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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 3 Recap

The man outside the door was not bystander, but it was Zhong Wanchou, the master of the Valley of Tribulation. He was very sad and indignant because Jin Xi’er was killed. Knowing that her husband is fiery and suspicious, Mrs. Zhong hurriedly dragged Duan Yu into the east wing, then turned and went out and returned to the hall. The Valley Master, who was originally full of unpleasant expressions, saw his wife at the moment, and immediately turned soft, and even his tone dropped by three points.

Everyone knows that Zhong Wanqiu, the master of the valley, loves his wife like his life. It’s not that Mrs. Zhong is unwilling to go out of the valley, but that Zhong Wanchou is extremely possessive, and he himself is relatively inferior, lest Mrs. Zhong and Duan Zhengchun meet outside the valley, and the old love will return.

Duan Yu was found hiding in the room and had to inform him of his true identity. Unexpectedly, he saw Zhong Wanchou’s expression of anger and cursed Duan Zhengchun many times. On the contrary, Mrs. Zhong was eager to cry and couldn’t help asking him Duan. The situation of Zhengchun. Originally, Mrs. Zhong wanted to rescue his daughter from Duan Yu, but Zhong Wanchou forcibly blocked him, so that he was almost seriously injured by his wife.

Fortunately, Mrs. Zhong breathed a sigh of relief, considering that her husband was hurt, she gave up Gu’s thoughts in desperation. Before leaving, she gave the treasure box to Duan Yu, which contained Zhong Ling’s birthday, and told him to return to Dali to find Duan Zhengchun. For help. When Duan Yu heard Madam Zhong mentioned her father, she was puzzled. It can be seen that she repeatedly asked, so she stopped asking more questions.

The beggars helped everyone to push the cups and change the cups, and the scene was very lively in celebration of the new leader’s ascendance. Here, a young woman came from a distance with a food box. Because of her delicate appearance, natural charm, and eyebrows, she attracted the attention of many people. This woman with the title of deputy gang leader’s wife is Kang Min. She had heard of Qiao Feng’s fame a long time ago, and now she fell in love with him.

As soon as the Gu Zhu and his wife left, the steward Afu was ordered to accompany Duan Yu to borrow a horse from the Mu family, and soon brought out a black rose. Originally, Duan Yu rode towards Dali, but on the way he found that someone wanted to murder girl Mu Wanqing, he turned his horse’s head in a hurry and returned to report the news, but was ambushed halfway.

Duan Yu fell into the trap and was taken to a Zhuangzi full of roses. On both sides were angry enemies. Only in the center was a young woman with a black veil on her face. She was terrifying and undaunted. threat. In the face of such a situation where more bullying than less, Duan Yu was Mu Wanqing fighting injustice, threatening to cut her off, even if it was to lose his life.

Mu Wanqing was slightly startled, perhaps she had never seen such a kind and innocent person, and simply teased Duan Yu, claiming that she could fulfill his last wish for him. Duan Yuxin thought it was true and hurriedly took out the treasure box and handed it to the other party. He frankly said that he was going to Dali to save Zhong Ling on this trip.

As the voice just fell, Mu Wanqing waved his hand, a short knife flew out from the cuff to stabbing at the enemy, taking advantage of the chaos to take Duan Yu away, and drove away, until there was no one to rest for a while. Duan Yu wanted to talk to Mu Wanqing but was slapped, which eventually made him angry and simply parted ways.

Duan Yu walked down the mountain, his trousers were also torn by branches, looking quite embarrassed. Fortunately, Duan Yu was optimistic and found a tea shop to stay, but unexpectedly the pair of elopement disciples appeared here. Just as the two were about to kill others, Mu Wanqing rushed to rescue Duan Yu in time. They went together and met the envoy of Lingjiu Palace and blocked the way.

Even though the sage envoy was able to martial arts, it was a bit inferior after all, but for a while, the four black-clothed women were in danger and completely died. Seeing Duan Yu’s tattered clothes and covering her body, Mu Wanqing simply took a black robe and threw it over. Unexpectedly, Duan Yu twisted and put on the robe. She looked like a pretty girl and made her look like a pretty girl.

The two rode together, and they talked more topics. Mu Wanqing heard Duan Yu chanting Zhong Ling repeatedly, and her tone of mockery was slightly jealous. At the same time, Wang Jiantong went to Ma Dayuan privately, and entrusted him with a secret letter. He also hoped that he would supervise Qiao Feng’s words and deeds for himself. If there is any change, he should immediately contact Abbot Xuanci and Master Zhiguang. Qiao Feng.

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