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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 17 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi came out of the secret room and saw that Yan Xiu had been poisoned by the laughter of the Buddha. Yan Xiu advised her to leave quickly, worried that Qiu Ziliang would come to kill her. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to leave with him. Now Qiu Yanzhi needs Yan Xiu’s help. Afterwards, Qiu Yanzhi brought the defense plan of the Shogi Camp and explained to Han Yue the organs and secret roads in it. The Shogi Camp was arranged according to the position of the Big Dipper, and there were two exits in total.

Qiu Yanzhi arranged for Xia Ziyuan and Qi Chen to evacuate along Tianshu’s secret road, and asked Han Yue to take Qi Yan away from Yaoguang’s exit. Qiu Yanzhi also told Han Yue the location of the gunpowder. She carefully designed the shogi camp. The organization is to deal with Qiu Ziliang.

Xia Ziyuan took Qi Chen and evacuated smoothly, and Han Yue also sent Qi Yan to a safe passage. Cheng Ruoyu was recuperating on the bed, and Han Yue sent someone to monitor her at all times. Cheng Ruoyu took out the flare that Qi Yan secretly gave her when she was not prepared, and Han Ding came to rescue Cheng Ruoyu in time. Zuo Ma reported the true identity of Qiu Yanzhi to Qiu Ziliang, and also took out the information he had investigated and sorted out. Qiu Ziliang couldn’t wait to ask Qiu Yanzhi to ask clearly, Zuo Ma took Qiu Ziliang to the secret road exit.

Han Yue suddenly appeared to seek revenge on Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang was eager to see Qiu Yanzhi and threatened to send Han Yue a whole body. Han Yue led Qiu Ziliang into the secret road, and left the horse guarding his mouth, sending people to ask for help from the Shencai Army. Yan Xiu was ordered to guard at the intersection and beat the leader of the Shencai Army to prevent the Shencai Army from saving Qiu Ziliang.

Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu came and killed Zuo Ma on the spot. Qiu Ziliang pursued Han Yue, and Han Yue fought and retreated, and led Qiu Ziliang into the dungeon. Han Ding rescued Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan knew that Han Yue was a military officer halfway through, and Qi Yan saved Han Yue back then. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t help being taken aback. Unexpectedly, all of this was in Qi Yan’s grasp.

Yan Xiu and Qiu Yanzhi saw Qi Yan who was seriously injured in the passage. Qiu Yanzhi hated him deeply and would never forget the arrow Qi Yan shot her eight years ago. Qi Yan admitted that he had been looking for their two sisters for eight years. . It turned out that Qi Yan took Han Ding to the chaotic grave after the change of the dew, but did not find the remains of Wang Yang’s two granddaughters, and found that Han Yue was still alive, so Qi Yan rescued Han Yue and sent it to Qi Chen’s Cao Lu, Qi Chen To help Han Yue heal his injury, he was sent to Zhenwu.

Qi Yan was very pleased to see that Qiu Yanzhi was alive well, but he didn’t know whether she was a sister or a younger sister. Qi Yan didn’t regret the choice eight years ago. Qiu Yanzhi was so angry that he gritted his teeth and cursed at him. Qi Yanqiang Don’t say anything wronged in the heart. Cheng Ruoyu was worried that Qi Yan would be in danger, and ignoring Han Ding’s obstacles, he broke into the secret road of the shogunate camp and forced Qiu Yanzhi to release Qi Yan. Qiu Yanzhi resolutely refused to do it. Ruoyu uniform.

Han Yue led Qiu Ziliang to the Tianshu of Jiangqi Camp, trapped Qiu Ziliang in it, and then carried Qi Yan to the flood channel. Han Yue then came to see Qiu Yanzhi and insisted on killing Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi tried his best to intercede for Cheng Ruoyu. Han Yue only promised to spare her life. Cheng Ruoyu explained to Qiu Yanzhi that Qi Yan was coerced by others. As a last resort, and he secretly saved a lot of people’s lives, Qiu Yanzhi didn’t believe it at all, and sent someone to take Cheng Ruoyu out. Han Ding came to rescue Cheng Ruoyu in time. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to go with him to rescue Qi Yan. Han Ding was worried that the two of them were not strong enough, so he wanted to use the power of the eunuch, and they leaked the news of Qiu Ziliang’s arrest to the eunuch. party.

Qiu Ziliang was trapped in the dungeon. He knew he was in danger, but he still had the illusion of surviving. Han Yue detonated the underground gunpowder depot of Shogi Camp, and the scene suddenly burst into flames. Han Yue found that Qi Yan was missing, and hurriedly came to join Qiu Yanzhi. Han Yue worried that Qi Yan would be killed and his actions would fall short. When the news came, the eunuch came to rescue Qiu Ziliang and Qi Yan, and she covered Han Yue’s evacuation.

Cheng Ruoyu brought a talented army to rescue Qi Yan. Seeing Qiu Yanzhi waiting there, Wang Tongjun asked Qiu Yanzhi about the whereabouts of Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Yanzhi was very disappointed with Cheng Ruoyu, but she did not expect her to use the talented army. Coming to rescue Qi Yan, Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qi Yan hadn’t escaped before the explosion, and rummaged through the ruins regardless of the danger. Qiu Yanzhi was sighed at this scene.

Cheng Ruoyu rummaged through the ruins but could not find Qi Yan’s whereabouts. She was heartbroken. When Wang Tongjun learned that there were organs under the ruins, he forced Qiu Yanzhi to come up with a layout plan. Qiu Yanzhi lied that the drawing had been destroyed. Wang Tongjun ordered a full search and rescue of Qiu Ziliang, and wanted to arrest Qiu Yanzhi and go back for punishment. Qiu Yanzhi insisted that Jun Wu had detained Qiu Ziliang.

Wang Tongjun determined that Qiu Yanzhi was inextricably linked with this matter and ordered to continue digging. Han Ding came to find Cheng Ruoyu, and saw Cheng Ruoyu crying sadly because of Qi Yan’s disappearance. Han Ding silently accompanied her. The soldiers of the Shencai Army finally dug out a man who was a pawn in the shogi camp. Cheng Ruoyu and Wang Tongjun were very disappointed.

Yan Xiu was worried about digging out Qiu Ziliang’s body. Qiu Yanzhi could not shirk the blame. Qiu Yanzhi only wanted to confirm whether Qi Yan and Qiu Ziliang were still alive. She decided to find someone at the secret passage of Tianshu and asked Yan Xiu to go to Wang Tongjun. Asked for instructions, Wang Tongjun was not relieved, and sent people to monitor Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu.

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