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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 4 Recap

While they were talking, the two came to the foot of Dongshan. It was already night. The disciples of the Shennong Gang did not distinguish the appearance of the visitor. They were shocked at the sight of the other party wearing brocade and embroidered eagles on his chest. , Hurriedly went to pass on Si Kongxuan. Duan Yu remembered that the Shennong Gang was the deployment of the Lingjiu Palace, and suddenly realized that he would simply do everything he could, pretending to be a holy envoy and order Si Kongxuan to release Zhong Ling, and at the same time hand over the heartbroken dissolution medicine.

Sikongxuan felt strange, but he didn’t think about it anymore. Duan Yu moved compassionately, and kept urging Mu Wanqing to take some holy medicines to the Shennong Gang, and finally left amidst their kowtows of gratitude, and walked tens of feet away. In the end, he was safely out of danger. At first Zhong Ling’er didn’t know the person in front of him, until Duan Yu took off his cloak and revealed his true face. This was a pleasant surprise. Mu Wanqing was very annoyed when she saw that she was in close contact with Duan Yu.

Kang Min took advantage of Ma Dayuan’s deep sleep and was already malicious. She secretly opened the secret letter and was shocked to see its contents. At the same time, Mu Wanqing was annoyed that Duan Yu knew that Zhong Ling was born, and wanted to deceive herself. Just as she turned and left, she unexpectedly rushed in front of a few old women, not only making fatal moves, but also verbalizing each other.

Zhong Ling wanted to take Duan Yu to take the opportunity to slip away, but Duan Yu decisively refused, especially seeing Mu Wanqing injured by the siege. Mu Wanqing had no time to hurt his left shoulder. The whistling sound attracted Black Rose. He grabbed Duan Yu by the back of his neck and put him on horseback. The two rode together to gallop west.

Naihe hasn’t gone far, yet another group of people are chasing after him. Seeing that there is a cliff ahead, Mu Wanqing has no choice but to jump on the opposite side. Due to the wide distance between the two sides, coupled with the black rose running through the night, finally failed to set foot on the rock. Mu Wanqing reacted very quickly, grabbing Duan Yu and leaping up from his horse, just falling on the opposite hill. On the other hand, the black rose screamed and screamed and fell into a deep valley, Mu Wanqing was distraught.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people stood facing the cliff, and they kept shooting feather arrows toward this side. Duan Yu hurriedly helped Mu Wanqing up, and the two staggered to hide behind the rock. Due to Mu Wanqing’s serious injuries, Duan Yu couldn’t take care of men and women, so he could only draw arrows and medicine for her.

The Liao army became more rampant and arrogant, and the current situation was severe. Qiao Feng methodically deployed countermeasures. First, he sent a letter to General Han, asking him to guard Yanmen Pass, and asked the court to send troops to support. As for the Beggar Gang, the four elders gathered their disciples to prepare to go. If necessary, they would go to support at any time. By the way, they called on the Wulin Alliance to rush to the Liao-Song border as soon as possible to fend off the enemy together.

Last night I was tired for a long time, and I was finally clean for a moment. Even though I was in a desperate situation, surrounded by high cliffs, there were still many people climbing from the bottom of the valley. Duan Yu was flustered and threw a few stones in a row. He wanted to scare them to evacuate, but hit the opponent by mistake. Seeing that man slipped and fell to his death, Duan Yu had studied Buddhism from a high-ranking monk since he was a child.

Mu Wanqing woke up leisurely, seeing Duan Yu sobbing, feeling helpless, but when she found that her left shoulder wound had been bandaged, she slapped him with a palm of anger. The innocence of her daughter’s family lies in her skin, but now that her body has been touched by a man, Mu Wanqing would never forgive this man. Just as she was going to fight again, she suddenly dizzy and fell directly into Duan Yu’s arms.

When the Shaolin Temple heard that the Liao soldiers had invaded the territory of the Song Dynasty, they sent people to the border, and even Master Xuan Bei would also lead his disciples. Xu Zhu took the initiative to mention that he was going to Yanmen Pass, and the other brothers ridiculed him. On the contrary, it was Master Xuanbei because he had Chicheng in mind, open-mindedness, and good character. He was both gratified and emotional. It was a pity that he lacked the qualifications to practice martial arts. Seeing the chaos in the situation, Murong Fu decided to go to Yanmen Pass to find out.

Nanhai crocodile god Yue San wanted to kill Mu Wanqing in order to avenge his lover, but he didn’t know that Duan Yuzui had done a good job, and he was confused by a few words. After learning that his lover Sun Sanba was killed to spy on Mu Wanqing’s face, he would also go forward to tear off the black veil. However, Mu Wan had already set a rule early in the day. As long as a man has seen her look, he is not killed. When the other party stops talking, it is to marry the other party as his wife. Now, Mu Wanqing is willing to let Duan Yu see her face, and it is precisely because of her beauty that Duan Yu has lost sight of her.

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