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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 11 Recap

The arrest and interrogation work of Caiba Yang Dong has come to an end, and the subsequent work of collating and summarizing the evidence of the persons involved will be completed by many comrades in the supervision team. At the same time, Zhao Ligen and Luo Shanhe reminded them that they must proceed according to the facts and not be mixed with any personal feelings. He Yong reported to Luo Shanhe about Dong Yao’s situation.

He said that the comrades of the task force suggested that he bring Dong Yao back for questioning, but He Yong did not adopt it, because he felt that this investigative model was difficult to effectively deal with sudden confessions and in court trials. Among them, the harsh rebuttal of the defense lawyer is easy to lose. Luo Shanhe reminded him that as the reform work progresses, they will make a transition from confession to testimony to from testimony to testimony.

Pei Wei told He Yong that many clues could be found on the body and on the car, among which there were five blood stains remaining, which can basically be identified as Xue Mei’s blood stains. The vehicle that caused the accident was parked here, but the person was gone, and there were traces of another car driving out at the scene.

If you can find this car, you might be able to find Xue Mei’s whereabouts. Xing Fan and Xing Fei told Li Chengyang of their findings. He Yong went to Dong Yao, and then Dong Yao went to Jianshan Clubhouse to find Gao Mingyuan. In addition, 14 years ago, Ma Shuai contracted the village-to-village project. Dong Yao was the section chief of the construction committee, and he happened to be in charge of this project. Li Chengyang assigned them the next task to find out which company was stamped on the contract signed by Li Lijuan.

Lin Hao called Xu Yingzi to ask about Xu Xiaoshan, but Xu Yingzi did not tell him about being raped. Then Xu Yingzi called Xu Xiaoshan and asked him to come here for dinner. Xu Xiaoshan refused and lied that he was over the weekend. Xu Yingzi didn’t know that at this time her younger brother had been taken hostage. Lao Ning pressed Xu Xiaoshan if he still had a backup of the video. Xu Xiaoshan was so terrified that he trembled and said that there was only one copy of the video.

Li Chengyang went to Dong Yao and deliberately revealed that there was a problem with Marshal’s death. Although Dong Yao did not show his feet, Li Chengyang knew that he must have a problem. Li Chengyang took out the photo and gave it to Dong Yao. It was a photo of Dong Yao and Ma Shuai 14 years ago.

After Li Chengyang left, Dong Yao didn’t know who to call. He said that he would not go there today and would go there tomorrow. Then, he called his son again and lied that there was something in the district and he would not go back today. With the help of the little sister accompany the wine, Huang Xi finally took the card to test the table, and when she was about to go to the test table, she secretly took her own recording watch. Lin Hao bought some fruits to see Xu Yingzi, but she did not open the door. Lin Hao thought she was not there, so she hung the fruits on the door.

After that, Xu Yingzi went to Xu Xiaoshan’s residence to look for him, but no one answered when he patted the door, and Xu Yingzi hung the things on the door. Xu Yingzi had just left and passed by the debt collector. The debt collector came to the door, broke in, and unexpectedly found Xu Xiaoshan hanged inside the house.

These debt collectors were frightened immediately, and they hurried to call the police. Xu Xiaoshan was found dead at home. He was nineteen years old. He had a suicide note left beside him, suspected of committing suicide. Xu Yingzi standing in the crowd was like a statue. She knew that her brother would never commit suicide. Lin Hao learned of this in the bureau, drove to the scene, and directly witnessed the desperate Xu Yingzi jump down from the upper floor.

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