die, and he planted Han Yue. The right side wrote to ask Qiu Yanzhi to meet tonight, and Qiu Yanzhi just wanted to see this dragon who never saw the end. Right phase. Cheng Ruoyu came to feed Rufeng with fodder early in the morning, but Li Zening came suddenly, claiming to be the original owner of Rufeng.

Qi Yan then came and questioned why Li Zening appeared in the stables. Li Zening explained that she had entered the palace on the order of the Empress Dowager, took the opportunity to take out the bow and gave it to Qi Yan, and casually said that this bow was based on Qi Yan’s three-stone arm strength. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t put it down, Qi Yan didn’t buy it, let Cheng Huaizhi take the bow to the military camp of Shencai Army, give it to the first person who opened the bow to shoot three arrows, and then rode away. Li Zening was very sad, knowing that Qi Yan was still blaming her for leaving without saying goodbye.

Cheng Ruoyu followed Qi Yan on horseback and suddenly felt uncomfortable. Qi Yan hugged her to rest under the tree. It was a pity that Cheng Ruoyu missed such a good bow for him. Qi Yan reminded Cheng Ruoyu to beware everywhere. Li Zening, he heard that Qi Chen found the whereabouts of King Saddle in Xingzilin, so he took Cheng Ruoyu to Xingzilin to rescue King Saddle.

Li Zening came to greet the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager struggled to keep her. Li Zening wanted to accompany her grandmother on her birthday and left. The Empress Dowager wanted to match her with Qi Yan, but Qi Yan did not return to the palace for a long time. The queen mother heard that Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu were inseparable every day, and wanted to find time to see her. Li Zening found that Qi Yan had become rebellious and vowed to make him surrender. Li Zening firmly believed that Qi Yan would soon ask her.

Cheng Xi heard that the Queen Mother was looking for Qi Yan with great fanfare, and worried that this news would reach Qiu Ziliang’s ears, so she went out of the palace overnight to find Qi Yan. Qi Yan brought Cheng Ruoyu to see Qi Chen. He found the mechanism under the stone table of the pavilion. He hurriedly opened the mechanism and found that there was a secret passage below. King Saddle was calling for help. Qi Yan just wanted to send someone to rescue King Saddle. .

Qiu Yanzhi hurriedly stopped him and persuaded him not to take the Saddle King away, otherwise it would cause Qiu Ziliang’s suspicion, and finally could not end. Qiu Yanzhi promised to help Qi Yan break the situation, as long as Qi Yan marries her, she only needs to be a queen. Will not interfere with Qi Yan’s private life, Qi Yan flatly refuses, he will never rely on crony to secure the throne.

When Qiu Ziliang learned that Qi Yan was out of the palace, Li Zening went to see the Empress Dowager again. He immediately guessed that Qi Yan asked Li Zening to help him cover. He suspected that Qi Yan was plotting something. Qiu Ziliang immediately went to the chess camp to discuss countermeasures with Qi Yanzhi. Cheng Xi quickly rushed to Xingzilin, and met Yan Xiu halfway, and asked him about Qi Yan’s whereabouts. Yan Xiu avoided answering. Cheng Xi revealed that Qiu Ziliang had taken a carriage to Shogi Camp, and Yan Xiu hurried back to Xingzilin to inform Qiu Yan. Zhizhi, Cheng Xi followed.

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