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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 16 Recap

Qiu Ziliang used the hourglass to time the clock and forced Liu Misha and Sun Lie to tell who Qi Yan was going to see. Seeing that the hourglass had bottomed out, the two refused to cooperate. Qiu Ziliang ordered the killing of all the Zhenwu vassals. Liu Misha was heartbroken. Asking Sun Lie to tell the whereabouts of the military division, Sun Lie had to admit that the division was in Yuzhenfang. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to find out that the division had left Yuzhenfang. Liu Misha and Sun Lie had no knowledge of this.

Han Yue professed to send a letter to Qiu Ziliang from a court dew guest, and asked him to meet him at Qingyu Pavilion. Qiu Ziliang learned that the military division went to Zhenwu eight years ago and guessed that he was a survivor of the change of court dew. Ignore what was caught, completely disregarding Qiu Yanzhi’s life and death, and let her fend for herself.

Qi Yan remembered the past eight years ago. It was the eve of the change of the morning dew. Wang Yang called Qi Yan aside and persuaded him to stop the emperor. In time, the morning dew plan went smoothly. Qiu Ziliang was killed. Li Xu and Zheng Lu would definitely do it. To threaten the emperor, if the action fails, Qiu Ziliang will launch frantic revenge.

Qi Yan went into the palace overnight to find the emperor. He was stopped by Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang had already guessed his purpose and forced him out. Qi Yan hurried back to report to Wang Yang. Wang Yang guessed that someone had leaked the news, so he begged Qi Yan. Come out to save Daxing and let Qi Yan pretend to take refuge in Qiu Ziliang. This is a way for sinners. Not only does he have to make mistakes, but also tolerate the accusations of treason and resignation from the audience, and thousands of people swear. Wang Yang took this to show his loyalty to Qiu Ziliang.

Qi Yan thought of all the past, and when he saw Cheng Ruoyu who was sleepy in his arms, his heart was mixed. Qi Chen came up with a way to get out. He left a mark on the way he came. I believe Yuan Du will come to rescue him soon. Qi Chen asked Cheng Ruoyu to follow Yuan Du to town Wu and Lu to explain the situation from the post where the messenger was. It caused the Fanzhen turmoil, Qi Chen asked Qiu Yanzhi to try to hold Han Yue, and also persuaded Qi Yan to recall Li Deyun to be a peacemaker. Military teacher Han Yue heard their conversation in the secret room and reminded them to give up as soon as possible. If Qiu Ziliang doesn’t come and die, no one will ever want to leave here.

Qiu Ziliang wanted to use Zhenwu’s 80,000 elite soldiers, so he ordered Liu Misha to be detained in solitary confinement. Xia Ziyuan stayed at the Qingyu Pavilion and did not wait until Qiu Ziliang. She hurried to report to Han Yue. Han Yue could not think of a way to lead Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to tell Qiu Ziliang his true identity. With Qiu Ziliang’s personality, she would definitely come. To kill her traitor, Han Yue can take the opportunity to kill Qiu Ziliang. Han Yue wants Zuo Ma to tell Qiu Ziliang the news, and also wants to test Zuo Ma’s loyalty.

Zuo Ma then rushed to the secret room and heard Han Yue and Xia Ziyuan talk loudly about Qiu Yanzhi being Wang Yang’s granddaughter, Zuo Ma quietly left. Cheng Ruoyu kept the high fever, Qi Yan was anxious and asked Xia Ziyuan to get the medicine. Xia Ziyuan flatly refused and made fun of Cheng Ruoyu for not being a sword bearer, let alone assisting Qi Yan, the faint lord, and Xia Ziyuan asked Qi Yan himself. Ask Han Yue to Cheng Ruoyu.

Qi Yan decided to go to Han Yue, Cheng Ruoyu was worried that he was in danger and resolutely forbid him to go, but Qi Yan wanted to find medicine to cure her injury. When Qi Yan came to see Han Yue, Han Yue complained about the injustice for the first emperor. The first emperor was betrayed by Qi Yan and Qi Yan, but he died. Resolutely quit, Han Yue threatened to kill Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan made it clear that Cheng Ruoyu was the person Qi Chen rescued from the dead, and Cheng Ruoyu is now seriously injured. If he is not treated in time , His life would be in danger at any time, and Han Yue gritted his teeth with anger and sent someone to send Qi Yan back to his cell.

Zuo Ma brought the old mother from Wang Yang’s house to the cell. The old mother felt that Qiu Yanzhi looked exactly like her mother when she was young, and Zuo Ma believed that Qiu Yanzhi was Wang Yang’s grandson, Ruoqing. At the same time, Cheng Xi came to Li Deyun’s daughter Li Zening for help. He didn’t expect Li Deyun to leave the kit long ago, and Li Zening hurried to get the kit.

When Cheng Ruoyu saw Qi Yan’s injury, she burst into tears, but Qi Yan comforted her. The two of them cherished each other. Cheng Ruoyu praised Qi Yan as the best emperor. Qi Yan took out the hairpin that Cheng Ruoyu liked in the West Market. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t put it down. Qi Yan felt that it was the happiest day in his life when he went shopping with Cheng Ruoyu for food.

Qi Yan pierced his chest fiercely with a hairpin, and told Cheng Ruoyu to stay alive. Cheng Ruoyu was anxious and called for help. When Han Yue heard the news, Qi Chen asked Qi Chen to prescribe Qi Yan. Qi Yan forced Han Yue to release Cheng Ruoyu first, otherwise he would commit suicide. Han Yue hesitated, Qi Yan pulled out the hairpin and pierced him again, Qiu Yan Zhi hurriedly took Cheng Ruoyu away.

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