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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 7 Recap

After the training session, Su Xiao clearly noticed that Xia Ming was deliberately targeting herself. She really couldn’t figure out why such an arrogant and conceited person would be liked by Cuckoo. Du Juan believes that Xia Ming is in line with the beautiful and miserable male master’s design, handsome and rich, and is indeed very popular with young girls nowadays.

At this time, Xia Ming came out of the room and the three met head-on, making the atmosphere a bit awkward. Before the dinner, Du Juan instructed Su Xiao to secretly take pictures of Xia Ming’s handsome, and at the same time helped her choose her formal dress. On the other hand, Wu Hongmei was scolded by Maria for wearing old fashioned clothes. Originally, Wu Hongmei wanted to go back to the room to change clothes, but after opening the suitcase, she found that she did not have the right formal clothes, and she was frustrated.

Su Xiao was eating dessert next to the banquet, looking for Xia Ming’s figure. Because she hadn’t calmed down yet, she specially took an ugly photo of her. Xia Ming discovered this scene and took the initiative to speak up, but Su Xiao hadn’t forgotten Xia Ming’s frame of herself, and her tone was also particularly bad.

Faced with Su Xiao’s accusation, Xia Ming frankly admitted that Su Xiao’s budget for the project quotation was very accurate, but it was not acceptable, so he told Su Xiao the truth about the expulsion. In fact, it was not Tianke who wanted to drive her away. It’s the aftermath of the immediate boss. Su Xiao couldn’t believe this, but when he thought of all the previous things, he suddenly realized that he simply vented his anger by drinking.

Dujuan discovered that Su Xiao was missing suddenly, and everyone was looking around. Xia Ming saw Su Xiao in the KTV who was going crazy on stage. At this time, she sang loudly and danced wildly until the end of the song. Su Xiao found Xia Ming standing in the audience, thinking of him as his ex-boyfriend Zhou Jun, and rushed to hug him and cried.

Never seen Su Xiao’s fragile side, Xia Ming was at a loss and pity, so he took the initiative to comfort her by holding her in his arms. Early the next morning, when Su Xiao woke up, he had no memory. Du Juan couldn’t help condemning her for holding Xia Ming while drunk, and even suspected that she liked Xia Ming. Seeing Dujuan’s misunderstanding, Su Xiao repeatedly emphasized that she didn’t like Xia Ming at all, which made her feel relieved. On the other side, Xia Ming found Su Xiao’s tooth mark on his shoulder while taking a bath, recalling the girl’s heartbreak and crying, and she couldn’t help feeling a little moved.

Wu Hongmei has been in love with her boyfriend Zhang Xiaobei for many years and has always lived in a rental house. Zhang Xiaobei is especially unmotivated. He plays games at home every day and is supported by his girlfriend. After returning home from get off work, Wu Hongmei cooked food for her boyfriend and discussed with him about buying new clothes. At first, Zhang Xiaobei decisively opposed it, but later he reluctantly accompanied Wu Hongmei to the shopping mall and even chose some discounted clothes for her.

Originally, Wu Hongmei was happily wearing new clothes and putting on make-up to go to work. She never thought that her dress would be reprimanded by Maria again. After all, she is going to see a client now. This lace jacket with ultra-short buttocks skirt looks very similar. Miss nightclub. Wu Hongmei was greatly irritated by Maria’s harsh words. She ran to the bathroom alone and wept bitterly, wiping off the lipstick she had already applied.

When Maria reported to Zhao Xiankun about her work, she suddenly found that the personnel file was missing one page, so she ordered Wu Hongmei to take it quickly. Although the newcomers on the resume have graduated from various prestigious universities, Zhao Xiankun always feels that something is missing. Wu Hongmei believes that these people lack the experience of grassroots work because she used to study architecture and was later admitted to the National People’s University for postgraduate. Because of Wu Hongmei’s unique insights, Zhao Xiankun admires him very much.

Xu Feng led the audit team to go through all the accounts and only found a funding gap of 200,000 yuan. He did not believe that Tianke had no other major problems, and asked everyone to follow this clue to continue digging down. Huang Lilin worried that the longer Xia Ming dragged on, the more anxious Xu Feng would become. He didn’t expect Xu Feng to find Su Xiao on his own initiative and took out the complaint letter, claiming that he could help her restore her innocence, but only if Su Xiao told him The whereabouts of two hundred thousand.

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