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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 18 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi stunned the soldiers of the Shencai Army who was monitoring her halfway, and drove the carriage back to the shogi camp. Qi Chen and King An were escorted to Qingyu Pavilion, which was guarded by heavy soldiers. Han Yue originally wanted to kill the enemy Ziliang here, but he did not make the appointment. Xia Ziyuan took Qi Chen and King An in, and Yu Niang had been quietly following Qi Chen’s carriage. At this point, she fired a flare into the air.

Han Yue hurried back to Qingyu Pavilion to immediately support Qi Chen ascended the throne. Qi Chen flatly refused, he would not be a puppet emperor. Cheng Xi led the girls from the Ziyi Bureau to arrive. They knocked out the guards first, and then split up. Han Yue wanted to join hands with Cheng Xi to help Qi Chen go to the top, but Cheng Xi ignored him. The girls detonated the camp and rescued Qi Chen from the chaos, and Han Yue made Xia Ziyuan look at the saddle king as a hostage.

Qiu Yanzhi came to the secret road of Jiangqi Camp to investigate carefully, and finally discovered the whereabouts of Qiu Ziliang, and quietly sent Yan Xiu to report to Han Yue, Yan Xiu quickly came to Han Yue, Han Yue did not dare to delay, immediately went to strengthen Qiu Yanzhi. Cheng Ruoyu did not believe that Qi Yan was killed. Suddenly remembered that there is a secret passage in the firewood room, he took Han Ding to search there, and finally found Qi Yan who was trapped in the flood discharge channel. Qi Yan was dying, so he only said something like Qiu Ziliang. To be alive, let Han Ding kill him. Cheng Ruoyu tried to escape with Qi Yan. Qi Yan struggled to say the three words Shogi Camp and fainted.

Cheng Xi settled Qi Chen well. Qi Chen learned that King Saddle was still in Han Yue’s hands, and knew that Han Yue would not harm him, so he relieved himself. Qi Chen sent Yu Niang to find Qiu Yanzhi. He felt that things were wrong. It will be that simple. As expected by Qi Chen, Han Yue hurriedly came to the secret room and saw Qiu Ziliang lying on the ground with his back on his back. He just wanted to take revenge in the past. Yan Xiu and Qiu Yanzhi suddenly turned against each other, and grabbed Han Yue on the spot. Qiu Ziliang got off the ground. Getting up, laughing happily, he once again defeated Han Yue.

Wang Tongjun saw Qiu Ziliang surviving, and tears were in his eyes. Qiu Ziliang persuaded Han Yue to submit to him. Han Yue sweared to his death. He wanted to use Saddle King to exchange his enemies for the safety of Yanzhi. Qiu Ziliang repeatedly praised Qiu Yanzhi’s power, and Qiu Yanzhi admitted her. It’s not Wang Ruoqing, but she looks a bit like her. It turned out that not long after Qiu Yanzhi came to the secret road, she discovered that Qiu Ziliang was not dead. She pretended to rescue Qiu Ziliang and shouted loudly. Qiu Ziliang had to show up, and Qiu Yanzhi repeatedly explained that she was coerced by Han Yue and had to pretend to be Wang Yang’s granddaughter. Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe it at all, and Qiu Yanzhi promised to attract Han Yue to show his loyalty.

Qiu Yanzhi revealed that Han Yue was the third person and left it to Qiu Ziliang to deal with. After Qiu Ziliang left, Qiu Yanzhi explained the truth to Han Yue. Qiu Ziliang was very familiar with the secret tunnels of the shogi camp. When Han Yue pressed the explosive mechanism, Qiu Ziliang had withdrawn to safety. Han Yue was completely dumbfounded. He carefully planned everything. Once again completely defeated. Cheng Ruoyu sent Qi Yan to the chess camp according to the requirements. Qi Yan was injured in two places with hairpins on his chest. The others were skin traumas. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to take Qi Yan back to the palace to heal his injuries. Qiu Ziliang insisted that Qi Yan heal his injuries. go back.

Cheng Ruoyu didn’t understand why Qiu Ziliang didn’t let Qi Yan go back to the palace. Qi Yan had long seen that Qiu Ziliang wanted to take the opportunity to change the emperor. He sent Han Ding to check the layout and materials of the underground passage of Jiangqi Camp beforehand. Difficult, Cheng Ruoyu squeezed a sweat for him. Qiu Yanzhi came to the dungeon to see Han Yue, knelt down on the ground to apologize to him, and promised to repay him by being a cow and a horse in the next life. Han Yue knew that he was in danger this time and was ready to die.

Qiu Yanzhi complained that Han Yue did not come to the first emperor to conspire with him earlier. Han Yue admitted that he was not the third person and did not save the descendants of the Zheng family. After he arrived in Zhenwu, just gaining their trust would have consumed all of his work. Energy, there is no ability to arrange revenge for Awu, Honggu, Ninghe and others. Qiu Yanzhi can’t guess who the third person behind the scenes is, and Han Yue doesn’t know it. He finds that every step he takes is controlled by the third person. Among. Han Yue asked himself to die, and asked Qiu Yanzhi to continue his unfinished business. Yan Xiu reluctantly killed Han Yue. Qiu Yanzhi didn’t dare to look directly at him, so he was embarrassed.

Cheng Ruoyu didn’t want to sit still and wanted to go out to rescue the soldiers. Cheng Xi and Han Ding hurried to escort him. Cheng Ruoyu was relieved. Cheng Xi gave Li Deyun’s kit to Qi Yan. Immediately afterwards, the girls from the Ziyi Bureau came to pick Qi Yan back to the palace with integrity, and deliberately released the news that Qi Yan came to visit and appease Qiu Ziliang, and now they are going back to the palace.

Yan Xiu lied that Han Yue died by breaking his meridians, and Qiu Ziliang refused to forgive him. He punished Yan Xiu with one hundred rods and wanted to feed Han Yue’s broken body to wild dogs. Qiu Yanzhi was very distressed and pretended that he was worried about being killed by Qiu Ziliang. figure it out. At this moment, there was an urgent report from the border, Zhaoyi’s descent made Liu Congjian stationed in the border area around the corner. It is said that he had the edict of the first emperor in his hand. Qiu Ziliang was surprised. Qiu Yanzhi took the opportunity to propose to release Qi Yan first, so as not to cause turmoil in the border. Qiu Ziliang considered repeatedly and agreed to let Qi Yan leave.

Cheng Ruoyu got into the car with Qi Yan, and returned to thank Qiu Yanzhi for her life-saving grace, and questioned whether she was Wang Ruoqing. Qiu Yanzhi denied it. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t believe it. Qi Yan knew that Qiu Yanzhi was Wang Ruoqing. He shot and killed Qiu Yanzhi, who regarded him as an enemy.

The girls from the Ziyi Bureau escorted Qi Yan back to the palace. When Cheng Huaizhi saw Qi Yan coming back safely, she was excited and tears. Qi Chen came in time to heal Qi Yan. Qi Yan asked Qi Chen for a pill that could make people wake up immediately. He wanted to save Liu Misha overnight, worrying about the unrest in Zhenwu and Lu. Qi Yan took the pill and brought Qi Chen and Cheng Ruoyu to rescue Liu Misha. Liu Misha thanked him for his life-saving grace and promised to go back as soon as possible to explain clearly to her father, but she was reluctant to separate from Qi Yan. He hugged Qi Yan tightly, and told Cheng Ruoyu to take good care of Qi Yan and not to be snatched away by other women.

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